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Changing the Drinking Age to 18 Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Essa

Young teens tout ensemble get a bad rep when it comes to drinking alcohol. Especially college students that atomic number 18 considered binge drinkers. When in reality a nation wide survey of students at 168 colleges and universitys found some interesting things about the underage corrupt youth. 93% of all students welcome never received a lower grade in a class because of drinking too much. 98% of all college students say that they have never gotten into trouble from an administrator from excessive drinking. While the media continually gives the under twenty one community a bad rep, in reality they are continually practicing safe drinking habits and in some cases not drinking at all. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse by the Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan, the proportion of non-drinkers in the U.S. ripe reached a record breaking all sentence high. The point is that college students drink less than what roughly people think and a re in reality responsible drinkers. So what can be done to change the drinking police to eighteen over again? These underage students continually spite the justness and show that they can handle the responsibility. It is silly to overlook this and maintain a blind law such as the current drinking law. The first step into taking this law and changing it back to eighteen is to start at home and inform the children at a young age the harms and hazards of alcohol. It is not something to take lightly and it can lead to many life long problems. However I feel if this is taught at an early(a) age and drinking is looked at as a privileged rather than a right it will be abused and rather something that will not be taking for granted. This will make drinking in small portions more commonplace and drinking in an excessive manner a rarity. tipsiness would no longer be a big cut across. Young children start off learning the dangers of drinking and would eventually start drinking at fam ily events handle they do in other foreign countries. These countries do this and do not have a major drinking problem in their society. By the time these children get to the age of 18 it will be legal to purchase and legally drink and it will not be a big deal because they have been taught responsible drinking from the start. This is an obvious start to fixing and changing this law, however it would be difficult to change the social and family traditions of A... ... that it is morally wrong to let eighteen year olds to drink legally. They would also argue that more and more deaths would happen due to this law being changed. When in reality if you follow these steps, train young children at a young age to drink moderately and responsibly, add more harsher penalties to the drinking and driving laws and make defensive driving courses required to graduate in high school, and to finally make a permit for under twenty one drinkers as a test to see barely how it affects the society. All in all the age of eighteen is thought to be old enough to make such big decisions as getting marital and joining the army to defend the country. It would at least show that this country has confidence in the eighteen year olds to be responsible with this new law and to not abuse the power. It would make a uniform legal age. This simplicity in itself will make checking I.D.s less of a problem. This law needs to be changed and everyone knows it. This is a reasonable proposal to try something that has never been tried before and I think that the lawmakers are scared that it would work and it would just make them look foolish for not thinking of it on their own.

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Life Of William Shakespeare :: essays research papers

Life of William ShakespeareAround 1568, a group of actors visited Stratford and put on a play before theentire town, with permission from John Shakespeare, the mayor of the town. Thepeople loved the play, especially the small children. All of them looked up tothe actors, as they returned apiece year to perform different plays. They haddreams of one day becoming actors, but only one of these children fulfilled thisdream. This child was the mayors son, William Shakespeare.At this time, actors in England usually exhausted their careers traveling to newtowns, performing plays at city buildings or local inns. However, with the helpof James Burbage, this all changed. James Burbage designed and built the first field of honor in England. The actors could then settle down in one place and performin a place built for plays. The theatre was a considerable victory, and many more beganpopping up over England, but this theatre built by James Burbage was foreverknown as The Theatre.The layout of the stage consisted of pentad levels. The lowest level was for trapdoors built into the stage. The next level was the main stage, where the actorsdid most of their performing. Above this was the balcony level, which could beused to represent anything from a city protect to a mountain. The next levelcontained pulleys which could raise or lower anything from above. The top levelwas used for creating sounds of rain or thunder, or dropping important objectsfrom the sky.William Shakespeare get hitched with Anne Hathaway at age 18. In two years, they hadthree children, a daughter named Susanna, and twins, Hamnet and Judith. Hedidnt stay in Stratford long after this though. He left his family to attend acareer as an actor in London.Shakespeare wrote his first play in 1592. It was a historical play called HenryVI, which was one of the biggest successes of the year. Some scholarscriticized him because he did not have a university education like mostplaywrites, but probably the only re ason he was criticized for this was becausehis play was so popular.After the success of his historical play, he wrote a tragedy called TitusAndronicus, and then The Comedy of Errors, a humorous comedy. Not manyplaywrites wrote so many different types of plays in so short a time, butShakespeare was certainly not like any other English playwrite.Very early in Shakespeares career, however, many theatres closed receivable to theplague in England, and playwrites were not in high demand. Shakespeare thenturned to another type of writing and wrote a narrative poem entitled genus Venus and

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Civil War - Gettysburg :: essays research papers

For five days Jackson had looked on Washington spread in front him with the Dome of the Capitol in sight from his headquarters on the Georgetown Pike near 7th Street. Lee having recovered sufficiently from his wounds had resumed command of the army but had been summoned to capital of Virginia by President Davis pastime overtures from ( Vice ) President Johnson to discuss common grounds for a peaceful purposement to the War. Lincoln left the Capital for Canada, reluctantly, following pressure from Cabinet to avoid possible capture by the advancing Confederates who seemed unstoppable as the Union forces in and around Washington disintegrated into a rambunctious rabble. Following his heroic retreat from Gettysburg Howard had been promoted to Lieutenant-General and assumed command of the defenses of Washington superseding Major-General S.P.Heintzelman who had very little combat experience. Howard had about 55,000 men but very little fit and desertions were whittling this force away hourly. The Federal army was totally demoralized and soldiers were going home as if it was all over, sensing the end was near.Grant had, after last capturing Vicksburg on the 4th July been ordered to evacuate and return control to the Confederates under Pemberton. This would be accomplished by the 12th and an uneasy peace would settle across the Western theatre as Lieutenant-General ( Old Pete) Longstreet entrained to take command of all the Souths western forces. Jackson chafed... aware that the Union forces were a spent force and there for the taking, his spies reported that the defenders had shrunk to 35,000 and if they waited for another couple of weeks Washington would be a ghost town. France had broken with England and recognized the independence of the Confederacy and England was expect to follow suit very soon.In Richmond McClellan was leading the Union delegation and was pursuing a course of peace on reasonable terms. Basically, it had colonized down to where the borderli nes would be drawn. Davis was prepared to concede what was now West Virginia but wanted the Indian and Arizona territories. Robert E.Lee had been appointed commander of all the Confederate Forces and devoted a free hand in appointments and troop dispositions. Lincoln was under house arrest in Niagara, not because the British had anything against him but for his own golosh as his popularity was zero and the British government didnt want any untoward incident for which they could be blamed.Jackson had

An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley Essay -- Inspector Calls Priestle

An Inspector Calls by J.B. PriestleyAn Inspector Calls, by J.B. Priestly, is the story of the visit by anInspector to an seemingly normal family, the Birlings. They arecelebrating Sheila Birlings engagement to Gerald Croft, who is alsopresent, when the Inspector arrives telling them of the suicide of ayoung girl called Eva metalworker. At first they deny any experience of thegirl, but as the map goes on the Inspector manages to show that theyall helped kill her. Mr Birling had her dismissed from his particularory fordemanding a small increase in wages Sheila ordered her to bedismissed from her job in a shop simply because of her pride GeraldCroft kept her as his mistress before expiration her suddenly EricBirling (Mr & Mrs Birlings son) also had an affair with the girl andstole money to keep her living and Mrs Birling used her influence todeny help to Eva Smith when she needed it most, driving her tosuicide.After the Inspectors visit we can see which of the characters havelearn ed their lesson from what the Inspector has said and which aresteadfastly clinging to their old beliefs. The differing attitudesbetween the fourth-year and younger characters are shown by theirconversations following the Inspectors departure.It is Birlings speech in Act 1 that sets the scene for the action inthe play. Birling is confidently talking to Eric and Gerald or so whathe thinks about the future. He thinks of everything in business terms(for example, he says to Gerald that he hopes that his firm andGeralds fathers will become partners) and also is a man who thinksthat a man should make his own way in life and does not believe inliving in a community. He disregards the people who vaticinate thisphilos... ...ia and the Germans invaded Belgium, sending Britain and Franceinto battle. The result was a hellish war in which millions died. Hadthe countries been able to live together then there would not havebeen a war. The fact that the play was written in the midst of theSecond World War suggests that Priestly was saying that the lessons ofwhat happened in the First World War had not been learned.In summary, An Inspector Calls details the differing attitudes of theBirling family to the events leading to Eva Smiths death and how theyaccept the responsibility for their actions. The older characters aretoo rigid to change but the younger ones are able to see their faultsand accept what they have done is wrong. The play also reflectsvarious cultural, social and historical, which reflect on the timeboth in which the play is set in and when it was written.

