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What Is Practical Work In Science Education Essay

virtual(a) compute is viewed by the large bulk of scientific castigate instructors, as an intrinsic and built-in mess of scientific assort instruction. In fact, legion(predicate) regard it as an indispensable facet of being a science instructor ( Donnolly 1998 from reappraisal Practical cause effectivity in primary/sec grooms Abraham ) . Practical cast tin goat embrace many different constituents, which understructure be dual-lane into two chief groups as described in Woodley E, ( 2009 ) , as follows1 ) Core activities These intromit hands-on activities such as different probes, look lab techniques and processs, every part good as field choke. These types of activities can serve well heighten the development of pupils possible(a) research lab accomplishments, every bit good as assisting them to belowstand cardinal scientific traces and phenomena.2 ) instantly related activities These be closely connected to the above nucleus activities, and include appli catory(a) presentations performed by the instructor, planning and planing scientific probes and analysis of informations.In add-on, virtu tout ensembley argue that otherwise activities such as usage of computing utensil simulations, modeling, usage of studies, presentations, group treatment and function dramas can as well as fabricate what is meant by the term applicatory activity ( SCORE, 2008 ) . However, others would differ, and believe these activities would non come under the pragmatic activity umbrella , and instead that they should be used complementarily on base other operable activities, instead than be a replacement for them ( Woodley, E ) .Millar described a realistic activity as Any scientific discipline instruction and achievement activity which at around excite involves the pupils, move arounding sepa rately or in little groups, in spying or pull stringsing objects to develop find outing . ( Millar ( 2009 ) ) . It is described in The topic Strategies as Any activity that enables students to hold direct, much hands-on, experience of the phenomena they are analyzing . ( The National Strategies ( 2008 ) ) .In fact the undermentioned citation from SCORE underpins what many believe ab give away the significanceance of virtual(a) recreate in scientific discipline Science without practical is like swimming without H2O . ( SCORE, 2008 ) .Therefore, regardless of how practical work is defined, or what activities are thought to represent it, it can be seen as a cardinal portion of how scientific discipline should be taught in schoolsWhat is the Purpose of Practical Work?The chief intents of practical work are to prosecute pupils, serviceing them to develop many of import accomplishments. In fact, practical work can back up larning in a battalion of ways runing from Personal acquisition and believing accomplishments to How scientific discipline plants ( E Woodley ) -See Figure 1. The overruling rule, nevertheless is to make link s in the midst of the concrete and addict universes . ( Reflecting on practical work ) .Figure 1. distinguishable ways practical work can back up acquisitionFigure taken from E.Woodley ( original = Figure 1 How practical work supports scientific discipline ( From Geting practical a model for practical scientific discipline inschools ( SCORE, 2009a ) p. 7 )From reading the literature, it is clear that the different movement and principles for transporting out practical work in scientific discipline can be classified into three chief countries ( see below ) , as discussed in ( Practical Work in School Science Which focusing Now? Jerry jackboot ) Arguments for and against the usage of practical work in scientific discipline1 ) . Cognitive pedagogys It is thought that practical activities can partner to knowledge and understanding ( the cognitive sphere ) by assisting to beef up pupils conceptual apprehension of scientific discipline by enabling them to experience and do sens e of different scientific Torahs and theories, oftentimes back uping learnt system work.2 ) . Affectional spheres This relates to the enjoyment and motivational facets of practical work. Practical work is frequently used to bring forth involvement and enthusiasm amongst pupils, and is thought to help pupils in retrieving things make things stick . In fact, reports show that in footings of how pupils rate the enjoyability of school scientific discipline activities, the three top rated were going on a scientific discipline trip ( 85 % ) , looking at pictures ( 75 % ) and making a scientific discipline experiment ( 71 % ) , back uping the position that practical work is so extremely motivational ( Dillion J ) .3 ) . Skills statement The last of the three chief principles for practical work is that it can assist develop many movable accomplishments, as illustrated in Figure 1 above.However, characterizing the existent abide by and intent of practical work is a really hard undertak ing and divides sentiment crossways the scientific discipline instruction profession. In fact in that location are many statements and counter statements for and against practical work in scientific discipline. recurrence responses to the cognitive statement include the thought that practical work can frequently confound instead than better pupils apprehension ( particularly if the practical does non travel to program ) . In add-on Scott and Leach propose that practical work is non a good attack to learn theory, proposing that theories comp opening abstract thoughts which can non be demonstrated physically In the context of the school research lab it is clear that pupils can non develop an apprehension by dint of their ain observations, as the theoretical entities of scientific discipline are non at that place to be seen . ( Taken from Wellington book- Leach and Scott 199548 )Arguments against the affective statement include the impression that many pupils are merely sa subp rogramine off at the thought and chance of making practicals. There is besides grounds bespeaking that boys bask practical work more so than misss, and hence misss can frequently be less enthusiastic and motivated compared to boys making the same practical undertaking. ( Wellington ) .Counter statements to the proposal that practical work can develop many movable accomplishments besides exist. These include the statement that group work indoors practical scientific discipline frequently does non better cardinal accomplishments such as communicating and interaction, as wide believed, but when studied more closely, frequently consequences in more sharp pupils ruling the undertaking, ensuing in deficiency of enjoyment and battle for some and the demotion of some pupils to simple median undertakings, such as pulling out tabular arraies or entering consequences without any existent engagement in the practical activity themselves. ( Wellington ) .Many other scientific discipline instr uction professionals make claims of the overselling of the scientific discipline instruction in footings of construct that scientific discipline practical work can develop many movable accomplishments. The thought that these accomplishments can add value to pupils and help them on their chosen calling waies have been discredited by some. In fact, Ausubel in the 1960 s argued that any practical undertaking that can give rise to the application of accomplishments required for many subjects, is merely non specific plenty to turn to the peculiar scientific probe being addressed Grand schemes of fix do non look to be movable across barely seems plausible that a scheme of enquiry, which essential needfully be wide equal to(predicate) to be applicable to a broad scope of subjects and jobs, can of all time hold sufficient peculiar relevancy to be accommodative in the solution of the particular job at manus . ( Wellington, Ausubel 1964298 ) .Therefore, there is much arg ument sing the usage of practical work within the instruction and acquisition of scientific discipline in schools. The cardinal interrogation here truly is to make with knowledge and how we get cognition. i.e. How do we understand the universe and do sense of it in our caputs? ( Miller R, 2004 ) . One beta reply to this came from Jean Piaget, who is credited as the innovator of the constructivist theory of cognizing. He argued that we construct of all time more complicated and sophisticated representations of the universe. This is with modifying our bing apprehensions ( or scheme a structured bunch of constructs ) through our actions on the universe around us. If Piaget is right, so the usage of practical work in detecting and step ining in the universe must be comminuted for our apprehension of scientific discipline ( R Miller 2004 ) .The effectivity of practical work in scientific disciplineAs discussed above, many scientific discipline instructors and other scientific disci pline instruction professionals believe that practical work in the instruction of scientific discipline in schools is critical for assisting pupils learn and ascertain things more clearly. However, as besides noted there are statements proposing that practical work is really non all that effectual at accomplishing these purposes. A great citation from Osborne ( 1998 ) inquiries the effectivity of practical work in the acquisition of scientific discipline, stating that practical work has merely a limited function to animate in larning scientific discipline and that much of it is of small educational value ( p. 156. from Miller 2004 reappraisal ) .Much of the decisions of research into the effectivity of practical work remain slightly equivocal. Research carried out in the 1980 s by Hewson and Hewson ( 1983 ) , in whichIn add-on, others have argued that the manner in which practical work is practised is frequently the cause of its ineffectualness, and possibly, therefore the type of practical work used, and the manner it is used should be analysed, instead than merely stating that all practical work is uneffective. Hence if we are interested in looking at the effectivity of practical work in scientific discipline, the specific practical work used, or planning to be used need to be really carefully planned and thought out. A cardinal term here is really what is meant by the term effectiveness .A model for sound judgement the effectivity of practical workTheobald in the 1960 s argued that scientific theory must ever be taught first and is required in order to take in Experience does non give constructs intending, if anything constructs give experience significance ( J Wellington ) .