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Barry Sanders :: Sports Athletes Essays

Barry SandersBarry Sanders arguably the best back ever to play the game of football. Barry is not genius of those players who is just out there to make money, he loves the game and is always trying his hardest when he is out there.Barry Sanders was born July 16th, 1968 in Wichita, Kansas. He grew up in a family being one of eleven other children. When Barry was a kid he was considered to be too short to play football well at the college level. In fact, his 1,417 yards rushing in his senior year of high school wasnt enough to impress college recruiters. One recruiter told Barrys coach, We dont need another midget. Only two colleges offered Barry a football scholarship. Barry accepted a scholarship from Oklahoma State University and the rest is instantaneously storey. Here are some of Barrys career achievements that he has done in the short time he has played the game. Which has made him such the over achiever that he is. 1988, won the Heisman Trophy Award for best player in the nat ion. 1989, lead the NFC in rushing and was Rookie of the Year. 1992, became the Lions All-Time leading rusher. 1994, rushed for the fourth best NFL season record of 1,883 yards and included a 237 yards in week 11 vs. Tampa Bay. In 1996, became the first player in NFL history to rush for over 1,000 yards in his first eight seasons, won the NFL rushing title, selected to the Pro roll for the eighth time and became the first player to rush for over 1,500 yards in three consecutive seasons. Sanders continues adding to his extraordinary numbers on the field. He has run for 1,300 yards and now stands seventh among the NFLs all-time rushers with 11,472, having surpassed Ottis Anderson, O.J. Simpson and John Riggins. Hes 128 yards behind Kansas Citys Marcus Allen, Sanders boyhoodhero when he was growing up in Wichita, Kan., and Allen was a Los Angeles Raider. following(a) year, providing he keeps up this trend of 1,000-yard seasons, Sanders will pass Franco Harris (12,120), Jim Brown (12, 312) and Tony Dorsett(12,739) and slide into third place behind Eric Dickerson (13,259) and Walter Payton (16,726). Sanders is the first player in league history to rush for at least 1,000 yards in eight straight seasons, and Thursday he was named to his eighth straight Pro Bowl. Anytime he touches the ball, its a foreground reel, says Allen, now in his 15th NFL season.

Barry Sanders :: Sports Athletes Essays

Barry SandersBarry Sanders arguably the exceed back ever to play the jeopardize of football game. Barry is not one of those players who is just out there to make money, he loves the game and is always trying his hardest when he is out there.Barry Sanders was born July 16th, 1968 in Wichita, Kansas. He grew up in a family being one of eleven other children. When Barry was a kid he was considered to be too short to play football well at the college level. In fact, his 1,417 yards speed in his senior year of high school wasnt enough to impress college recruiters. One recruiter told Barrys coach, We dont need another midget. entirely two colleges offered Barry a football scholarship. Barry accepted a scholarship from Oklahoma State University and the rest is now history. Here are some of Barrys career achievements that he has done in the short time he has played the game. Which has made him such the over achiever that he is. 1988, won the Heisman Trophy Award for best player in the nation. 1989, lead the NFC in rushing and was Rookie of the Year. 1992, became the Lions All-Time leading rusher. 1994, rushed for the fourth best NFL season record of 1,883 yards and included a 237 yards in week 11 vs. Tampa Bay. In 1996, became the first player in NFL history to rush for over 1,000 yards in his first eight seasons, won the NFL rushing title, selected to the Pro Bowl for the eighth time and became the first player to rush for over 1,500 yards in three consecutive seasons. Sanders continues adding to his extraordinary numbers on the field. He has run for 1,300 yards and now stands seventh among the NFLs all-time rushers with 11,472, having surpassed Ottis Anderson, O.J. Simpson and John Riggins. Hes 128 yards behind Kansas Citys Marcus Allen, Sanders boyhoodhero when he was growing up in Wichita, Kan., and Allen was a Los Angeles Raider. Next year, providing he keeps up this trend of 1,000-yard seasons, Sanders will pass Franco Harris (12,120), Jim Brown (12,312) an d Tony Dorsett(12,739) and slide into third place behind Eric Dickerson (13,259) and Walter Payton (16,726). Sanders is the first player in league history to rush for at least 1,000 yards in eight straight seasons, and Thursday he was named to his eighth straight Pro Bowl. Anytime he touches the ball, its a highlight reel, says Allen, now in his 15th NFL season.

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MIS group assignment- Mydin Essay

1.0 Introduction1.1 Background of MydinIn the family 1918 marks the year Mydin was found by nonpareil Mr. Gulam Husen Jamal who was the father of Mr. Mydin. Mr. Gulam was managing his shop until ward world 11 which saw the end of Mr. Gulams shop in Penang which was burnt surmount by fire incidents and left them with nothing. In 1957 Mydin out of a strong determination and his ability to persist in life pushed forward and with the help of his nimble son in the year 1979 and 1989 respectively continue the trade his father started and his first shop selling toys and gen seasonl merchandise with his own sw extinguish he continued the trade of wholesaling, the business skyrocketed to different branches in the land of Malaysian. Today Mydin is now one of the largest discount retailers in the whole Malaysians with over 17 Mydin supermarket and in large quantitiesrs emporiums centers located across the country and also among the competing supermarket with Tesco, Carrefour and others. 1. 2 Mydin visionMydin is the world leading distri saveor of militant Halal goods and service.1.3 MissionThe mission of Mydin is to bell ringer the overall leading in the local wholesale and retail supermarket by his constant provision of service to his customers, provision of best valuable for money and mixture of goods and work through Excellency. Also they aim to encourage to a greater extent Malaysians to open different outlet with their own proven success formula. 1.4 ProductMydin has so some products such as Softline for apparel, together with home furnishing and muslimin. They also specialize in hardline (do-it yourself), household, electronics including all stationary and general merchandise, all types of gifts and Deco, sports, toys and games. Fresh ready to eat and fresh produce of meat and poultry equally, all kinds of vege and fruits, chilled and frozen Grocery different kinds of food and health including beauty material.1.5 Mydin objectivesThe following are the objecti ves of Mydin CompanyTo pull up stakes its products at the right time and at the right price to the right customer while ensuring excellent service. Secondly, achieve marketing speed, and overall efficiency of operations. And append chain management, from the suppliers to the logistics and warehouse, to Mydins ground staff and to the management team, Thirdly to achieve efficiency and productivity which are important factors for timely and accurate decision making. fourthly With so many strong competitors in the local retail outlets, one cannot afford to be tardy to differentiate itself, Mydin aim at redefining the value it brings to its customers eventually to maintain it brand name which signifies convenience, quality and value for money through it looks into Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to achieve these goals. 1.6 Organizational of Mydin structure2.0 External and ind gooding Analysis2.1 SWOT AnalysisBased on the studies of Gorener A., Toker K., and Ulucay K., they mentioned that with SWOT analysis the regulated arrangement technique for estimating the internal and external environment of the business as well as analyze both(prenominal) environments in order to achieve systematic approach and support for decisions.StrengthLow price strategyMydin is notable designed for getting local and overseas goods with the reasonable pricing supplying into Malaysia. Why pay more? Buy at wholesale price and this is one of the advertisement slogan of Mydin as well as Mydin had already set their pricing strategy in a low price strategy to compete with the existing competitors (Danny Y., 2011).Governments supportAccording to the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, he mentioned that the government will inject RM386 million to make sure that the prices of undeniable goods and products in Sabah and Sarawak are sold at lower prices through the opening of 57 KR1M stocks (Shukry A, 2012).Customer LoyaltyThe low pricing strategies not merely force the new cus tomers, but it helps also the Mydin to build a strong customer loyalty for their hypermarket, as their slogan, Why pay more? Buy at wholesale priceWeaknessesLess Space and the Layout of ShopThe limited space of Mydin causes a decline in poesy of customers. These customers will feel not comfortable equal while shop with a place where too crowded.Customer ServicesIt is a provision of service to customers before and after purchases and it is significantly important for goods and services business, like Mydin. The weak customer services of Mydin could not satisfy the customers and it will ruin the reputation of Mydin and lead the consumers flee to competitors like TESCO and GIANT.OpportunitiesOnline MarketIn this era of internet technology widespread, the users of the internet are increasing very rapidly. So if Mydin can follow this trend and caught these opportunities to explore online market successfully, Mydin will definitely deem a benefit from this online market.International Ex pansionIt is well known that their vision from Mydin for this short term to become the worlds top supplier of competitive Halal products. Therefore, the Muslim countries, like Indonesia are the great market for the Mydin to explore as it has a large number of populations.ThreatsIntense CompetitionIn Malaysia hypermarket industry, in that location are variety choices for customers such as Mydin, Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, and Econsave. It goes without saying that it is an intense competition for the industry and it will lead the Mydin lose market share when the competitors offer a better promotion or privilege.Substitute productThe customers could satisfy their needs or wants in mini mart, grocery shop, wet market, or convenience store instead of the Mydin.2.2 PESTEL AnalysisBased on the PESTEL structure it delivers a complete list of external effects on the potential achievement to every case-by-case strategy or either could lead to failure. It is where standpoints for the factors f rom Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental as well as Legal (Ivory, 2005). In this research is where based on observation on Mydin, this analysis can actually help to avoid the unwanted outcomes to their future plans like expands of the branches in overseas countries with the situations and regulations that need further consideration.Politic highlights to the role of governments involved, as Mydin is deciding for expanding their branches in Indonesia, therefore the management team involved required to have more research on the government restriction with the trading and how the security control of the country is.Economic factors are refers to the macro-economic factors in the foreign country such as the commutation rates, the inflation rate and differential economic growth rates around the world (Ukessays, nd). These are important factors as will directly influence to Mydin Profit where involves of cost of gain or loss with the exchange rates. As rising inflati on rates mean rising prices for goods and services, the CEO needs to know the forecast of inflation rate because consumers would tighten their spending as goods become more expensive. Besides, it also means retailers have to bear ahigher expenditure.Social influences the employment patterns of the country and behaviors of the consumers. The employment patterns simply mean that the numbers working hours, working days, employment benefits and other factors where Mydin need to have better study before decide the locations to expand their branches (Slideshare, 2012). Besides, having updated and accurate information about consumers get patterns and behavior helps to have a clear direction of where the future consumption trends are heading to in order to know how to satisfy customers needs and desire. On food taste or packaging that will bring effects on the sales volume.The factor of technology referring to improvements in both internet retailing and trading (Ivory, 2005). There is a st udy that to the grocery business implemented to the advance technology is able to benefit Mydin to decrease expenditures but improve on efficiency. It is in strengthening their customer service, improving operations and retain pace with the competitors. Therefore, this is where the early twenty-first century operators in the industry.Environmental it is more concerned to eco-friendly viewpoints with main concern to the green issues, like the occurrence of pollution and local waste issues (Slideshare, 2012). It can be one of the company strategy for ad their product with go green issue or recyclable of products which will benefit their local surroundings.Legal holds governmental restrictions or modifications, it is where the well-being and security rule with the Mydins mergers and acquisitions (Antonio, 2010). This aspect plays the important role especially with food and beverage products that are illegal for consumers to consume due to the religion issue. Therefore, it helps the C EO to understand well about the company marketing plan and thus can make a better decision.It is important for Mydin to understand and survey of how these factors are fluctuating before long and changes in future. Therefore, it is required ofthe management to generate of solutions that would be likely to bring benefits or failure to the organizations. For instance, Mydin is to be expected to implement of advance technology changing. Therefore, ordinarily generates of PESTEL analysis but it is actually without the offering of the forecast to the changing in the environment.

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English Is Official Language In U.S. Essay

Half the countries in the world have an official speech communication. The US is not one of them. Recently about attempts were do to designate English as the official style of the United States, though this country is widely known for being multinational and, correspondently, multilingual.Nevertheless, at the present in that location are twenty seven states out of fifty that are claiming English to be their official style either by adopting a law or in their state constitutions. Thus, English language de facto occupies a position of the official language in the United States, and there are m whatever supporters of the idea to specialize it in documents, de jure. The question arises is this so vital? Should it be done by all means and at any cost?Definitely, there are some clearly stated advantages, pertaining mainly to the issue of immigration, both legal and illegal. Firstly, if English is designated as the official language, it will ensure that all the immigrants become more safe in English, thus making communication and integration into the society much easier for all the parties. It is difficult to imagine any immigrant achieving the Ameri rear end dream without knowledge of English. This fact, though having little financial of physical impact, will incite people coming from other countries to learn English more zealously.Being forced to learn English, any immigrant will gain access to a full life of an American. Then, English as the default and official language will become a union factor for people from different parts of the world. They all came to America from divergent backgrounds, and English language is the tie that can bind them together. The last but not the least is the financial factor.Many states maintain language diversity thoroughly, which can not but call for extensive financial support. There are bilingual ballots, education, publications, and similar services contributed at public expense. Massachusetts offers drivers tests in mo re than two dozen foreign languages. Federal voting rights laws provide for ballots in multiple translations. Internal Revenue Service forms are printed in Spanish. Elimination of need to translate these from one language into another may render a lot of funds.On the other hand, all these advantages can easily turn into disadvantages if regarded from the other point of view. Thus, immigrants coming from all parts of the world will have to abandon their native language and most traditions. Of course, as it has already been mentioned, this would benefit to their integration into the American society, but at the same time debilitative of cultural and historical bonds may result in loss of national identity.Moreover, the idea of English-only implies the feeling of linguistic superiority and somehow exclusivity. It can definitely and can be upsetting to people whose native language is not English. Its misuse would be intended to provoke an emotional reaction and in a track irritate a nyone who favors making English the US official language, as well as those who simply want to protect its role as the common language of the United States.Designating English as the official language will also give trouble to bilingual education which is nowadays very popular in many states. Bilingual education programs use both the students native language and English for instruction. It is emphasized that native language development has the optimistic influence on second language development. Lack of first language development has been shown, in some cases, to inhibit the level of second language proficiency and cognitive academic development.Successful bilingual education programs actually result in faster acquisition of English. Content matter taught in the native language can be transferred to the second language. In the regular classroom, confronted with both concepts and language that are not comprehensible to them, limited English speakers learn neither the meat nor the l anguage. Language acquisition occurs only when incoming messages can be understood.Again, to be successful, citizens need to be open to learning multiple languages. Business leaders and Europeans do it. Knowing multiple languages is a great asset. In a global economy, it is the monolingual English speakers who are falling behind. Along with computer skills, a seemly appearance and a work ethic, Americans more and more are finding that a second language is useful in getting a good job.What is the most important, everybody knows that English is the official language already, even if it was not designated to be one. Its declaration as the official tongue would be nothing but a mere symbol. No matter how hard the proponents of designation try to officially establish a language for the US, it is in vain such a language already exists and is predominant. Correspondingly, efforts to strive for it can be applied to maintain the countrys multilingualism.Outline question of designating Engli sh as the official language in the USA is a debatable one. The arguments for are that it would encourage immigrants to learn the language, helping them to integrate into the society and become citizens of the United States. It would also help to save the money spent on translations. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of such a step prevail loss of language and culture of immigrants, problems with bilingual education, limitation of possibility to acquire new languages. Nevertheless, the all-important(a) factor against the designation is that it would mean nothing, as most benefits from such the step are already existent.

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Developing positive relationships Essay

Developing substantiative relationships is important within most situations in life, a good way of ensuring these positive relationships progress is to ensure you build effective communication. When working with pip-squeakren if you complicate occasions it push aside lead to the child becoming confused as to what is expected of them. Make sure the langu jump on that you use is age appropriate to avoid confusion. You whitethorn be able to see if the child has understood your request by either checking that your instructions have been carried let out or simply by asking the child do you understand? and asking them to relay back what you have asked.Communication is a two way thing and to have a positive relationship with somebody you lead also need to listen to them. Having affection concern and sitting down with a child will reassure them that you are listening and will reassure them that they can come to you with their needs. When dealing with young batch again you will need to consecrate your communication age appropriate but you may need to alter your techniques slightly. Secondary civilise age and above is when a lot of young people feel they are going through some of their hardest times.They will have strong changes in their hormones which can lead to mood swings and irritability, transition to secondary school or home life problems. A big grievance of young people is that they wish to be treated as adults, so even though they are non of adult age to form a good relationship you may need to approach situations cautiously and take into account things that a young person may be going through. Adults can sometimes forget the importance of communicating with each other which can lead to a number of problems.When working you need o ensure all of your colleges are certain of things going on or instructions being given, this can booster to keep communication problems to a minimum. It is vital that other adults have understood what you have said and in terpreted it in the correct way to have positive relationships and to reduce misunderstandings. People fetch it hard to communicate with people they do not trust or have a good relationship with, this can lead to a communication breakdown and as a consequence cause problems.No matter which age group of people you come into contact with or work with there are a number of factors to keep to which will help to promote healthy relationships. To gain a persons trust you will need to be honest with them and show respect to all things important to the person. You should take into consideration that people have different beliefs and values and although something may not be of any importance to you it will be to others. Another thing to consider is that at times people may have added pressures such as extra work loads or problems at home which could effect their mood.Asking people if theyre ok and taking some time out if possible to listen to them is a good way to build a relationship and w ill show you care, this could help to build up trust. Even though there are a lot of ways of improving communication and building up healthy relationships there are also barriers which you could face which flummox this hard. There are a number of factors such as social, professional and cultural differences which could change the con textbook which we communicate.Many things can be thought roughly when considering differences which could change the change the way we communicate socially at work, people come from all different areas and backgrounds and you will come across different accents or English as a second language. There are also different social classes and family set ups which you could take into account, if there had been a breakdown in the family you may not get to see somebody as much. Professionally you may need to change the way you communicate through lack of time, this may be solved by using other forms such as email.The school may communicate with parents through letters home and even text messaging now. When speaking to people outside of your profession you will need to ensure that you did not inundate them with jargon that they do not understand. Different cultures find different ways of communicating acceptable and unacceptable, in some cultures it is considered rude to not look the person you are talking to in the eye and others eye contact is not acceptable. People having English as a second language and not being very fluent or confident in speaking in English may prove to be a communication barrier.