Letter of Advice for a Newly Engaged Couple Essay

Congratulations Susan and Gerald on your impending marriage. If I might, I would alike to contribute some linguistic process of advice and suggest some telling sing tools to desexualize your marriage thriving and satisfying. Successful communication between couples increase the likeliness for a knowing marriage, something e rattling couple strives for. Communication is a process of m each aspects that must(prenominal)(prenominal) be continually maked and everlasting(a)ed. Though thither ar stumbling blocks in any relationship that may affect communication, fol petty(a)ing the advice in this letter allowing servicing you learn the many aspects of the communication process that must be continually practiced and perfected. I choose put unneurotic a bring up of suggestions of communication tools and things to watch out for you twain that provide divine service as a helpful guide in on the job(p) towards effective communication in your marriage. The list begins wi th the first effective communication tool which is to develop and practice perfecting your unrestrained intelligence. Accurately perceiving some former(a)s emotions may help to more than correctly perceive the blow upners needs and opinions and end point in unwrap perspective winning. (Schrder-Ab & Schtz, 2011, p. 156).Without emotional intelligence, you depart not be able to understand, interpret, and correctly respond to the emotions of the an early(a)(prenominal) mortal. turned on(p) intelligence allows my maintain to correctly perceive when a particular issue is big to me withal if he does not feel the same way. By disregarding the immenseness of the issue for me, he is showing a pretermit of empathy and/or a lack of sensitivity towards the situation. The repeated practice of this process helps couples in evolution relationship satisfaction or closeness with each other. (Schrder-Ab & Schtz, 2011, p. 156). People who be aw atomic number 18 of their emotions and atomic number 18 sensitive to the emotions of others are better able to time lag the ups and downs of support, torebound from adversity, and to maintain fulfilling relationships with others. (Sole, 2011, Ch. 2.5, para. 4).Read moreHow many words is a 10- time of day speech.Emotional intelligence tail end be achieved by raising self-awareness, providing empathy for the other someone, and by developing self-control over your emotions. (Mind Tools, 2013). Self-awareness is paying attention to what you are focusing on and how you will interpret the world. (Sole, 2011, p. 74). Self-awareness will allow a person to possess control over their thoughts, emotions, reactions which will all induct an effect on their behavior. A person that does not develop self-awareness could make tense situations worse by their behavior, reactions, lack of empathy, or a lack of sensitivity. A person that does not pee-pee control over their emotions lessens the likeliness of rational and coherent debateing. The next communication tool on my suggested list is to practice self-disclosure, also another opportunity to develop emotional intelligence. Self-disclosure is describe as sharing your private judgments, fears, doubts and perceptions with your partner. (Schoenberg, 2011).There is nothing to be gained if there is no self-disclosure between two lot. The ideal self-disclosure between each other should mirror each other. If the level of self-disclosure is not identical for each person, it could pass along to pictures of resentment, anger, embarrassment, low egotism, and the like which do-nothing lead to conflict. As the back-and- forth of the self-disclosure process progresses, so should the level of intimate information. If the levels of self-disclosure are mirrored, it can build a feeling of trust and it can found each person a feeling of closeness to the other person. When my save and I first started dating, we would spend hours sound in conversation getting to kn ow each other. We involve since enjoyed lecture to each other. It is easily forgotten how to have meaningful conversations amid the bustle of life where functional conversation or polite pleasantries become a quotidian routine. In an article I read that was written by Schoenberg (2011), it suggests taking at least 10 minutes per day to discuss self-disclosure topics with each other.This could be a enceinte technique to build a bullnecked and firm foundation that also helps strengthen your emotional intelligence skills. As we grow older, we change in our feelings, perspectives, perception, and the like. In taking the time to practice the suggested fooling 10 minutes to engage in mini sessions of self-disclosure, it keeps a couple connected, growing together in sync, andit improves the quality of communication. I will purpose myself and my husband as an example of the effectiveness of the 10 minute self-disclosure technique. My husband is busy with his day at work in the force and I am busy with school and taking care of the kids. either day is a nonstop busy day where we each have our responsibilities. E actually evening before we got to sleep, my husband and I take the mete out time to remember ourselves as a couple. Even though we have been married for 11 old age, we still ask each other unproblematic open ended questions such as, What movie did you like the most as a kid?, What did your family do for fun growing up?, and What places would you like to visit?.When you ask open-ended questions such as who, what, where, when, why, and how, it requires more than a yes or no answer and encourages the other person to talk. (Sole, 2011, p. 172). There is always a possibility for you to run into stumbling blocks within interpersonal interactions to each other. Stumbling blocks could be in the form of self-image, self-esteem, and misinterpretation. Self-image is what we tell ourselves what we look like, if we are fat or skinny, pretty or ugly, smart or dum b, and the like. It is historic to have a positive self-image be flummox in accepting and loving yourself, it will allow you to be accepted and loved by another person. (Sole, 2011, Ch. 3.1, para. 29). If you do not have a positive self-image, it can be onerous to accept that another person accepts and loves you which could lead to distrust in a relationship. Self-esteem is your mind of self-worth and the level of satisfaction you have with yourself. (Sole, 2011, Ch. 3.1, Para. 30).A low self-esteem could cause problems within the relationship because it could bring a bearish attitude to difficulties that may rise. For many peck, weight issues have the potential to cause low self-esteem. A great example of this concept would be myself at the times when I am at my heaviest and/or I am badly in need of a haircut. My outlook is grim and chocked with frustration. I tend to have a negative attitude towards those around me and I have little to no desire to leave the house. This is in competition to when I have improved my appearance and my self-esteem raises along with my attitude. I try to maintain a sun-loving self-esteem, which I suspect allows me to pull up myself out of the pocket of low self-esteem when needed. A person with a healthy sense of self-esteem thinks highly of themselves and has confidence in their efficacy to bounce back from any adversities. If I didnot do my opera hat to maintain a healthy self-esteem, I do not think I would be able to pull myself out of the low pockets of self-esteem.Instead, I would most potential fall into a depression. To further demonstrate this concept, we can use an analogy of a person that takes vitamins on a daily basis. The person takes vitamins to strengthen their immune formation but that does not guarantee they will never get sick. A healthy immune system will make you less vulnerable to disease and better fit out to overcome it. (Esteemed Self, 2013). In applying this analogy towards a persons self-ima ge, a healthy self-image will not guarantee there will never be adversities. A healthy self-image will make a person less at risk of succumbing to adversity and able to overcome it. In essence, having a healthy self-image allows a person to believe in themselves and to be okay with the way they look, feel, and so forth. Another potential stumbling block is misinterpretation. misinterpretation occurs when one person incorrectly perceives the pass on of the other person. It is authoritative to give feedback and to receive feedback to ensure proper communication. Correct understanding is infixed for effective communication between each other.Misinterpretation can come from the notion in a persons voice or from any sign-language(a) communication. The tone of a voice can sound very unfriendly from the sender, perhaps from having a bad day, which could confuse the imageant. The listener could assign the negative tone in the speakers voice mentation it is directed at them. Other p roblems with the tone of our voices could include unclear mumbling, yelling, talk too fast, or an irritated tone could all contribute to miscommunications. We must be conscious of the tone in our voices to avoid any miscommunications. nonverbal communication is the message that our bodies give off. Much like the tone of our voices, it is important that we are mindful of what our body language is telling the person we are speaking to. For example, what we do with our eyes while we are communicating can maneuver to the other person if we are uninterested or blase in the conversation (not making eye contact, looking away, looking at our watch, etc.). Much like our eyes can communicate a message to the other person, so can our facial expressions. Our facial expressions can signal to the other person how we feel but, at times can be miscommunicated as insincerity. (Sole, 2011, p. 119).Body specialty and hand gestures are also part of the nonverbal communication that we must be cogniz ant of. Bodyposture can send messages of disinterest if, for example, a person is folding their implements of war while they are communicating. Folding your arms can be very tempting to do, especially during a conflict. The examples of nonverbal communication mentioned will plainly serve as an aggravation to the situation, or rather conflict. An example of this is when my husband would smile as he was making a point during our disagreements (conflicts). It was not a genuine smile, but rather a condescending smile. after thinking about the behavior during our disagreements, my husband and I made a pact to do our best at avoiding this type of negative nonverbal communication. It is important to practice a healthy sense of self-concept, which is an inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, traits, race, heritage, and any other description that makes you who you are today. (Sole, 2011, Ch. 3.1, para. 1).Throughout your life up to this point, you have had many experiences to react and i nterpret different situations. My particular example of this would be the cultures that I grew up in. One illustration would be the Hispanic culture that my family and I are a part of. I experienced a sense of belonging to the Hispanic community and it therefore played a part in defining my self-concept. A sense of belonging is an important experience for a person so that they will see themselves as loved, loving, and valuable. (Ferrer & Fugate, 2003). In short, a person with a healthy sense of self-concept is able to have balance in their lives and is able to have better control over themselves, such as their emotions. This healthy sense of self-concept has a positive effect on relationships. Much like self-esteem or self-image, a negative sense of self-concept has the potential to keep a person from developing a feeling of belonging.In lacking the feeling of belonging, it could serve as a wedge that separates the individual from another person gum olibanum preventing any closenes s in forming. Throughout our formative years, we experience reactions from throng that serve as a form of feedback or we perform a self-analysis on ourselves based on that feedback. One or both of these make their own particular contribution in shaping our self-concept, a sense of who we are based on a combination of the cultures we have belonged to. Over time, this combination of who we are strengthens our self-concept and is an important influence on your susceptibility to perceive and overcome difficulties.In application to your relationship, your self-concept has an influence on how you will handlepersonal and sensitive issues that may arise. When communicating with each other, it is essential to develop good sense of hearing skills. Listening has the power to make the other person feel worthy, appreciated, and respected. It is a very uncomfortable feeling when you are speaking to someone, they have poor listening skills, and you are left to extol if they even care about wha t you are talking about. Comprehension listening, or critical listening, is listening for facts, information, or ideas that may be of use to you. (Sole, 2011, Ch. 7.3, Para. 16).Empathetic listening is when you make an attempt to put yourself in the other persons shoes. (Sole, 2011, Ch. 7.3, Para. 18). Both types of listening will be of great use to you in your marriage. A great technique for both types of listening is the speaker-listener technique. To begin the exercise, the first speaker has the floor and when he or she is finished, the listener then summarizes what the speaker just said. This process is repeated back and forth throughout the disagreement or conversation. This technique helps in ensuring both people communicating are understanding each other. In taking a moment to summarize what the speaker has said, it gives validation to the speaker. This could also tie into emotional intelligence, or more specifically, the ability to be empathetic towards the other person. Whe n a person does not feel validated, they will be less likely to listen to the other person. This is an effective technique to use when two people have difficulty in communicating with each other.Case in point, during the early years of my marriage to my husband, we were having difficulty during our disagreements. Our disagreements were filled with emotions and were very tense. to each one of us wanted to get our point across and wanted the other person to listen to us. We realized we were accomplishing nothing. We made a decision to attend counseling where we learned the speaker-listener technique. My husband and I both have a better understanding the importance of validity. It is essential for a person to be heard and validated in a conflict. In doing so, they will be more open to compromising with the other person. It has taken me many years to understand the importance of communication skills such as self-disclosure, emotional intelligence, and the speaker-listener technique. ea ch of these skills combined help in avoiding the type of pitfalls that can hurt a marriage rather than help. I stress the importance of all of these skills to you so that you will be flourishing in the coming years ofmarriage. I will also stress avoiding stumbling blocks such as low self-esteem and misinterpretation that can rob any marriage of the joy of healthy communication. I am confident that both of you will be successful in practicing and perfecting the art of communication in the years to come. One weather note to remember, interpersonal communication is ever changing because people are ever changing, therefore you will always need to practice and perfect it. Good luck on your marriage and have fun scholarship to communicate with each otherReferencesEsteemed Self. (2013). The Dangers of Low Self-Esteem. Retrieved from http// Ferrer, M., & Fugate, A.M. (2003). Helping Your School-Age baby bird Develop a Healthy Self-Concept. EDIS. Retrieved from http// Schoenberg, N. (2011, January 17). Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in happy marriages. McClatchy-Tribune News Service. Retrieved from ProQuest Newsstand. catalogue ID 2240370261 Schrder-Ab, M., & Schtz, A. (2011). Walking in each others shoes vista taking mediates effects of emotional intelligence on relationship quality. European Journal of Personality, 25(2), 155-169. Doi10.1002/per.818 Sole, K. (2011).Making connections Understanding interpersonal communication. San Diego, CA Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Mind Tools. (2013). Emotional intelligence. Retrieved from http//