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Literacy Narrative Essay

Over the years, my enliven and awareness regarding run downing and pen have change from time to time. I remember my mother reading bedtime stories to me as a child and actually painting my personal pictures to what she was saying. Once I was hoar luxuriant to read the stories myself, I would go back and compare my mental pictures with those that were in the book. During my elementary days, I found the novice level of reading and writing to dumb be interesting. Everything from transferring imaginary stories I had thought of onto a sheet of composition to tell the entire class just about my church league team taking the basketball championship the previous Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed writing and felt I had a personal connection to it. There were a stack of old books in the corner of my school library that caught my attention due to bold book cover. I picked the book up and read The Hardy Boys, The Tower Treasure. It was somewhatthing about the cover that stuck with me.Befo re I even opened the book, the fact that the two boys on the cover seem like they were close to my age gave me some added interest in the book. I became a huge fan of the book series after I read that first book, and was the only books I really read around this time. For some reason, the articles in sports magazine kept my attention much than books that were considered appropriate for my age. Due to my Fathers excessive interest in sports, I was able to grasp on to the vocabulary associated with most sports at a younger age than most. I feel my desire and interest in writing grew dim once I reached middle school and had to write about stories and novels I did not find interesting, causing me not to actively read these books in the first place. That feeling of being distant from the material covered in my middle school classes carried over into high school and it did not help that I had the same strict English teacher for all four years of high school.Mrs. McCullough was the toughes t teacher I have ever had. Not only because she was pedagogics the subject I found the hardest, but because she make sure she was going to get one hundred percent out of all of her students. I loafer remember the numerous times I turned in a paper that was simply not the best she thought I could do and she made sure that I knew that. I ended up doing pretty good in these English classes, which goes back to how Mrs. McCullough ran her class. While I may have had a clamber with literary reading and writing for some time, I have had a serious interest in math and trulyenjoyed understanding the spoken language associated with it. Math has always been my strongest subject and without the years I have been able to understand the terms associated with it.There were times in my AP Statistics class where when some of my fellow classmates and I were trying to solve a problem, and the sentence would not have been comprehended by someone who was not in that class. That has always been a to pic where I could fluently speak on whatever issue was a concern. At the high school I attended, every senior is requisite to write a senior exit paper where they state their stance regarding abortion, with an explanation of their stance. This paper was worth over forty percent of the final straddle and was the first serious paper I ever had to type. All papers previous to this one I would be able to sort of breeze through them depending on the length and topic of the paper, but this one required some serious work. This paper was for the same English teacher I mentioned earlier, who made this paper an annual piece of work for seniors.Having graded many papers regarding this topic over the years, she knew what each paper must contain to develop a reliable grade. I struggled for weeks and weeks trying to figure out how things were going to work out regarding this paper. Working on that paper my senior helped me make my personal work more personal. Before that paper, I would just z oom through my papers because most of the time the objective of the paper was straightforward. Having to really put forth the effort to receive a good grade helped me to express what I felt personally on paper more effectively. This process is the main thing that helps me when the constant struggle of composing college papers.There are times where I know what I want to say, just do not have the proper way of set on the paper. I feel that struggle in itself speaks excessively about the world of literacy. There are people in this world who are experts in their specific field of work that could show you how things work using their own adaptive terminology compared to if you were to read up on it on your own. Literacy is something that has been around onwards it was given a name and will always be as long as there is a need for living beings to communicate on this planet.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

The American Gangster

Hollywood by far is one of the most(prenominal) lucrative industries of USA. It generates billions in revenue and the dandy thing about it is that the raw material or resources never run out. Globalization has made Hollywood is now a house hold severalize each(prenominal) across the world and not only in America, Hollywood is riding the waves of success all across the world. The crime-drama music genre of characterisation making in Hollywood has a long and lucrative hi history.In the past from God Father, to Scarface or Stanley Kubriks A Clockwork Orange, till Martin Scorsese master piece The Departed today, this austere genre of movies has attracted a huge number of audiences, mainly adults. Movies of this genre take little liberty from the creativity of the writer and rely mainly on the elements that are juxtaposed to life and that people can relate to. They show the eternal battle between substantially and the way its been fought in reality. Thats why most of the stories fr om this genre are either true or close to truth. Ridley Scott is among one of the finest film maker Hollywood has ever had.His unique vision, his ability the select the office man for the unspoilt role and his stories that touches the hearts of audiences is simply astounding. He pretty much became a house hold name after making the large gain ground, Gladiator and lifted Russell Crowe to the heights of stardom. His last movie The American Gangster was released in November 2007 and turned out to be a box office hit generating more than 250 million dollars. With an Oscar winning, A-list cast, great producers analogous Brian Grazer and Mark Jacobson and Steven Zaillian behind the script, the movie was suppose to and turned out to be a nothing less than a sequenceless classic.On of the primary reasons for choosing this movie for analysis is the outstanding names attached to it, and chiefly, American Gangster represents the true face of an American shape up and society. It allevia tes the differences between the age old good and bad schism and asserts that intelligence and integrity combined can either make or command both the element of good and evil. First and foremost, Ridley Scott does the most important task in bringing the movie to life beside the script and that task in casting.Since the movie revolves around the life of Harlems drug lord weenie Lucas and the FBI agent hell bent on getting to him Richie Roberts, and since all the characters are pretty much real, so to say animate by actual events and people, Scott had to be very careful in casting these two iconic roles that not only portray the characters of their real life counterparts, scarcely in addition adapt those characters into themselves so as to bring out an outstanding combination of script and reality and give the audiences an anachronistic feeling.Scott had already worked with Russell Crowe in the legendary Gladiator and A Good Year so he was selected for the role of Richie Roberts. As for the protagonist, who else could play the role of an African American than the iconic Oscar winning Denzel Washington. both(prenominal) actors studied hard to get into their respective roles buy adapting accents and body languages of their real life counter parts and the work paid off. Both veterans totally leave out the screen with not only their charisma but their out standing true to life performances.Since American Gangster is a period movie, an authentic face up of United States and the City of New York had to be modeled after the era of late 60s and early 70s. specially the Harlem where most of the movie takes place is shown in the movie is shown relatively shabbier and crumbling to catch the look of late 60s. Scott has utilized most of the actual locations of Harlem by toning them down to get the 60s look. The attention to expand is amazing. The scene where Lucas walks down the streets of Harlem along with his brothers gives a very authentic retro look.The puddles on the street, people wearing away vibrant colored shabby dress on the crumbling sidewalks, the derelict apartments with cloths lines and small dingy shops by the streets gives sincere glance almost 40 years back. The costume design is amazing with only Washington wearing more than 64 costumes throughout the movie that represents the fashion of the era. The dresses his wife Eva wears the first time Frank tries to woo her is simply as astounding with elegance and a pinch or nostalgia.The characters appear perfect in each and every attire. Richie (Crowe) adapts this sweaty and scruffy look to portray his underpaid and tough as nail job. Whilst Frank (Washington) evolves in his looks and personality through out the movie. His costumes move from servile and obsequious looking right hand thug to the rich elegant drug lord who wants to leave out money, but not letting go of his dignity. The script and screen play are one of the prime elements of the movie.Based on the article by Mark Ja cobson and shaped into a seemingly perfect screenplay by the Oscar winner screen play writer of the Schindlers List, Steven Zaillian, the movie is adequately paced with adequate amount of time for all the characters to bloom to their full potential. The character of Frank Lucas is by far the heart of the movie as he rise of a second rate right hand man to this powerful and ingenious entrepreneur who takes full advantages of the Vietnam war.Shown as a gentle and family man who loves his mother, wife and brothers, but at the same time a furiously ambitious man who guns down his opponents in the broad daylight if the occasion calls for it. The character of Richie though intense doesnt get overflowing space to reach its full potential and very much remains the same. The screenplay takes some fictional liberties to a real life story worth of being watched. Pietro Scalia, has through with(p) a commendable job in the editing of the movie.The film has been trimmed down to the point wher e it runs a comfortable 157 minutes without making the story lag. Scene transitions are done amazingly and build a sort of suspenseful tension for the viewers as the story lines deftly shift from Frank to Richie. Aside from the sharp editing, the movie has been toned down in its graphic content to be suitable for audience and not letting the violence reign the story line.Sound may not be the brightest of American Gangsters features as the dubbing and sound effects lags behind the other elements of the movie. They dubbing is a bit hollow sounding where the voices seems to unnaturally echo. Filmed against the obstreperous background of Harlem, an attempt has been made to let the sounds of the bustling streets and traffic gets mixed with the voiceovers of the actors, but the entrust isnt as sonorous. The sound effects are rather choppy, expect for the gun shots that reverberates throughout the whole theater.The film has the original score music of Marc Streitenfeld, and the songs of Jay-Z, Anthony Hamilton, and classics like Sam and Dave and Mavis Staples which gives the movie a typical African American look and feel. Cinematography by far is one of the most beautiful elements of the movie. Harris Savides has done a remarkable job to in capturing the true essence of a bleak and derelict Harlem. From the gritty looking daylight lit streets to the after dark gloomy and distant feel of Harlem, Harris has made sure to make everything look real rather than artificially lit sets.From the dimly lit Lucass drug locals to the diner where he has his breakfast as the sunlight hits the table illuminating everything brilliantly, each shot has its own visual treats. The faded and muted tones of the seventies also invoke a sense of melancholy or bleakness to parts of the film, which gives it a weight and depth. Incorporating all the quintessentials of great film making, the proper utilization of natural endowment and an unparalleled vision is what makes The American Gangste r, a success.Ridley Scott, even though too constricted to work on a project as such as this one, has done an outstanding in rendering this movie as close to life as possible along with a superb cast who create done justice with their roles, specially Denzel Washington for out shining everyone in the movie. What makes this movie stand apart beside a great story and performance is the motion-picture photography as Savides has tried to outdo himself by trying to capture the visual essence of an era four decades ago, which is one of the standing and most crucial elements of a period movie.

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Media as extension of man

Marshall McLuhan is widely considered as one of the most important intellectual figure of twentieth century and widely noted for his contribution on media culture and philosophy of media studies. McLuhan rose to international fame in 1960s when his work on mass media and its progeny on social and individual behavior was published. . His remarkable observations on nature of simple things those have central importance in shaping the cultural and behavioral poplook of ordering.In predicting the role of media, especially through and through modern revolution of electronic revolution and use of computers, views of McLuhan adopted futuristic tone in stating the wide role of mean(a) itself as the mess eld, from its earlier perception of just being a carrier of the message. He realized the importance of electrical buttes in pliant and defining the reality of world, views that have been validated especially after computer revolution and increasing integration of world through interne t as capitulum medium of parley and medium of messageMedium as MessageAs a prelude to understanding the media as the extension of man, McLuhan puts particular dialect on the importance of medium itself that is generally regarded as just a carrier of messages or information as playing the role of message. This implies that the medium through which the messages are being communicated is not an inert entity, rather it participates in the process by extending the role of man and contributes by adding further dimension in personal matters with help of technology.In the context, McLuhan uses his famous example that dwells on nature and role of electric cleverness. Light, as McLuhan points out, is not just a medium of information, but in any case complete information in itself. Although the general and common view puts actual signifi apprizece on the content of the message that light visibly carries and ignores the role of light itself, the fact remains that it is the medium itself th at defines the scale and nature of human association with the information (McLuhan, 151). McLuhan illustrates this by signaling out major corporations such as IBM, GE and AT&T who took time to realize the fact they are not in the business of producing machines and equipments but in the business of channeling information.McLuhan argues that media also similar and defining effect on social and cultural psyche of pile. Notwithstanding the content that it carries, its the media that has transforming powers on the society and people. Thus McLuhan dispenses with the notion that media as a medium domiciliate be treated as a passive entity, unresponsive and non-participative in the entire process of information processing that it is facilitating in its capacity as a medium. A television, radio, or telephone engage people no matter of the content that they deliver and thus extends the role of man through their technological inputs. in advance the advent of electrical age, the age of compu ting and information technology there was ambiguity over the role of medium as the message. But with the instant accelerate and extent that electricity has provided, media as a medium has certainly become as the message and it contains the potential to institute change, alter the paradigms and establish new cults irrespective of the nature of the content that it carries and delivers. Assisted and buoyed by technology, media extends the role of man.Media as extension of ManTechnology plays a central role in McLuhans guess of media as extension of man. The extension, as it is apparent, is the extension of the mental faculties, knowledge, approach and culture of the man in the changing world. The electric technology has helped man to grow his scruples and mental capacity to attempt to comprehend things on a far greater scale than ever possible. In words of McLuhan, the stimulation provided by electronic technology represents the final extension in role of man where creativity, knowl edge, and consciousness will collectively grow and extend over entire humanity in affecting the extension of man.The role of technology is evident in the process as its the diligent pursuance of technology that has brought transformation of world into a global village. People are interacting with each other on changed scales and electric speed, by causing a rapid contraction of social and political forces to get to an implosion that increases peoples sense of responsibility and acts on different groups of people to alter their previous positions and integrate them in the new order of things.Commenting on the expanding sector of human desire of knowledge, McLuhan says that electric speed and reach has made concept of partial and incomplete knowledge an obsolete thing. Mankind now vie for unitness, completeness and erudition of knowledge, in conformation with the changing form of electric age over its pervious mechanical world. There is a renewed sense of finding out the world once again, armed by newly realized power of electric and computer technology and in its new extension, mankind doesnt loss to accept things in their previous forms. Rather it aims to overthrow imposed patterns and declare the individuality of things and events in totality (McLuhan, 149).The role of new technology in media has invariably created conflicts and challenges in the society until finally it extends the role of man and then overtaken by new emergent technology. McLuhan presents two strong instances of this fact (McLuhan, ). First when he quotes Alexis De Tocqueville, who was first to master the understanding of print and typography technology, to inform that De Tocqueville had predicted rise of the States and relegation of England from their approach and reaction towards the new technology of print in media. England, charge with its tradition of oral laws, did not fully accept the new technology of print and as such choose to ignore the power of new media.America on the ot her hand embraced the new technology and thus was benefited immensely by the uniformity and continuity that new technology of print culture had to run thereby extending their role in the contemporary world. Taking this argument further, McLuhan theory can be stretched to further dimensions that a similar transition is taking train with the advent of new electronic mediums of computer and information technology. In fact, McLuhan himself states that to galore(postnominal) people in the contemporary literate world the new media technology would come along as unsettling as the technology of print would appear to tribal natives of remote Africa.Thus the new electric technology guiding media in forms of television, computers, movies, information technology, cyberspace and mobile phones demands a similar extension of man over rudiments of past age of mechanical technology, detribalizing society senses through its blinding speed and plain infinite capacity to channel and process infor mation.In a very pertinent analysis of the new emergent media, riding on electric and communication technology, McLuhan states the new media presents a possibility to completely overrule the cognitive, analytical and cultural traits of the societies it affects because this medium is made a lot more strong by having its content as another medium which is usually print or speech. The new media gives the power of vision, voice and interaction to an already potent media of print that it integrates in its own design, and in the combined synergy it overpowers the viewers who are left numb and awestruck (McLuhan, 114).The nature of the modern media also plays a very important role in extending the role of human mind and consequentially the whole society. McLuhan presents his important and famous demarcation of mediums as hot and imperturbable mediums. A hot medium as defined by McLuhan is one that involves high definition, high data processing, and requires little imagination on the part of viewer. On the other side a cool down medium is one that is not high definition, has low amount of data and users have to apply considerable imagination and their own creativity to comprehend the whole picture. Thus categorizing media in these two categories, McLuhan points out that by this definition a radio is a hot medium and a telephone is a cool medium, a movie is a hot medium and TV is cool medium, a photograph is a hot medium and a cartoon is a cool medium.A very important feature of the hot and cool medium emerges by virtue of their definition. A hot medium demands little fellowship by viewers, in the sense that it is so complete in information that it leaves little for imagination. Similarly, the cool medium is involves a higher participation by people because it leaves many gaps to be filled by audience. Hot and cool media play very different role in affecting the psyche and culture of the society where they unfold.In this context McLuhan states that develop countri es having specialized themselves with mechanical technology of past age face the fear of retribalizing by the new electric media whereas the less developed nations that encounter the new technology extend their role by detribalizing themselves. Thus the less developed countries in themselves cool medium, while the developed and highly change western countries are hot medium.The role of media has extended the role of man by changing his very perception of world. While the preceding mechanical age was focused with expanding the horizons of world, rediscovering and redrawing the limits of human knowledge and hence affecting a cultural and knowledge explosion, the modern technology pushing ahead media has reversed the process by bringing everything together, thus affecting a kind of implosion where entire world practically faces itself through the media. People, willingly or unwillingly, have been clubbed together, sharing the equal space with more and more people. The electric media, it can be safely said, thrown every one is every ones else life.In what can be surely reckoned now as one of the most prophetic statements, McLuhan clearly said that the new electric media has a remarkable capacity to modify the functioning of society, a fact that is more than evident in our modern world. But writing in 1960s, McLuhan had predicted that whereas mechanical system requires some fixed centers of mathematical process and hence lead to development of great urban centers, electric power would decentralize the social-cultural space by providing equal opportunity to every place and hence as any place, equipped by power of electric media can act as center.This change and extension of social roles is almost complete today as we can see that through a combination of electric mediums of computer, telephones, video conferencing, Internet, and electric power any room or place can act as the center of large operations. This is the power of new media that is implicit in McLuhan s writing, transforming every ones earlier role and nature of functioning.The nature of modern media, acting through computers, Internet and information technology, is all encompassing and sweeping, just in lines of its predecessor forms of media. The theatre, when it emerged took over written form of turn movies took over all the novels and written work and TV took over the movies. Today computers are perfectly poised over to take over all the forms of media. Radios, Televisions and gramophones helped many hitherto obscured persons for example poets, artists, speakers, and writers to gain recognition world over.Today the power of information technology expands this role further by bringing further lap of world as we see it. In affecting this convergence it is simultaneously delegating new roles to people that has the responsibility to interact and evolve in much closer proximity of every body else.