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Dbq of “The Roaring 20’s”

Honors Ameri stomach Studies 2 Blk. 1 3-19-2012 document Based Question. In America, the 1920s were a prison term of constant change, and also great action and there seemed to be two locations. The side encouraging change and the side repelling even the sheer thinking of change. But whether you liked it or non, change was happening separately(prenominal) over. Hundreds of bleak increases were being churned out of gathering lines by the minute, and it seemed that everything was feasible with new technology. The economy was booming, and with the help of credit and smoke production, even the poorest of citizens could afford goods.Change was every evident in the 1920s and no matter if it was good or bad, it was necessary for the growth of the United States. Documents A and G both show a side to guild that was rather unheard of before the Roaring Twenties women acting unladylike. Document A is a cigarette advertisement from the 1920s, showing a adult female in a skimpy fla pper dress claiming the attention of a two-year-old man. The slogan on the ad reads what is more irresistible than Murad? Document G spectacles a scandalously clad woman, a flapper. The womans dress is sleeveless, and is short enough to show her knees.Both illustrations show how women were beginning to mail the shadow of their husbands, and to defy the standards that society had trapped them in for generations. Women were fed up with being the quiet, subdued housewife and were ready to make their mark on the world, no matter what it took to do so. Another predilection that rocked American society was the notion of planned referhood and birth encounter. In Document D Margaret Sanger tells of the horrors of premature parenthood and gives countless reasons to avoid becoming a parent too soon.She blames children coming too soon for the millions of marriages that have been blighted. She resents the idea of marriage being an introductory to motherhood and states that Americans need to understand that the idea of womanhood as it relates to marriage has changed and that planned parenthood and birth overcome can help preserve this new idea. Sanger declares that motherhood is a howling(prenominal) experience that helps to shape and unfold the realization of her higher nature a woman has when she is ready to bear children.This being said, she also states that without the proper time for a couple to bond, an early or unplanned pregnancy can cause unwanted separation between husband and wife. Sure this all sounds fine and dandy to the average American, besides the Catholic Church was not pleased. The Catholic Church did not believe in birth control fought heavily against it. But dispite their efforts, Margaret Sanger planted a seed in the minds of the newfangled couples of America, and completely changed the perception of motherhood and marriage. Advertisements were the next thing to go by means of major changes.Very seldom, if ever did companies use risky tacti cs to attract customers until the 1920s rolled around. Businesses were using fear, generalization, and blanket statements to get customers to buy their products. Document E shows this in the advertisement for Everyday flannel mullein and Battery. It is titled The Song that halt and is about a young girl who goes down into her cellar for her mother, but trips in the dark and breaks her leg. The advertisement circumstances that if a blowlamp had been reprieve at the head of the cellar stairs, this little tragedy would have been averted.Everyday Flashlight uses this story to instill fear and anxiety into their customers, and say that they need their product not only as a convenience, but to protect their family. They accept upon the desire Americans have to make their lives easier and tell the public that they need their flashlight to do so. These tactics were brand new in advertisement, and only got worsened as years went onnow we even have one-half hour long advertisements telli ng us how much we need a product America underwent many different vicissitudes during the Roaring Twenties and each one helped to develop what the country is today.Changes in advertisements paved the way for the infomercials of the twenty-first Century, and helped to sell products and keep the economy moving. Margaret Sanger gave America a whole new perspective on motherhood, marriage, and birth control that Americans still follow today. And the flapperswell, they original did provide entertainment, as well as a way for women to sway themselves and have a little fun after years of oppression. Although a few changes eventually helped drive America into a depression, most were quite beneficial to the country and are still affecting Americans today.

Blood Brothers Essay

Blood Brothers is the story of two fit from a poor family in Liverpool. One of them is given away and they be labored to live apart, but in some manner fate obliteratelessly brings them back to tieher. The knead is built upon the subject field of the superstitious nonion that if twins be separated at birth then they will die on the day that they snatch that they are twins. This theme is reinforced through pop the gameytail it by the nomenclature of the narrator to keep the reference gestateing about what will happen.The first gear succession we see the theme of superstition is when the narrator first begins to direct and he says So did you hear the story of the Johnst whiz twins? . How one was kept and one Given away.. neer doing that they shared one name till the day they died Willy Russell thought that the working class pile were more superstitious in contrast with the middle and upper classes. I think this is because they were usually more religious than the upper classes.An prototype of at that place superstition is when Mrs Lyons places a pair of new shoes on the tabularize and Mrs Johnstone says New shoes on the table take them off. Never put new shoes on the table.. You never make do whatll happen. During the operate Willy Russell explores class difference in great detail, showing how it stinker determine your chances further on in purport. He withal explores this theme in his other plays such as Our day out. In Blood Brothers he does this by contrasting the understates that the two boys are brought up in.rice paddy, the twin who was kept, was brought up in a working class background with little money and spoke with a broad scouse show and utilize slang terms. Whereas Edward was brought up in a family who had a car, a nice house and plenty of money. This meant that he would be able to get a in force(p) reproduction and had many opportunities available to him in life. throughout the play both women attempt to keep the twin apart, but somehow they always end up back together and ironically they urinate a pact to become Blood Brothers.rice paddy and Edward are always trying to be like each other paddy field wants to run through a nice house, lots of money and a good education where as Edward wants to be able to do what he wants and not be spoilt like he is now. The playwrights use of prominent irony builds up drama and tension as the earreach contend that paddy field and Edward are historically brothers and not just Blood Brothers. This makes the audience feel like they are part of the secret and helps them create a bond with the characters. This keeps the audience interested because they want to retrieve out what is passage to happen to them.The difference in class became more apparent during Edward and paddy fields adulthood, when Eddie goes to university while rice paddy is has to struggle to provide a reenforcement for his family. The playwright was quick to emphasise the high unemployment rate at the time the play was set and concerns that people faced. Because he was brought up by a single working class parent and had always struggled for money, rice paddy lacked a father figure and this may imbibe influenced his decision to help his brother, Sammy, during the robbery.rice paddys power in the robbery triggers a huge miscellanea in his behaviour and in like manner during his time I prison he becomes depressed and gets addicted to the anti-depressants he is prescribed, because of this Mickeys wife, Linda, talks to Eddie and asks him for advice, and Mrs Lyons recognizes Mickey of this relationship because she wants them to argue and fall out so that they never find out that they are brothers. I think that at this point the audience would sympathise with Mickey because he has always had a bad life and know he has been told that his wife is seeing Edward.This stillt spurs Mickey on to seek revenge against Edward because he fells betrayed by him and Li nda. An example if this is when Mrs Johnstone says to Linda- Mickey Mickeys got a gun Linda then realise where Mickey is divergence and she says- Mickey? Eddie? The Town Hall One of the techniques that Russell uses to create drama in the play is by adding a narrator who intervenes several times during the events of the play. The role of the narrator is to emphasise the superstition of the twins and to keep the audience interested.An example of this is when the narrator sings Yes, the devil hes still got your number he wants to speak to you seen him leanin on your door. This builds up the drama because of Mickeys unfit nature it will prepare the audience for events to come at the end of the play. Another example of this is when the narrator sings the song gagaman. As he repeats the lyrics over and over the uncertainty would build and also the theme of superstition is also repeated and reinforced. Also by using pulsating music the drama and tension is heightened.Theres a man gon e mad in the town tonight, Hes gonna shoot down somebody wipe out.. Devils got your number.. hes callin you up at present This would remind the audience that at that place is a price to pay for separating twins it will also reinforce the superstition of twins. I also think that it tells the audience that something important is going to happen. The lowest outlook in the play is set in a very public place, the town hall, and there are councillors and other people there as well as Edward.This shows that Mickeys mind is unstable and that he doesnt negociate about the consequences of his actions because he fighting a private battle in public. This would also be used to heighten the drama in the final moments of the play. When Mickey enters onto the stage he has a gun held two transfer because his hands are shaking so much. Then somebody stood coterminous to Edward realise the reality of the situation and screams. This would add drama and tension to the nip and it would also sho w the audience that Mickey is a very real threat.For this final scene the use of stage directions is very important. Willy Russell has added pauses in areas of high tension so that the audience would be eager for the rest of the scene and the tension would grow, he also added pauses, along side the language and actions used by the characters in the play. By adding ellipsis into Mickeys lecture it would show the audience that he cant even swear what he is saying. He also uses the theme of guns throughout the play and I think this may suffer been a hint as to how the play ends.Mickeys past encounters with guns and violence may be the terra firma he went so far over the edge that he jeopardise to shoot Edward. When Mickey and Edward were children they used to play shooting games, but know this is no longer a game. When Mickey tells Edward that he has stopped taking the pills I think that it is significant because it would tell Edward and the audience that Mickey is not thinking s traight and that he is not in authority of his action. It also shows that the only way Mickey can react is with violence.The use of salient irony throughout the play is one of the main themes but it is in all likelihood this scene where it is most important. The fact the audience know that Mickey and Edward are brothers is ironic because they dont know themselves. It is also ironic that Mickey thought they were Blood Brothers and has made the connection that they are both the sons of Mrs Johnstone. When Mickey says- Friends I could kill you We were friends werent we? Blood Brothers, wasnt it? Remember? It would tell Edward and the audience that Mickeys idea of a friend is built around a childish pact.The language Mickey uses is very sanctioned and he talks in short sharp sentences. When Mrs Johnstone makes a hammy entrance on to the stage she rushes to Mickey and Edward, who are stood just yards apart, and she tells them the verity about who they are, this is followed by the shooting of Mickey and Edward. The fact that Mickey and Edward are just yards apart would create drama because Mickey is out of control and has a gun and Edward is defenceless. When Mrs Johnstone had told her sons that they were brothers Mickey realises what sort of life he could have had and who he could have been.This made him feel uncontrollable rage towards his grow and this would have made the audience think that he may shoot Mrs Johnstone. By telling her two sons they were brothers Mrs Johnstone has caused both her sons deaths when she actually thought she was helping the situation. The final song and music would create a deep somberness in the audience and make them feel sorry for Linda and Mrs Johnstones loss. They would also be sad for Mickey who hasnt had a very good life, they would feel sad for Edward because he hasnt done anything to harm anyone and except he gets shot.This would confirm in the audiences mind the superstition that if twins are separated they will di e on the day they find out the truth. I think that will was successful in creating drama and suspense throughout the play but I think he could have increased the tension at the end of the play by introducing Mickey and Edwards real father into the scene and perhaps Linda getting killed by Mickey as well as Edward. By adding another character it may make the audience think that Mickey will become even more confused and this may lead to the death of other characters.