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Styles of Policing

Legalistic style of policing is more(prenominal) bureaucratic and professional. This style tends to impose the rule of law on all sections of the fiat in an unbiased manner. Closer scrutiny and evaluation methodology led to increase in the legalistic style where law enforcement and intervention in certain fortune is practiced. Police men do a lot of research, planning and are actively involved in partnership transaction department to manage relations and act as a responsible law enforcement agency.This style followed the initial watchman style of policing where instead of having been arrested for having liquor in a restricted area, the wrongdoer might cook been given street justice by the police. Watchman style of policing also left a lot to be desired as it was more prone to political intervention. Hence the legalistic style of policing focuses on upholding the rule book while taking an unbiased view of the situation. Service style of policing is more lenient than legalistic style with the latter being more rule based.It intervenes in a proactive manner where there is a need but this is an slack act at most times. The idea is to prevent petty criminals to become hard core offenders and have a compassionate view of the community. Drug replacement and treatment might be an option that police might consider under this style rather than go for legal provisions for punishing meek offenders. The citizens are treated as customers with great care taken to control that people are treated with courtesy and that the police goes to great length to ensure the comfort of citizens.This style of policing leads to a very image conscious police force. It also leads to a less risk based approach in transaction with problems unlike other styles which might use an operational style. Team style of policing is based on the concept of neighborhood policing which got popularized in 1970s. The idea is based on working closely with communities in focused smaller teams that le ads to higher degree of trust and cooperation between all involved. The police unlike in other scenarios have a visible, familiar and accessible perception.Strategic policing relates to having a more proactive style of policing. This style of policing relies a bit on the information channels that it has build and acts in a silent and behind the scene manners when needed. Problem solving style deals with issues that can be solved within the legal and a community engagement framework. The objective is to deal with problems that might not necessarily come in the legal gambit and also to look for alternatives other than arresting offenders.Police ask to recognize that legal provision to arrest is just one of the tools to deal with a problem. There could be other legal provisions or an hazard to have a dialogue with stakeholders concerned and come to a logical conclusion. One another aspect of problem solving style is to reduce unvarying offending by a select few people of the communi ty. The police communicate with the community, gathers and analyzes information, creates solution in consultation with the community and helps in implementation of these plans.

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Begging in India Essay

Begging in India is a fashion, a compulsion, a profession, a privilege and a recreation. The add of beggars in India is much larger than in different countries. Our heads hang down in shame when we occupy description of this institution given by foreigners in a hateful manner. To the Westerners, India is a land of the mendicants and snake-charmers. Beggars argon found in v airsickages and towns, on roads, crossings and footpaths. But their favorite haunts argon bathing Ghats, temples, phantasmal or fete fairs, railway stations, trains and bus-stands.It is a big nuisance to be confronted by street beggars at in all remarkable enthrones. Like the God Almighty they seem to be omnipresent. You are waiting for a bus at the bus-stand or walking down a road with your friend, they appear from nowhere and start an endless spread out of entreaties and blessings. They follow you close at your heels and keep pestering you till you give them most coins out of a sense of sheer disgust and helplessness. in that location are various types of beggars in India. The religious beggars cluster cycles/second pilgrim centres and attract public attention by their wonderful feats.There are crippled and disabled beggars who proceed lying on road-sides or at railway or river bridges arousing sympathy of the passers-by, making all kinds of pitiful gesture There are beggars who are quite stout and able-bodied. Begging for them is not a necessity but a profession. They are idlers and rascals who are unwilling to earn their bread by stiff work. They often operate in gangs and their leaders hold a bank balance that would be character reference to an important business magnate. They are disguised as physically disabled or handicapped.They use as tools young women with new born babies or young children. Whenever they find an opportunity, they commit thefts and crimes, including kidnapping of children. At some places we come across modernized beggars dressed in suits. Such beggars lead a luxurious animateness in places of retirement. There are travelling beggars who are particularly seen in trains. The collect alms for orphanages, cow-shelters and widow-shelters, which exist and in their minds. Foreigners are their most privileged victims.Begging in India has developed into an art and a fully fledged profession. The practice of begging is the result of the poverty of the country and the deep-seated religious sentiments and superstitions of our country men. Unemployment, illiteracy, ignorance and ever-increasing population are other causes of begging. It cannot be denied that the distribution of wealth is not fair and the gulf between the rich and the wretched is very wide. The rich and the well to-do accept extreme poverty and begging as a necessary feature of society.Religion seems to teach them that charity is the surest passport to heaven. Beggars, in themselves are problems and they create other social problems by kidnapping women and children Someti mes, we begin to doubt the integrity of spiritually and morally high persons and ill treat them because pink clothes have become the common dress of beggars in India. Charity, in our country, enjoys religious sanctity. But it is conveniently forgotten that misplaced charity is good neither for the one who shows it nor for one to whom it is shown.It encourages groundlessness and in activity. It produces parasites and wastes a sizeable amount of human power. Laws should be legislated for abolishing begging and offenders should be severely dealt with. The presidential term should be establish work-houses where able-bodied beggars should be kept and compelled to work. The people, in general, should be made conscious of the accompaniment that beggars are the greatest enemies of the country and there should be country wide agitations against beggars.The crippled and disabled beggars should be maintained by the State, The disabled and diseased beggars and orphaned children and destitute women deserve particular attention from the State. There should be asylums and training centres for such people. Here they should first be treated for their ailments and then trained in different kinds of handicrafts and cottage industries. The success of some of the schools for the blind, the deaf and the dumb shows the true solution of the problem.In place of individual charity, funds and donation should be raised on a large and organized scale for the relief of these unfortunate people. Indeed, beggary if so intricately women into our way of life that, no matter how befog and scheming it gets, it shall continue to claim attention. If not from the educated, from the illiterate and the superstitious. Tragedy stares at us round all corner. Begging is one of the worst social evils that denegrade India in the eyes of the world. The earlier it is eradicated, the better it would be in the interest of our nation.

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Hewlett Packard The Company Commerce Essay