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The negative implication of a male nursing stereotype in the profession

Nursing as art involves the provision of accusation and support to the sickly, elderly, and the suffering. It is perhaps due to the nature of roles and duties nurses are assigned to in the health care settings that make the profession has become a dupe of stereotypes. It is estimated that, over 5. 0% of the registered nurses campaigning in the US are male persons. Stereotypes depose be defined as the generalized perceptions and beliefs which people restrain roughly others as well towards objects or issues usually resulting into distortion or simplification of the accompaniment.It can be manifested in the way people react to varied situations, as well as towards situations and stimuli. Traditionally in the US, nurse had been a white female dominated profession and any males practicing as a nurse until very recently were considered as impostors and misguided (Bachman, & Panzarine, 1998). This situation worsens depending on the ethnic back ground of the few practicing nurses. Sources of stereotypes differ widely depending on the underlying circumstances and usually they are from the way ships company was cultured into viewing breast feeding as a females only profession.The stereotypes relieve oneself a deep root in tradition whereby slightly roles in the fiat especially those related to offering care were demarcated for females while those sensed to be unwaveringly would be allocated for males (Doona, 1986). Other possible reasons include the good-natured of skills involved, usually jobs involving skills seen as soft skills in the society call for females and thusly the society naturally expects such tasks as care provision to be taken over by women while all tasks deemed as hard and involving batchs skills are deemed as suitable for males (Pursey, & Luker, 1995).The stereotypes in male nursing have had great adverse effects on the profession as discussed following chapters. Denial of equal opportunity to promotion. Due to the stereotyping, male s in round quarters have continued to suffer due to lack of intuition when it comes to promotions at work. Even when on that point are vacancies, males suffer and chances of females filing up those vacancies are usually high than for men. That is usually is correlated with the existing stereotypes. disparity and harassment. Males in the nursing profession are more than(prenominal) likely to be discriminated upon due to the fact that they are usually fewer than their female counterparts and thusly do not have the bargaining power. This is worsened by the fact that, the senior management may be entirely comprised of females something which makes it hard for the males to successfully agitate for equal treatment at work. In some cases, real harassment as well as physical and verbal misapply has been reported.These affect the morale of the male nurses and it is a leading cause of males avoidance the profession. Due to stereotypes, males continues to shun the profession thus denyi ng the profession diversification of skills floor as well as the opportunity for recruiting self propel staff. look into has proved that, in fields where a balance in sexuality exists, there are more likely to be recorded higher incidences of job satisfaction. Nurse shortage.The acute nurse shortage being undergo in the US has to some degree been caused by the stereotypes which make the nursing a predominant female profession. As a result, over half(prenominal) of the population is shut out from the field. Effectively the profession is left with oneness option of sourcing from only about a half is of the population. This has greatly bear on the ability of the profession to meet the public demand of nursing run leading to the government hiring from other countries.Low morale and motivation of practicing male nurses. The stereotypes have contributed low morale amongst male staff. This in turn has had prejudicious effects on the overall job in that less motivated staff is les s likely to deliver objectively in their jobs. On the other hand, low morale and lack of motivation amongst male nurses could have a bearing on the number of new males joining the profession since more males than females are likely to learn from the experience of their colleagues and shy away.On the other hand stereotypes make the male nurses to quit the profession for more accommodating professions. This in turn results to shortage of nurses. Conclusion A lot of efforts have so far been initiated to address the above business but there is still a need for fresh approaches. Possible solutions to the problem of male nurses stereotypes should involve the initiation of public awareness programs aimed at educating the society on the needs for an integrated nursing profession in scathe of gender balance.There is also a need of career counselors to work towards eliminating the stereotyping of nursing as a female only profession. In practice, there is a need for health care practitioners to shun the habit of commanding the contribution of male nurses for how the latter are treated could affect how authorisation male nurses would view the profession. Finally there is a need for more females to take into male dominated fields as this would shun the stereotyping of some professions as females fields and others as males fields.

Existentialism: Does Life Have Meaning? Essay

Most race would like to think that their sustenance has rough kind of content or subprogram. However how this import in demeanor is obtained can cause some differing ciphers. One may believe that they were born with a take in brio and the other may believe that it is their own function to kick in their own breeding meaning. While the first belief may be the preferred option, it doesnt seem very practical. Existentialists believe that atomic number 53 essentialiness check meaning to their own career, which in both reality seems to be the truth.In the novels Their eyeball Were Watching God, Crime and Punishment, The alter, The Stranger, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are shortly, the existential view that the individual is responsible for giving their own life meaning is affirm through the characters actions, pressures of cabaret, and the overall meanings of the works. The behaviors of the characters in these various novels protagonist explain their chase f or meaning in life.In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Nora Zeal Hurston, the main character Janie is on a search for her full-strength purpose in life. She spent her all life being controlled by her grandmother and her first two husbands, and without delay that she is liveliness her life with her third husband Teacakes, she is beginning to discover her true potential. Janie is always trying to serve the men in her life so much to the point that she belittles herself into having no meaning to her own life. Janie began to try to stripping her own meaning in life early in the novel.In chapter two it states, Janie was stretched on her back beneath the pear tree plunge in the alto chant of the visiting bees, the gold of the sun and the panting breath of the breeze when the inaudible voice of it all came to her. She saw a dust-bearing bee sink into the sanctum of a bloom the thousand sister-calyxes arch to chance upon the love embrace and the ecstatic shiver of the tree f rom root to tiniest forking creaming in every blossom and frothing with delight. So this was a wedlock She had been summoned to behold a revelation.Then Janie felt a pain unmerciful sweet that left her limp and languid. At this point Janie realizes that it is her own responsibility to create her own purpose in life and she sets out to do so. By the end of the novel, Janie realizes that she can alone depend on herself to be happy and she mustiness put her own needfully before the needs of others, thus sustaining her meaning of life. The actions of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard, seem to be a constant search for the meaning of life.In Act Three, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have a conversation afterwards they realize that their mission they were sent on is now useless. They say, Guildenstern Weve travelled as well as far, and our momentum has taken over we move idly towards eternity, without possibility of tem porary removal or hold of explanation. Rosencrantz Be happyif youre non steady happy whats so good or so surviving? Well be all right. I suppose we sound go on. Guildenstern has clearly firm that life has no meaning to it at all and that he is just waiting for break-danceping point.However, Rosencrantz recognizes that they must ground their own meaning of life. Rosencrantz indicates that the fact that life as a whole does not have any clear meaning does not mean that it is impossible for any individual life to have meaning. Rosencrantzs response is an attempt to find meaning and purpose on precisely this individual level. When faced with the chaos of life, Rosencrantz decides that his personal purpose will be to seek pleasure for himself. They begin to realize that they must make their life meaningful on their own rather than by the expectations of others, supporting the existential view.Societal expectations play a big dissolve on ones quest to find the meaning of life. In the The Stranger by Albert Camus and Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the main characters atomic number 18 conflicted by the pressures of society and doing what they want to do. In The Stranger, Meursault kills a man on the beach and is going through a trial, where he is eventually sentenced to the death penalty. Meursault knows that society is against him and wants him to be put to death. However, Meursault doesnt want to die.Like all people, Meursault comes to realize that he has been born, will die, and will have no throw out importance. Only after Meursault reaches this seemingly dismal realization is he fit to attain happiness. When he fully comes to terms with the inevitability of death, he understands that it does not matter whether he dies by execution or kick the buckets to die a natural death at an old age. This understanding enables Meursault to put aside his fantasies of escaping execution by filing a successful legal appeal. Meursault sees that his ho pe for sustained life has been a burden.His liberation from this false hope of not being executed means he is free to live life for what it is, and to make the most of his remaining days. With this, Meursault discovers the existential view that it was his own responsibility to give his life meaning and he should stop worrying about societal pressures. Raskolnikov, the main character in Crime and Punishment, finds himself in a similar situation to Meursault. He murders two women and is now debating on whether to spot himself into the police or not.This ultimately leads to Raskolnikovs existential crisis to live or to die. In the novel Raskolnikov says Where is it Ive read that someone condemned to death says or think, an hour before his death, that if he had to live on some high school rock, on such a narrow ledge that hed only room to stand, and the ocean, everlasting darkness, everlasting solitude, everlasting tempest just about him, if he had to remain standing on a square spe cial K of space all his life, a thousand years, eternity, it were better to live so than to die at onceOnly to live, to live and live Life, any(prenominal) it may be This shows that by the end of the novel, Raskolnikov understands that he must make his life meaningful in order for him to want to live. He knows that he was born into this world with no meaning and he has to give himself a purpose in life to strive towards, no matter what society says. Society wants Raskolnikov to just get executed, but he decides to serve his cartridge clip in person so that he could still make meaning in his life after he got out of prison.Raskolnikov came to understand that only he could fulfill his purpose in life and he must live in order to do so. In the novel The Awakening by Kate Chopin, the overall meaning of trying to find ones true self helps support the existential belief of the responsibility of creating ones purpose in life. Edna Pontellier is unhappy with her life and she begins to try to find a way out. In short, Mrs. Pontellier was beginning to realize her position in the universe as a human being, and to recognize her relations as an individual to the world within and about her. She has this awakening where she realizes that she needs to stop living for everyone else and instead live for herself. Towards the end of the novel she says, I would give up the unessential I would give my money, I would give my life for my children but I wouldnt give myself. I cant make it more clear its only something which I am beginning to comprehend, which is revealing itself to me. She has discovered that her meaning in life was not to be the perfect wife or mom, but to live for what is ruff for her.Edna knows that she needs to create her own meaning for her life so she decides to distribute her old life behind and set out to do so. By the end of the novel, Edna commits suicide because she realizes that the only way she can escape her life that she is living for everyone else is just to end her life all together. All in all, the existential belief that one must create their own meaning in life is supported in the novels through the characters actions, societal pressures, and the overall meanings of the works.Many of the characters can teach the readers a lesson on how to live for oneself and not be influenced by the wants of others. One only has a single life, so they must make the most of it and create their own purpose in life in order to actually live. If one doesnt live for their own meaning and purpose in life, then what is the point of living? Its your choice, but just remember, you only live once.

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Marketing Plan †Chancellor University Essay

prime minister University is a for-profit secondary bringing up institution located in Seven Hills, OH. Grounded in the traditions of business, it has multiple degrees in business and other select professions. Alumni of prime minister University imply John D. Rockefeller and Harvey Firest unmatched. The degree selection ranges from certificates to conquers Programs focusing in business, health care management, global comparative studies, and criminal justice. In 2009, Chancellor switched from ground campus to an all-online format, with students col across the United States and some countries around the world.Chancellor believes that students succeed after in life because they are taught to strive for excellence. Based on prior SWOT analysis, Chancellor has a chance to recover from the economic downturn and help it become operable as a premiere institution. STRENGTHS failing SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM LOSS OF JACK WELCH MGMNT TO STRAYER UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY COLLEGE confederation REPORTS OF LOSING ACCREDITATION HISTORY LOW STUDENT RETENTION OPPORTUNITIES THREATS WORKING CLASS AND rootage GENERATION COLLEGE ATTENDEES BAD ECONOMY CELEBRITY STUDENTS LACK OF ALTERNATIVE financial backing.DEMAND FOR HIGHER EDUCATION COMPETITORS OFFERING SIMILAR CLASSES AND FORMATS Recently added to the Chancellor University degree religious offerings is the Masters and certificate program of Social Media. According to some, this profit as a Masters dot is not viable but the certificate program is seen as viable for specializations. The feeling is that most(prenominal) students would already be well versed in kindly media and that its lift out to conserve a concentration in Marketing and use the social media classes at bottom the Marketing program.The social media certificate program is great to take a leak for the marketing major and go away(p) show a specialization of make social media relevant in the business realm. A lot of higher(prenominal) education faciliti es are starting to add courses and degrees with this specialization, Chancellor is seen as one of the firsts to make it available to their students. Chancellor recently began to offer a work Abroad program that impart aide in the students in acquire a well-rounded education with global exposure.Chancellor has also partnered with partnership colleges to offer students a wider variety of courses and credits toward their Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Chancellor stands to continually lose its footing as a premiere institution considering the lack of alternative education financing ascribable to its for-profit status. It makes it difficult for students to pay or obtain alternative payment plans for their education. Pell commit is the only grant offered to the students.States washbowlnot award students grants because Chancellor is a for-profit institution, this means that the students will bear the weight of financing and increase their loan responsibility. Reports have been conti nually floating around of the schools accreditation being at risk from the Higher study Commission in Chicago due to poor leadership, financial health, and the part of the academic programs. Losing accreditation would mean that students could no longer utilize the federal Pell grants for their education with Chancellor. The Jack Welch Management Institute was a top notch accession to the Chancellor computer programme.With its loss to Strayer, Chancellor loses the investment money that came from Jack Welch and the prestigiousness that came with the famous managers name and contributions to their management program. The demand for higher education at an affordable rate continues to rise. Chancellor is not offering it in their latest format. Time is taken away from the leadership team developing the curriculum or focusing on the needs of the students to prepare for the commission review. This put forward turn a lot of students away and the retention rate will decrease.The classe s are moderately priced compared to University of Phoenix and Strayer University (based on Bachelor Degree programs). Opportunities exist for Chancellor to expand. Recommendations would include * Branching out to offer campus sites within the community colleges that they have established partnerships with. This can be obtained by offering professors a stipend to t apiece courses that are more difficult for students to follow with the online formats, satellite campuses have contributed to the success of Strayer University and University of Phoenix.* Establish a large presence with social media. Offer the current students the opportunity to blog slightly their experiences and link the blogs to their social mediums, this increases awareness of Chancellor and their presence on the Internet. * growing information on the Wikipedia. org page. The article for Chancellor University is more so center on the history instead of the offerings of the institution. The page describes several ch anges that Chancellor has been by means of starting with the Folsoms Mercantile College and can turn potential students away with the constant changes.* Work out, within the partnerships of the community colleges, to offer Chancellor students the alternative to take their courses as electives. This will increase the amount of electives available for Chancellor students and contribute to the satisfaction of their education experience. * Chancellor should transition back to permit the students pick their own classes, giving them a selection in each category for the general education electives. This way, the students are responsible for their education and can still study subjects of interest to them. Works Cited Chancellor University. (n. d.).Retrieved from www. chancelloru. edu Chancellor University wikipedia. (n. d. ). Retrieved October 24-26, 2012, from Wikipedia http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Chancellor_University Magaw, T. (2012, heroic 6). Crains Cleveland Business. Retrieved Octber 24-26, 2012, from Accrediting body again issues show-cause order for Chancellor U. http//www. crainscleveland. com/article/20120806/ absolve/308069957 Strayer University. (n. d. ). Retrieved October 25, 2012, from Wikipedia http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Strayer_University Strayer University. (n. d. ). University Tuition Fees and Costs.Retrieved October 25, 2012, from Strayer University http//www. strayer. edu/financial-support/tuition-and-fees University of Phoenix. (n. d. ). Bachelor of Science in Management. Retrieved October 25, 2012, from University of Phoenix http//www. phoenix. edu/programs/degree-programs/business-and-management/bachelors/bsm. htmltab=tuition Wecker, M. (2012, March 1). US news program Education. Retrieved October 26, 2012, from Avoid Social Media M B As, Some Students presuppose http//www. usnews. com/education/best-graduate-schools/top-business-schools/articles/2012/03/01/avoid-social-media-mbas-some-students-say.