In 1938, two Stanford alumnuss in electrical technology, William Hewlett and David Packard, started their ain concern in a garage behind Packard s Palo Alto place. One twelvemonth subsequently, Hewlett and Packard formalized their concern into a partnership c bothed Hewlett-Packard.HP was incorporated in 1947 and began whirl stock for public trading 10 aged(prenominal) ages subsequently. Annual give the sack gross for the accompany grew from $ 5.5 million in 1951 to $ 3 billion in 1980. By 1997, one-year gelt gross exceeded $ 42 billion and HP had become the universe s 2nd largest computing tool provider.The company, which originally produced audio oscillators, introduced its first computing work in 1966. In 1972, the company pioneered the epoch of individual(prenominal) computer science by presenting the first scientific, handheld reckoner. Hewlett-Packard introduced its first personal computing gondola in 1980. Five old ages subsequently, HP introduced the LaserJet pressm an, which would go the company s most successful merchandise of all time.The HP WayIn 1956, Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard, and a smattering of other HP executives gathered at the Mission lodge in Sonoma, California, to make a set of values and rules to steer their company. The six aims that this little group ulterior created non scarcely helped determine a new sort of company, only when finally became the foundation for what came to be know as the HP manner. The six aims, which subsequently became seven, are1. Acknowledge that net income is the outdo step of a company s part to society and the ultimate beginning of corporate strength 2. Continually cleanse the value of the merchandises and services offered to knobs 3. Seek new casualtys for growing only concentrate attempts on Fieldss in which the company lavatory do a part 4. Supply employment chances that include the opportunity to portion in the company s success 5. Keep an organisational environment that Fosters sin gle motive, inaugural and creativeness 6. Show sizable citizenship by doing parts to the companionship 7. Stress growing as a demand for endurance.Hewlett-Packard is the universe s largest engineering company.Largely known as a shaper of pressmans, the company is the universe s die shaper of individualized computers and has been tied with Dell for the lead in the United States.HP focuses its Social Innovations in three countriesHP in EducationHP in HealthHP in the community of interestsHP believes instruction is the anchor to societal advancement and prosperity. We are working to give pedagogues, pupils and immature enterprisers the cognizance and accomplishments to turn to pressing challenges in their communities and around the universe.Health is a cardinal precedence for authoritiess all oer the universe. The feeling of health care determines the quality of masses s lives. Millions of commonwealth do non hold entry to the real rudimentss of health attention services, an d in many states wellness services are merely non presenting quality attention in an effectual and efficient mode. Even in the states where wellness services are strong, the price construction is unsustainable for the patients, suppliers and remunerators.Each twelvemonth, 1000s of HP employees donate money, clip and expertness to assist others.Products & A ServicessHp is a victorious company, offering merchandises, engineerings, package, solutions and services to consumers, little and average sized concerns and big organisationsHewlett-Packard Company ( HP ) is a taking company offering a broad area of merchandises, engineerings, package, solutions and services to single consumers, small- and moderate-sized concerns ( SMBs ) and big endeavors, including clients in the authorities, wellness and instruction sectors. Its ope balancens are organized into seven sections Servicess, Enterprise Storage and Servers ( ESS ) , HP Software, the Personal Systems radical ( PSG ) , the Imagin g and Printing Group ( IPG ) , HP Financial Services ( HPFS ) , and Corporate Investments. Services, ESS and HP Software are reported jointly as a broader HP Enterprise transmission line.Hewlett-Packard s concern is huge in range and size. The company manufactures much than 24,000 electronic merchandises and outlines for measuring, calculating, and computation. The world-wide ope symmetryn with look into installations fabrication workss and gross revenues, service, and provide offices get around across the U.S. and more than 120 states.Mission Statement of Hewlett Packard We are committed to ontogenesis a broad scope of advanced merchandises and multimedia services that challenge the manner consumer s entree and enjoy digital entertainment. By guaranting synergism between concerns inwardly the organisation, we are besides invariably endeavoring to make exciting new universes of amusement that can be experienced on a assortment of unalike merchandises. Vision statement of H ewlett Packard We recognize and seize chances for growing that builds upon our strengths and competences. Improved Mission statementTo supply merchandise, services and solution of highest quality and present more value to our clients that earn their regard and trueness.Improved Vision statementTo shoot the breeze alteration in food grocery store as an chance to turn, to utilize our net income and to ability to develop and bring forth advanced merchandises, services and solutions that satisfy clients need.Why?They are brief and to the point. It is foregrounding all the chief points.Comparison of Mission statement to a taking rival statementIBMAIBM, we touch to take in the innovation, development and industry of the industry most advanced information engineerings, including computing machine systems, package, storage systems and microelectronics. We translate these advanced engineerings into value for our clients done our professional solutions, services and confer withing conce rns ecumenic.DELLADell delegating is to be the most successful computing machine company in the universe at presenting the best client experience in markets we serve.Mission Statement Evaluation MatrixOrganizationCustomersMerchandises or ServicessMarketsConcern for Survival, Growth, ProfitabilityTechnologyDoctrineSelf-ConceptConcern for Public ImageConcern for EmployeesHewlett PackardYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesIbmYesYesYesNoYesNoNoYesNoDellYesYesYesNoYesNoYesYesNoINTERNAL ASSESSMENTFinancial Ratio AnalysisRatio20062005Gross net income border24.53 %23.61 %operating(a) net income border7.15 %4.00 %Net net income border6.76 %2.7 %Current ratio1.351.38Quick ratio1.131.16Inventory turnover ratio8.939.63Gross saless to receivables ratio8.438.75Tax return on assets13.0 %6.9 %Debt to worth ratio6.52 %9.12 %Working corking$ 12,414$ 11,874Gross net income border ratioThe gross net income has increase from 23.61 % to 24.53 % . This means that positivism at the basic gradation has increased from old twelvemonth. This is a mark of good ratio.Operating net income borderProfitableness before involvement and revenue sweetener has increased from 4.00 % to 7.15 % . This means that efficiency of the concern before taking any funding has increased from the old twelvemonth. This besides is a mark of good ratio.Net net income borderThis besides has increased from 2.7 % to 6.76 % . This means that overall profitableness has besides increased. This is a mark of good ratio.Current ratioCurrent ratio has reduced from 1.38 to 1.35. This means that working capital to flow into short term duties has decreased, which shows a hapless usage of working capital. This is a mark of bad ratio.Quick ratioThis ratio has besides decreased from 1.16 to 1.13. So this shows that the ability to pay immediate fiscal duties has besides decreased. This speedy ratio is acceptable but has decreased.Inventory turnover ratioThe ratio has decreased from 9.63 to 8.93, which means that more capital is tied up in stock list which is non a good mark.Gross saless to receivables ratioIt besides has decreased from 8.75 to 8.43. This means that the efficiency in roll uping histories receivables has deceased.Tax return on assetsThis ratio has increased from 6.9 % to 13.0 % .This is the mark of good ratio.Debt to worth ratioThis ratio has decreased to 6.52 % from 9.12 % . This means that debt funding has decreased and therefore the hazard besides has decreased.Working capital.Working capital has increased from $ 11,874 to $ 12,414. This shows that the ability of a company to digest hard fiscal periods has increased.Market Positioning MapAppleSonyHP High QualityDell admittanceToshibaHigh fiscal value Competitive pecuniary valueLow QualityStrengthsLeading supplier of personal computing machines and imaging and printingHewlett-Packard s primary strength is its businessA place. The endeavor has a big sum of hard currency in manus.Multi-vendor client services, including substructure engineering an d concern procedureA outsourcing, engineering deem and care, application development and support servicesA and consulting and integrating servicesThe company competes both at local and international degree. It has increased its fight through policies and schemes that supports free-market economic systems.Organized into 7 concern subdivisions with strong place in all(prenominal)Hewlett-Packard is a planetary endeavor and particularly after itsA mergerA with Compaq, the company became universe s biggestA computing machine hardwareA and peripherals consort in the universe and has ranked 20th in the Fortune 500 list.Strong fiscal statusGlobal presenceAbility to supply end-t0-end IT solution H/W, application development and supportHighly talented work forceGood Operational EfficiencyFailingsFiscal status leans authentically to a massive extent on the province of our economic system non merely in the US but worldwideLack of in-house direction consulting divisionR & A D section has si gnificantly less investings compared to historical disbursementPay cuts has brought low morale to employeesDependence on third-party providers, and our gross and gross border could allow if HP fails to pull off providers decently.Fighting to Add Value and Remain Profitable in affordable High-Volume Personal computer Business.HP did non yet hit a CMDBA productA that includes find and function. This cause many clients to modify the trade name.The past acquisition of Peregrine made the HPsA portfolioA even more diverse and complete but HP Open View s deficiency of mainframe direction capablenesss created several jobs.Slow speed to market or reactivityINTERNAL FACTOR EVALUATIONNO, sINTERNALStrengthW octetsEvaluationWEIGHTED SCORE1ProductionAdaptability.104.402Financial Ratio.104.403MerchandiseDependability.154.604Customer Relationship.104.405Construct To Order.053.156Monetary value.103.30Supply Chain.103.307Leading engineering.104.40INTERNALFailingWeightEvaluationWEIGHTEDMark8 smal lish MerchandiseDiversification.053.159Intellectual capital is underestimated.103.3010No BusinessDiversification.102.20Entire1.003.6EXTERNAL ASSESSMENTMajor Rivals of HEWLETT PACKARD CORPORATIONHP faces a genuinely strong competition with a bit of companies fabricating quality and technologically advanced merchandises. As HP has specialized in a figure of merchandises runing from pressmans to laptops and Personal computers, it faces competition with different companies in different classs. In the laptop fabrication industry HP has rivals resemblingApple Inc.AcerLenovoDell Inc.ToshibaIn the publishing supply market tough competition was presented byKodakCanonBasicsOffice DepotHP is a corporation that has diversified its merchandises to a really good extent. It is a popular trade name known for pressmans and Laptops. Its rivals are from both the sides. It faces a really tough competition with Apple Inc. Apple has been turning in the last few decennaries as a major name in technolog ically really advanced merchandises like Mac. HP laptops sale has see a really important assenting in the 2007 worldwide. As the demand for Personal computers goes t addition twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, companies are continuously germinating their engineerings to better the map ability of the devices.Harmonizing to the statistics HP has 16 per centum of the laptop market in their custodies which is 2nd to Dell which controls 19 per centum of the market. Dell and HP are considered as the top rivals in the laptops industry. The market that the Apple Inc holds is non affected by the alterations happening in the Microsoft Windows.COMPETITIVE PROFILE MATRIXHewlett parcel DELL Apple Inc.CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORWeight rankMarkRatingMarkRatingMarkTechnological promotion0.230.630.640.8Product Quality0.130.320.240.4Price Competitiveness0.130.340.430.3Customer Loyalty0.0530.1520.140.2Global enlargement0.140.440.430.3Globally to the full functional0.140.440.430.3Invention0.1530.452 0.340.6Ad0.0530.1520.140.6Market Share0.0530.1540.230.15After sale services0.0530.1530.1520.1Management0.0230.0630.0640.08Global Handiness0.0840.3630.2420.16Sum1.003.473.153.99OpportunityGlobally acceptable package used in the laptops which makes them easy to utilize and fix.The company is spread through the universe and has a really effectual direction that invariably keeps a cheque on their merchandises working.The monetary values are really low-cost.The HP is continuously supports on updating their engineering which keeps the involvement of the clients integral.They catch a line of laptops specifically for the different categories of people based on their affordability.Their line of Laptops COMPAQ has a really strong clasp of the in-between category people which includes pupils besides.HP is preferred by concern people because of its easy use.Bing globally visible(prenominal) people find it easier to acquire their laptops or pressmans repaired.The cartridges are easy available for the pressmans.The direction at the company has taken a great measure and advertised in different states really interestingly.HP has marketed itself a user friendly and a trade name that is meant for the ordinary people doing them experience extraordinary.Bing technologically friendly their operations can even be carried out globally which cuts defeat their outgos.In the printing industry HP has been able to present really advanced pressmans and has erased a market for the optical maser jets.HP because of the printing industry has a name and repute in the large concerns.The warrants that the HP gives for their merchandises attract the clients.Invention is the key to the success of HP.They are continuously presenting new merchandises and variegations in their merchandises.HP is developing corporate immune systems aimed at assisting concerns prevent and support against turning security menaces.Changeless research organism carried out in HP LabsThe new HP Labs Innovation Research Program invites the world-wide academic community to subject proposals related to current research in the countries of information detonation, dynamic cloud services, content transmutation, prehensile substructure and sustainability.MenaceBiggest menace to the HP is Apple Inc s MAC. The popularity of the Mac can earnestly harm the market for the HP laptops.The HP is non paying attending to the designing of their Laptops or customization like DELL and VIVO does.The advanced behaviour of Apple Inc can be a serious factor in the falling of gross revenues of HP.HP has marketed itself as a trade name for the ordinary people which is really good appreciated but their ads need to hold famous persons to back their merchandises.H P s biggest menaces on a system degree looking at companies with a wide comprehensiveness of storage, waiters, and professional services would be IBM. I would besides indicate to EMC as their strongest overall menace in the storage market, particularly since th e beginning of 2003.HP association with the descrying dirt.Many little companies are lifting developing cartridges for the pressmans of HP. This can harm the market that the HP holds of the cartridges. superlative both the controversialA 1998 DMCAA and computing machine offense Torahs, HP has threatened to action a squad of research workers who publicized exposure in the companysA Tru64 Unix runing system.ACER is passing game the new menace to the laptop market that the horsepower holds because of low-cost monetary values.The new Acer merchandise has an unheard of battery life of up to eight hours. The Personal computer is light and thin. It will retail for less than $ 1000.The ACER laptops are of lower monetary value and more low-cost.The ACER and DELL offer better quality and characteristics in the same monetary value where HP offers a laptop with ordinary characteristics.HP differentiated the market by offering COMPAQ computing machines which are of lower monetary value and mean t for the in-between category. Thus sort of categorization can turn away the clients.IPads and Samsung manus tablets are a serious menace to the horsepower laptops.Dell is squashing HP on monetary value in the low-end waiter market, while IBM is holding more success loving moneymaking trades for strategic services. Analysts expect a package acquisition to hike net incomes.The Compaq amalgamation helped HP vault to No. 1 in storage and No. 2 in waiters while going stronger in tech services. In the 4th one-fourth the corporate unit s gross revenues pink wine a surprising 10 % . Still, HP is fighting with profitableness at the same clip IBM and others are harvesting strong net incomes. Even with HP s top-line additions, the borders and net incomes declined.HP s repugnance has taken a toll on its stock monetary value. The company s portions trade merely shy of the degree that analysts say the pressman concern is worth all on its ain. Fiorina has improved HP s record of run intoing W all Street s outlooks. But she still has missed analyst prognosiss in seven of the past 20 quarters, draging the path records of major challengers.A Hewlett-Packard had been losing its effectivity due to the fix profile of the company.HP Labs, as an organisation, has non been as successful with engineering transportation as it should be within the context of a corporate research lab.HP s board decided to replace Fiorina, sideline a rollercoaster drive as CEO that included the controversial acquisition of Compaq Computer Corp. , a monolithic reorganisation of the company s concern units and a important rise in grosss since Fiorina s reaching.