The Stupidest Angel Chapter 2

Chapter 2THE LOCAL GIRLS HAVE A WAY ABOUT THEMThe Warrior Babe of the Outland steered her Honda station wagon overthrowwardly cypress Street, gag ruleping every ten feet or so for tourists who were stepping into the avenue from amongst parked cars, completely oblivious of any automobile traffic. My kingdom for a razor-blade cowcatcher and Cuisinart wheel c everywheres to cut my path through this herd of swinish peasant meat, she thought. Then Whoa, I guess I reall(a)y do need the meds. So she express, They act man geezerhood Cypress Street is the halfway at Disneyland like no superstar actually has to use the street to drive on. You shouts wouldnt do that, would you?She glanced all over her shoulder at the ii get away teenage boys who were huddled in the corner of the backoceant of the car. They move their heads furiously. One express, No, lack down Michon, no wed never. No.Her real name was mollie Michon, scarcely years ago, as a B- celluloid queen, shed do ne eight- defacement movies as Kendra, Warrior Babe of the Outland. She had a wild mane of blond hair shot with gray and the eubstance of a fitness model. She could pass for thirty or fifty, depending on the meter of day, what she was wearing, and how deeply medicated she was. Fans agreed that she was probably somewhere in her early to midforties.Fans. The dickens teenage boys in the backseat of the car were fans. Theyd made the mistake of taking part of their Christmas break to go to hanker Cove in search of the famed cult-film star, Molly Michon, and get her autograph on their copies of Warrior Babe VI R stock-stillge of the fierce Skank, dear released on DVD, with never-before-seen forthtakes of Mollys boobs popping out of her gun-metal bra. Molly had seen them skulking approximately the outside of the cabin she shared with her husband, Theo Crowe. Shed snuck out the back door and ambushed them on the side of the house with a garden hose sprayed them down good, tra ck them through the pine fo easement till the hose reeled out of its cart, whence she tackled the taller one and threatened to snap his neck if the other one didnt stop in his tracks.Realizing at that point that she index re form made a public relations error, Molly invited her fans to come along to help choose out a Christmas tree for the Santa genus Rosa Chapel Christmas Party for the Lonesome. (She had been qualification more than a few minor misjudgments lately, as shed stopped taking her meds a week ago in order to save funds for Theos Christmas present.)So, where are you guys from? she give tongue to cheerfully.Please dont hurt us, say Bert, the taller, thinner of the two chelas (She had been thinking of them as Bert and Ernie not because they really looked like the puppets, but because they had the analogous relative shapes except for the bigger hand up their bottoms, of course.)Im not expiry to hurt you. Its great to have you along. The guys at the Christm as-tree lot are a little wary of me since I fed one of their coworkers to a sea monster a few years ago, so you guys can single out of act as a social buffer. Damn, she shouldnt have mentioned the sea monster. Shed had so many years of obscurity between the time shed been pushed out of the movie business until the revival to cult status of her movies that shed lost most of her lot skills. And then there was that fifteen-year disconnect with reality when shed been get it onn as Pine Coves crazy lady but since shed hooked up with Theo, and had stayed on her anti-psychotics, things had been a lot better.She turned into the parking lot of Pine Cove Hardware and Gift, where a half acre of tarmac was corralled score for the Christmas-tree lot. Upon spotting her car, three marrow-aged guys in canvas aprons tenderstepped their way into the store, threw the bolt, and turned the Open sign to CLOSED.Shed thought this might happen, but she wanted to surprise Theo, prove that she could handle getting the big Christmas tree for the chapel party. Now these narrow-minded minions of Black & Decker were foiling her plans for a perfect Christmas. She took a deep breath and tried to exhale herself into a calm moment as her yoga teacher had instructed.Well, she did live in the middle of a pine forest, didnt she? Maybe she should just go cut a Christmas tree herself.Lets just go back to the cabin, guys I have an ax there that will work.Noooooooo screamed Ernie as he reached across his damp friend, threw the latch on the Hondas door, and rolled them both out of the moving car into a pallet of plastic reindeer.Okay, then, Molly said, you guys take care. Ill just see if I can cut a tree out of the front yard. She swung approximately in the parking lot and headed back home.Slick with sweat, Lena Marquez slid out of her Santa pillow slip like a baby lizard emerging from a muzzy red egg. The temperature had risen into the high seventies before shed finished her carrier bag a t the Thrifty-Mart, and she was true shed probably lost five baffles in piddle in the heavy suit. Wearing only her bra and panties, she padded into the john and jumped on the get over to enjoy the surprise bonus weight loss. The dish aerial spun and settled on her usual pre riseer weight. Perfect for her height, light for her age, but dammit, shed fought with her ex, been pounded with ice, rang out good cheer for the less fortunate, and endured the jolly heat of the Santa suit for eight hours, she deserved something for her efforts.She took off her bra and panties and hopped back on the scale. No observable difference. Dammit She sat, peed, wiped, and jumped back on the scale. Maybe a third of a pound below normal. Ah she thought, brushing her beard aside so she could read the scale more clearly, this could be the problem. She pulled off the white beard and Santa hat, flung them into the nearby bedroom, shook out her long black hair, and waited for the scale to settle.Oh yeah. Four pounds. She did a quick Tae Bo kick of celebration and stepped into the shower. She winced as she soaped up, hitting a sore spot there by her solar plexus. There were a couple of discolour bruises developing on her ribs where the ice bag had hit her. Shed had more distress after doing too many crunches at the gym, but this pain seemed to spud on through to her heart. Maybe it was the thought of spending Christmas alone.This would be her initiative since the divorce. Her sister, whom shed spent the last few Christmases with, was going with her husband and the kids to Europe. Dale, total hoot that he was, had involved her in all sorts of holiday activities from which she was now excluded. The rest of her family was back in Chicago, and she hadnt had any luck with men since Dale too more residual anger and mistrust. (He hadnt just been a prick, he had cheated on her.) Her girlfriends, all of them married or paired up with semipermanent boyfriends, told her that she needed to be single for a while, spend some time getting to know herself. That, of course, was total bullshit. She knew herself, liked herself, washed herself, dressed herself, bought herself presents, took herself out on dates, and even had sex with herself from time to time, which always ended better than it used to with Dale.Oh, that get-to-know-yourself jostle will send you full-blown batshit, said her friend Molly Michon. And cogitate me, I am the uncrowned queen of batshit. Last time I really got to know myself it turned out there was a upstanding gang of bitches in there to deal with. I matte like the receptionist at a rehab center. They all had nice tits, though, I gotta say. Anyway, forget that. Go out and do stuff for someone else. Thats much better for you. arise to know yourself what good is that? What if you get to know yourself and find out youre a total harpy? Sure, I like you, but you cant trust my judgment. Go do something for other people.It was true. Molly could be uh, eccentric, but she did make palpate occasionally. So Lena had volunteered to man the Salvation Army kettle, shed collected canned nutrition and frozen turkeys for the Pine Cove Anonymous Neighbors food drive, and tomorrow night, as soon as it got dark, she was going to go out and collect live Christmas trees and drop them off at the homes of people who probably wouldnt be able to knuckle down the stairs them. That should take her mind off herself. And if it didnt work, shed spend Christmas Eve at the Santa Rosa Chapel Party for the Lonesome. Oh God, there it was. It was Christmastime, and she was in the Christmas spirit she was feeling lonesome.To song thrush Sand, the owner of the Head of the Slug saloon, the word lonesome rang like the bell shape on a cash register. Come Christmas break, Pine Cove filled up with tourists seek small-town charm, and the Head of the Slug filled up with lonesome, disenfranchised winners seeking solace song thrush was glad to ser ve it up in the spend a penny of her signature (and overpriced) Christmas cocktail, the Slow Comfortable Screw in the Back of Santas Sleigh, which consisted of Well, chouse off if you need to know whats in it, song thrush would say. Im a professional parrytender since your daddy flushed the condom that held your only hope of havin a brain, so get in the spirit and order the goddamn drink.throstle was always in the Christmas spirit, right down to the Christmas-tree earrings that she wore year-round to give her that new-car smell. A sheaf of mistletoe the size of a moose head hung over the order station at her bar, and throughout the season, any unsuspecting inebriate who leaned too far over the bar to shout his order into one of song thrushs auditory modality aids would find that beyond the fluttering black nylon whips of her mascara-plastered hypocrite lashes, behind the mole with the hair and the palette knife-applied cakes of Red Seduction lipstick, prehistoric the Tar eyton 100s breath and the clacking dentures, throstle still had some respectable tongue legal action left in her. One guy, breathless and staggering toward the door, claimed that she had tongued his lightbulb oblongata and stimulated visions of being choked in Deaths dark closet which song thrush took as a compliment.About the same time that Dale and Lena were having their go-round down at the Thrifty-Mart, Mavis, perched on her stool behind the bar, looked up from a crossword cohere to see the most beautiful man shed ever lain eyes on coming through Slugs double doors. What had once been a desert bloomed down under where for years lay a dusty streambed, a properly river did now flow. Her heart skipped a beat and the defibrillator implanted in her knocker gave her a little jolt that sent her sluicing electric off her bar stool to his service. If he ordered a wallbanger shed come so hard her tennis shoes would rip out from the toe curl, she knew it, she felt it, she wanted it . Mavis was a romantic.Can I help you? she asked, bat her eyelashes, which gave the appearance of spastic wolf spiders convulsing behind her glasses.A half-dozen sidereal day regulars who had been academic session at the bar turned on their stools to behold the source of that sebaceous courtesy there was no way that voice had come out of Mavis, who normally spoke to them in tones of disdain and nicotine.Im aspect for a chela, said the stranger. He had long blond hair that fanned out over the rain flap of a black trench coat. His eyes were violet, his facial nerve features both rugged and delicate, finely cut and yet with no lines of age or experience.Mavis tweaked the little knob on her right hearing aid and tilted her head like a dog who has just bitten into a plastic pork chop. Oh, how the pillars of lust can crumble under the weight of stupidity. Youre looking for a nestling? asked Mavis.Yes, said the stranger.In a bar? On a Monday afternoon? Youre looking for a child?Y es.A particular child, or will just any child do?Ill know it when I see it, said the stranger.You sick fuck, said one of the daytime regulars, and Mavis, for once, nodded in agreement, her neck vertebrae clicking like a socket wrench. exhaust the hell out of my bar, she said. A long, lacquered fingernail pointed the way back out the door. Go on, get out. What do you think this is, Bangkok?The stranger looked at her finger. The nativity is approaching, am I correct?Yeah, Christmas is Saturday. Mavis growled. The hell does that have anything to do with anything?Then Ill need a child before Saturday, said the stranger.Mavis reached under the bar and pulled out her miniature baseball bat. Just because he was delightful didnt mean he couldnt be improved by a smack upside the head with a piece of earnest hickory. men a wink, a thrill, a damp squish, and before you knew it it was time to inception raising lumps and loosening teeth. Mavis was a pragmatic romantic cognize correctly pe rformed, she believed hurts.Smack im, Mavis, cheered one of the daytime regulars.What kind of perv wears an overcoat in seventy-five-degree weather? said another. I say brain him. Bets were beginning to be exchanged back by the pool table.Mavis tugged at an fallible chin hair and peered over her glasses at the stranger. Think you might want to move your little search on down the pathway some?What day is it? asked the stranger.Monday.Then Ill have a diet turn.What active the kid? asked Mavis, punctuating the question by smacking the baseball bat against her decoration (which hurt like hell, but she wasnt going to flinch, not a chance).I have until Saturday, said the beautiful perv. For now, just a diet Coke and a Snickers bar. Please.Thats it, Mavis said. Youre a dead man. just, I said please, said Blondie, missing the point, somewhat.She didnt even bother to throw open the lift-away through the bar but ducked under it and charged. At that moment a bell rang, and a beam of light blasted into the bar, indicating that someone had come in from outside. When Mavis stood back up, leaning heavily on her back foot as she wound up to knock the strangers nads well into the next county, he was gone.Problem, Mavis? asked Theophilus Crowe. The constable was standing right where the stranger had been.Damn, whered he go? Mavis looked around behind Theo, then back at the daytime regulars.Whered he go?Got me, they said, a chorus of shrugs.Who? asked Theo.Blond guy in a black trench coat, said Mavis. You had to pass him on the way in. chuck coat? Its seventy-five degrees out, said Theo. Id have noticed someone in a trench coat.He was a perv someone shouted from the back.Theo looked down at Mavis. This guy flash you?Their height difference was nearly two feet and Mavis had to back up a step to look him in the eye. Hell no. I like a man who believes in truth in advertising. This guy was looking for a child.He told you that? He came in here and said he was looking for a kid?Thats it. I was just getting ready to teach him some Youre sure he hadnt lost his kid? That happens, Christmas shopping, they wander away No, he wasnt looking for a particular kid, he was just looking for a kid.Well, possibly he wanted to be a Big Brother or Secret Santa or something, said Theo, expressing a faith in the honesty of man for which he had little to no evidence, do something nice for Christmas.Goddammit, Theo, you dumbfuck, you dont have to pry a priest off an altar boy with a crowbar to figure out that hes not helping the kid with his Rosary. The guy was a perv.Well, I should probably go look for him.Well, you probably oughta should.Theo started to turn to go out the door, then turned back. Im not a dumbfuck, Mavis. Theres no need for that kind of talk.Sorry, Theo, said Mavis, lowering her baseball bat to show the sincerity of her contrition. Why was it you came in, then?Cant remember. Theo raised his eyebrows, daring her.Mavis grinned at him. Theo was a goo d guy a little flaky but a good guy. Really?Nah, I just wanted to lozenge with you on the food for the Christmas party. You were going to barbecue, right?I was planning on it.Well, I just heard on the radio that theres a pretty good chance of rain, so you might want to have a backup plan.More liquor?I was thinking something that wouldnt involve prep outdoors.Like more liquor?Theo shook his head and started toward the door. Call me or Molly if you need any help.It wont rain, said Mavis. It never rains in December.But Theo was gone, out on the street looking for the trench-coated stranger.It could rain, said one of the daytime regulars. Scientists say we could see El Nio this year.Yeah, like they ever tell us until after half the state has washed away, said Mavis. Screw the scientists.But El Nio was coming.El Nio. The Child.

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Are We Living in a Surveillance Society?

We might think no one else either knows or c ares what we get up to, as long as we compliance the law, unless we are a celebrity. But with massive development of technology, that is no longer the role and I totally agreed with the statement that we are living in a surveillance society. Moreover, I strongly believed that the level of surveillance will grow even further in the future. If we give loyalty card or credit cards we can earn points and receive gold off vouchers, but we also allow retailers keep data on what weve bought and where weve bought it.The money we spend on credit cards is also monitored to acquire for any unusual spending patterns, which could indicate the card has been stolen. With the increasingly forward-looking technology, using internet becomes a daily activities of most of the people in particular those who live in town. However, when we use the internet, records are kept about what weve been search for, that can help if we want to log back on and do a similar search, but sad to say, it also means the provider keeps detailed information about our surfing habits. The same thing befall when we use the Global Positioning System (GPS).It not only will guides us any destination that we want to go, but also alerts us to speed and traffic light cameras on the way which record our progress. Besides, when we use our mobile to call anyone, this will be logged by the telephone conjunction and could be used by police to locate where the phone was at the time. In short, if this issue continues to develope, we would not have any freedom again as our daily career will be monitored. Thus, I apprehend that appropiate steps should be taken to solve this problem before our life become no privacy at all.

An analysis of the Heart of Darkness and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Essay

The stub of unfairness by Joseph Conrad and Alices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll tell a journey into a hu human beingity which is a contrary reflection of the shoplifters real population. As the protagonists travel to new places, they are twain presented with clashing views on prevailing themes in their make ups. In the case of Marlow in the feel of Darkness, he is memorial tabletd with opposing conceptions on the most indispens able-bodied components in imperialism throw and slaveholding. As for Alice in Wonderland, the young girl is confronted with the altercate to accept the skirmishing basis of maturity following both(prenominal) rational and irrational complexities in the society.In both of the novels, the race amidst the dickens worlds were portrayed as the struggles which lot had to face in order to vocalise their own personal ideologies establish on their varying views presented by the society. Moreover, disaffection (or the occurrence tha t each of the protagonists had to handle their struggles alone) was promoted as a necessary tone towards the full appreciation of ones fond construction of reality. concussion views on imperialism Moral Responsibility vs. Pure SuppressionIn the Heart of Darkness, contrasting views of imperialism and slavery are challenged. Marlow, the protagonist of the story, comes from a world where the incarceration of the Africans is considered as essential and customary pieces of the colonial enterprise. The men who were working for the attach to upon which Marlow is also a bit of treats the blacks in an perverse, cruel, and often viciously lashing manner. However, this harsh treatment is plain justifiable as Marlows world regards the slaves as uncivilized.Thus, the knead of slavery is not seen as it is. Rather, it is often deemed as a vital part of the benevolent project of civilizing the natives. As such, previous to his journey upriver to see the fabled Kurtz, Marlow maintains his r ole of masking the slavery and violence by the socially accepted whim that the subjugation is based on legitimate backgrounds of honourable responsibility. As Marlow meets Kurtz however, Marlows idea of the enthral of success and imperialism evolves into a struggle of morals.As he survives the river, meets the natives, and finally encounters the man that is reputed to be honorable and upright, his moral beliefs shatter. Technically, he is not faced with a world thats entirely different from where he came from. Instead, what Marlow encounters is a circumstance where there is a whole new definition of oppression and trade the main activities upon which he was engaged in. Basically, Kurtz was not the man Marlow and other plurality envisioned him to be.In conflict with the prevailing social definition of conquest for the Company, Kurtz saw the truth in imperialism. The presumed praiseworthy man was in fact a tyrant among the natives. He realized the fact that he was not trading but earlier forcing the natives to find ivory for him. Moreover, Kurtz was open to the idea that he was in no positive way civilizing the natives. Rather, he was suppressing them, unconditional them through deterrence and extreme brutality, and using them to his advantage, and the Companys benefit.As a result, Marlows encounter with Kurtz only served as a throw experience where he had to question what the real purpose was behind acts of conquest and slavery Are his actions just a tool for injustice and intimidation? Is there really no justifiable cause for intimidating the natives? To a certain degree, Marlows experience with the other world puts him in a crisis of whether he should continue believing that his worlds obviously dirty practices had a good and tolerable cause or not. Growing up Tolerating the illogical and irrationalIn the story Alices Adventures in Wonderland, conflicting views of maturity and growing up is presented. On one hand, the real world equates maturity as the state where logic and rationality is used in reasoning, interpreting, and in maintaining harmony in the society. In contrast however, the young Alice equates matureness as to what she sees in Wonderland a place where silly and illogical regulations are created on the basis of egoistic goals and ambitions, propelled by bad habits and wrong ideals that people willingly developed throughout the course of history.In Wonderland, Alice faces a new world one wherein the ways of reasoning are every oftentimes in contrast of hers. To a certain sense, her new world is like to the real world of adults because both are comprised of rules which are, most of the time, very confusing. A typical example is the character of the Duchess who always tries to find a moral in almost every thing that is happening around her. In the real world, adults are akin to the Duchess as they always try to live by the social norms which they created from their own interpretation of their society.Another complex idea is the tolerance of the senseless orders of beheading given by the Queen of Hearts. such scenario can be equated to the devastating wars often prompted by political leaders who are supposed to propagate world peace and progress. Also in Wonderland, trials seem to be very irrational and unjust in the equal way, justice is as confusing in the real world where equity and integrity are supposedly practiced and promoted. As Alice struggles to understand the complexity of what is happening in Wonderland, she challenges her own idea of what is rational and supposedly mature.Confronted with whats hypothetically mature, Alice gradually evolves into a mature person who is able to plan reasonable and valid interpretations of history and her present experiences. While Alice is confronted with odd events and risible beings in Wonderland, she tries to formulate reasons based on her social interactions with the creature and adjusts to the demands of the magical world. by means of the interpretations that Alice forms from wonderland, she fulfills what is expected from a mature individual the ability to live on the complexities of bearing.As she forms a basis of reasoning and logic, she thusly forms her own ingrained norms which are, to a certain extent, still confined within the prevalent ideas in Wonderland. These norms conquer her to define her identity and at the same time, give her the happening to adjust and adapt to the situations that she faces in a place where everyone is mad. finished her adventures, Alice ultimately grows up and matures. CONCLUSIONS Two worlds as struggles towards the formulation personal idealsIn both of the novels, two opposing worlds were used as bases that will allow the main character to formulate his/her own personal ideologies and interpretations of prevailing themes in their lives. In the case of Marlow, the clash between the two worlds or rather their definitions gave him a chance to weigh his morals not merel y on the much popular and conforming idea that African enslavement was innate(p) and acceptable. Through his confrontation with Kurtz, he became enlightened.The experience somehow liberated him from his finesse adherence to the society and showed him the real circumstances of his actions and that of his society. As for Alice, the conflict between the real world and Wonderland also gave her the chance to construct an understanding of maturity. From a childs point of view of adulthood as something incoherent, illogical, egoistic, and irrational, Alice was able to realize that such complexities were part of real life and that tolerance to what is seemingly unreasonable must be achieved in order to be able of surviving and adjusting to the different scenarios of living.As such, it can be noted that the unsuited relationships between the two worlds in each of the novels were presented as personal struggles towards the feat of personal ideals formulated from varying views and interp retations that were present in the society. Alienation, an essential process for the social construction of reality It can be noted that both protagonists in the stories had to face insanity in the new worlds that they had to take part of. The fact that each of the protagonists had to handle their struggles alone promoted the theme of personal conflict in the novels.Furthermore, this alienation heightened the level of conflict which existed in the clashing relationship between the two worlds that the characters had to take part of. In the case of Alice, she had to face different situations with different characters and different modes of reasoning all on her. Through this loneliness, she was able to fully grasp the idea that maturity is complex and that life itself was full of complexities and madness. This realization led her to construct her own make up ones mind of interpretations, definitions, and realities which paved her way towards maturity.Marlow, on the other hand, became anomic as he became open(a) to a world where slavery among Africans was regarded as what it really is a mere act of cruelty for the benefit of the White people. He was alienated in the sense that he formerly had a different more consoling view of the trade that he was participating in. However, through this alienation, Marlow then achieved a more careful analysis of his societys actions. By being exposed to the new world all on his own, he was given the chance to liberate himself from the beliefs that he was encompassed within.In general, both of the characters endured alienation as an essential component which emphasized the conflicting relation of the worlds that they were exposed to. This alienation prompted them to think beyond what they were used to and such allowed them to construct their social reality based on conventional and unconventional truths. References Caroll, Lewis (n. d. ) Alice in Wonderland. Retrieved from Bedtime yarn Classics (Accessed 06 Apr 2009 from ht tp//www. the-office. com/bedtime-story/classics-alice-1. htm) Conrad, Joseph (n. d.) Heart of Darkness. Retrieved from Project Gutenberg Website (Accessed 06 Apr 2009 from http//www. gutenberg. org/etext/526) Maatta, Jerry (1997) An Analysis of Alices Adventures in Wonderland. (Accessed 06 Apr 2009 from http//www. alice-in-wonderland. net/ develop/alice841. html) __________ (n. d. ) Themes and Motives in Alice in Wonderland. (Accessed 06 Apr 2009 from http//www. alice-in-wonderland. net/school/themes. html) __________ (n. d. ) eNotes on Heart of Darkness Themes. (Accessed 06 Apr 2009 from http//www. enotes. com/darkness/themes)

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Increase in Tommy John Surgery Amongst Young Athletes

In tell to keep up with the competition, athletes must constantly look for a rivalrous advantage. There atomic number 18 many ways to do this, both levelheaded and bad, legal and illegal. The hottest trend in todays society is truly unique and out(a) of the ordinary. Young athletes have been turning to a procedure called Tommy John surgey in enjoin to get a boost in athletic performance. This operation has been sought out by these young athletes even when not injured, and this has nauseate many professionals and doctors around the world.This growing trend has been highly debated and will move to be until some sort of guidelines argon set. Tommy John operating room is constructive cognitive operation of the ulnar col slowlyral ligament in the cubitus. This operating theatre has been common amongst college and professional athletes everywhere the last few decades, most notably baseball players. The operation was introductory performed in 1974 on former Major League b aseball game star Tommy John by Doctor Frank Jobe. The surgery was so revolutionary, Doctor Jobe decided to name the surgery after his first patient.The work out for Tommy John surgery is a quite simple surgical procedure that has evolved over time. Basically, when ulnar collateral ligament in the cubitus becomes damaged, a tendon necessarily to be taken from an other(a) part of the body in suppose to replace the damaged one. The new tendon is c arfully woven into a type eight pattern in the elbow bone. There is a slight risk of damage to the ulnar nerve, but if done carefully, the process is pretty routine these days. One of the key reasons why young athletes are opting for this surgery is the rising success grade ever since it has been in existence.When it was first discovered and performed, the surgery was given a 1 in atomic number 6 success rate by surgeon Frank Jobe. The success rate as of 2009 is an astonishing 85-92 percent. The time it takes to recover depends on th e sport, and the position vie in that sport. On average, it takes between 6 and 12 months to fully recover, with baseball pitchers taking the longest. The causes for this surgery derriere be a variety of situations. through with(predicate) the repetitive stress of the throwing motion, the ulnar collateral ligament can become stretched, frayed, or torn severly.In pitchers, the total number of pitches thrown is the best way to observe elbow issues. The type of pitch thrown, such as a curveball or a slider, also has an effect but not quite as much of one as the number of pitches thrown. Children these days are beind overworked more than ever, thus causing a dramatic increase in elbow issues in young athletes. The growing concern with this surgery as of late has been the urge of these teenagers who want to get this surgery even when they are not injured.The reason for this is because since so many athletes come back from this surgery vie at a much higher level than pre-surgery, th ese young kids figure that they might as advantageously get the surgery before they can get hurt. Parents are also at fault here as well because on that point are many cases where the parent is the initiator as well. Beau Wycoff, a freshman baseball player for his hometown high groom Toms River North, is facing this same issue. His father believes that he should get Tommy John surgery because he doesnt throw as voteless as the other boys on the team.He isnt looked at as a gratuity player, and his father believes that this will get hold of him stronger and throw much harder. Beau is not on the same summon and is very torn almost this situation. I want to be the teams top pitcher, but having this surgery when Im not hurt is something I am not sure about, Beau said. This is just an example of what goes on all over the country with young athletes and their decisions to acheive a competitive advantage. In an e-mail solvent from the Center for Sports Parenting, they simply are i rate about this situation.They believe that there should be a significant medical issue with the elbow for person to legally go through with the surgery. Also mentioned was pressure from parents in order to get this surgery is a huge concern in dealings with this topic. The Center believes that operating on a perfectly healthy elbow in order to get some kind of advantage is an gratuitous risk for a young athlete. Situations like these make Tommy John surgery look like its a bad thing, and that certainly is not the case. It should save be seen as a bad thing when it is abused by people who truly do not need it.This surgery has been turn out by many studies to be very positive. In one arena where a questionarre was sent out to 743 patients who had the surgery, 94. 5 percent were baseball players and the other 5. 5 percent were track, football, and other. Out of these people questioned, 622 patients or 83 percent, returned to their front level of play or higher. The average reco very time of these patients was 11. 6 months. Also recorded was that only 10 percent of these patients had complications, which were mostly minor.Guisto Salicetti has been a baseball pitcher since he was 7 years old. He came to St. Peters College on a baseball scholarship after dominating the high school ranks for 4 years. After arriving at school he soon had elbow troubles and found out he needed Tommy John surgery. The surgery went well and he is currently lightly throwing and should be able to pitch in a game in no time. The surgery was a very positive for me and even though the recovery has been a lot of hard work, hopefull it will all be worth it in the end, Guisto said.Tommy John surgery has become a phenomenon in the last couple of years. If done for the regenerate reasons, the procedure is a great innovation is surgical medicine. There are some circumstances where this surgery can be abused and mistreated. This needfully to be addressed in the near future because young ath letes and parents are taking this too far. Tommy John surgery should be all about success stories and revitalizing careers, not about controversy and potentially razing a young teenagerss promising athletic experience.

Reificaition Case Essay

Wikipedia defines de personalization neurosis as (Lat. res thing + facere to make) n. the spell of something into a thing or object the error which consists in treating as a thing something which is not wizard. Hypostatization, treating an abstract entity as if it were concrete, is a grounds in point.In Marxist terms, it is the consideration of a merciful being as a physical object, deprived of subjectivity. According to Marxists, this is one of the pitfalls of the capitalist system because in such a system the laborers and their manoeuvre atomic number 18 not pryd to their proper extent. Their work is interact as a commodity and is valued according to the unpredictable necessarily of the market. This creation is closely tied to the Marxist idea of commodity fetishism which Wikipedia describes as an inauthentic state of social relations, said to arise in mazy capitalist market systems, where social relationships are confused with their medium, the commodity.Marxist writ er, Georg Lukcs, writes consequentlyThe transformation of the commodity relation into a thing of ghostly objectivity cannot there ore content itself with the reduction of all objects for the gratification of humane being needs to commodities. It stamps its imprint upon the whole consciousness of man his qualities an abilities are no yearner an organic par of his soulality, they are things which he can own or dispose of like the various objects of the external world.Simply put, Marxists criticize capitalist systems for stripping the human person of his social nature. He is change into a commodity or a product. Ones labor is transformed into money which is in turn used to purchase the products of other hatfuls labor. Although this may facilitate the exchange of goods, the problem of the system lies in the fact that because of this abstraction, the use-value (the actual usefulness of the object) is oftentimes totally different from its exchange-value (the value of the object in t he marketplace). For example, a person who creates a hammer (which has a variety of uses) will be paid less than a person who makes jewelry (an object which has less use than a hammer). The value precondition to the work of the laborer is incommensurate to the work and effort that he make in order to produce the good.How can reification be avoided?Marxist measures against reification have proven themselves to be ineffective (including complete pull wires over the market and standardization of wages). This is because these measures tend to remove the element of contestation from the formula, thus, causing production to suffer instead.An alternative mode by which reification is avoided is through the respect of human rights. According to John Locke, each person has the natural right to life, liberty and estate which must be protect by the government. These rights must ensure that each person shall be habituated his due. By treating persons as individuals with human rights and dig nity, people will be set as an end and never as a means. The theory of human rights has been upheld and accepted by most of the world and are embodied in international instruments and conventions, most notable is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.In the field of labor and employment, modern societies have integrated this idea of human dignity by setting minimum standards and conditions to be strictly followed by employers under the pain of appropriate sanctions should they be defied. For example, there could be a law saying that any employee who works beyond eight hours in a single day shall be given(p) additional extra time pay. Another instance would be a law that would lay land a minimum wage based on the living standards and conditions of the vicinity where the worker belongs.By recognizing the human dignity of every person, reification is alone obliteration because persons are then given the respect they deserve. They are no longer treated as cogs in the machinery of production but are considered partners in the enterprise. By holding that each person deserves to be treated with dignity, they are esteemed as subjects never objects, and will be given their due.BibliographyLukcs, Georg. 1967. History & Class Consciousness. Translated by Andy Blunden. Merlin Press.Smith, John, Bob Snider, and Diane Hill. 2005. A schooling of physics. New York McGraw Hill.Wikipedia. 2006. Commodity fetishism. Wikipedia.http//, Richard. 1986. Revolutionary Politics and Lockes Two Treatises of organization.Princeton Princeton University Press.Wikipedia. 2006. Georg Lukcs. Wikipedia. http// 2006. Human Rights. Wikipedia. http// 2006. John Locke. Wikipedia. http// 2006. Reification. Wikipedia. http//