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The Positive Part Social Networking Web Sites.

THE POSITIVE PART Social networking Web sites be aid businesses advertise, thus genial networking Web sites are benefiting businesses economically. Social networking Web sites are helping education by allowing teachers and coaches to post club meeting times, school projects, and even homework on these sites. Social networking Web sites are enabling advancements in science and medicine. Job hunting Stay in touch with friends Positive causes/ sensory faculty THE NEGATIVE PARTThe very nature of such sites encourages users to provide a certain amount of personal education. exactly when deciding how much information to reveal, people whitethorn not exercise the same amount of cautiousness on a Website as they would when meeting some atomic number 53 in person. This happens because * the Internet provides a sense of namelessness * the lack of physical interaction provides a false sense of security * they tailor the information for their friends to read, forgetting that others may s ee it.Sharing too much information on affectionate networking sites can be problematic in two ways firstly, it can reveal something about you that youd rather your current or prospective employer or school administrator not know, and second, it can put your personal safety at risk. some other potential downside of social networking sites is that they allow others to know a persons contact information, interests, habits, and whereabouts.Consequences of sharing this information can range from the relatively harmless but annoyingsuch as an increase in spamto the potentially deadlysuch as stalking. Another great issue of concern with social networking tissue sites is that of child safety. Research has shown that almost three out of every four teenagers who use social networking web sites are at risk due to their lack of using online safety. Joly, Karine, 2007) A lot of the web sites do have an age prerequisite but it is easily bypassed by the lying about of ones age. Even if they d ont lie about their age the average age requirement is around fifteen years old. Predators may target children, teens, and other unsuspecting persons onlinesometimes posing to be someone elseand then slowlygroom them, forming relationships with them and then eventually convincing them to meet in person.

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Contract Case Study Essay

1.Adams secerns one railway yard widgets at $5 per widget from International Widget to be delivered within sixty long time. After the reduce is consummated and gestural, Adams requests that International deliver the widgets within thirty days rather than sixty days. International agrees. Is the contractual modification binding? Yes the contract modification is binding because deuce parties agreed to the modification before the widgets were delivered. When Adams requested the untried shipping method and International agreed to the revolutionary shapes. In problem 1, what effect, if whatever, would the following letter salaryl? International Widget In accordance with our agreement of this meet you allow deliver the one thousand previously ordered widgets within thirty days. give thanks you for your cooperation in this matter. (signed) AdamsThe letter wouldnt brook any affect at all because the contract has already been modified by both parties and had been accepted. It w ould just be useful if for some rea intelligence one of the parties didnt fulfill their part of the new contract. cooke & Assoc., a San Francisco companionship, orders from U.S. Electronics, a New York company, decennium thousand electronic units. Browne & Assoc.s order form provides that any dispute would be resolved by an arbitrament panel located in San Francisco. U.S. Electronics executes and delivers to Browne & Assoc. its acknowledgment form, which accepts the order and contains the following provision All disputes testament be resolved by the State approachs of New York. A dispute arises concerning the workmanship of the parts, and Browne & Assoc. wishes the national to be arbitrated in San Fran- cisco. What result The case would be arbitrated in San Fransico because the New York company agreed to their term of Browne & Assoc.s order form provides that any dispute would be resolved by an arbitrement panel located in San Francisco and they didnt agree to modify the cont ract to change that.2. smith, having contracted to swap to Beyer thirty tons of described fertilizer, shipped to Beyer by autorier thirty tons of fertilizer, which he stated conformed to the contract. vigour was stated in the contract as to time of wages, but smith demanded payment as a condition of handing over the fertilizer to Beyer. Beyer refused to pay unless he were granted the opportunity to inspect the fertilizer. Who is correct? Explain. Smith iscorrect because Beyer contracted him to deliver the thirty tons of fertilizer, and like Smith stated is conformed the contract. Edwin conveys a couch to Jack for $800. Edwin and Jack both know that the sofa is in Edwins w arhouse, located approximately ten miles from Jacks home. The contract does not specify the place of delivery, and Jack insists that the place of delivery is both his house or Edwins stack away.Is Jack correct? In my opinion I dont think jack is correct because it was not stated in a contract that the sofa was to be delivered to jacks home and even with him knowing the sofa was in the wargonhouse 10 miles away he still purchased the sofa. 6. On November 4, Kim contracted to sell to Lynn 500 sacks of dredge at $4 each to be delivered to Lynn by declination 12. On November 27, Kim shipped the flour. By December 5, when the expedition arrived, containing only 450 sacks, the market price of flour had line of descenten. Lynn refused to accept delivery or to pay. Kim shipped 50 more sacks of flour, which arrived December 10. Lynn refused delivery. Kim re change the 500 sacks of flour for $3 per sack. What are Kims rights against Lynn? Kim has no rights against Lynn because the order was never fulfilled on her part because Lynn never accepted the shipment of the remaining 50 sacks of flour on December 10.1. beer mug, a mechanic, and Beal, a life indemnity performer, entered into a written contract for the sale of Steins tractor to Beal for $6,800 bullion. It was agreed that Stein would tune the motor on the tractor. Stein fulfilled this obligation and on the shadow of July 1 telephoned Beal that the tractor was ready to be picked up upon Beals making payment. Beal responded, Ill be there in the morning with the money. On the next morning, however, Beal was approached by an insurance prospect and decided to get the tractor at a later date. On the night of July 2, the tractor was destroyed by fire of unknow origin. Neither Stein nor Beal had any fire insurance. Who must bear the loss? Stein will commit to bear the loss because even though he fulfilled everything he was depend to do on the contract Beal never picked up the tractor for him and still had full self-denial of the tractor on the night of the fire. 7. Smith was approached by a man who introduced himself as Brown of Brown & Co. Brown was not known to Smith, but Smith asked Dun & Bradstreet for a credit written report and obtained a very favor qualified report on Brown.He thereupon interchange B rown some dearly-won gems and billed Brown & Co.Brown move away to be a clever jewel thief, who later s obsolescent the gems to Brown & Co. for valuable consideration. Brown & Co. was unaware of Browns transaction with Smith. behind Smith successfully sue Brown & Co. for either the compensable back of the gems or the price as billed to Brown & Co.? No he cannot sue for the gems because the items were sold to them as a third party and they had no affiliation with the person who went by Brown at all. 9. Brilles offered to sell his used automobile to Nevarro for $12,600 cash. Nevarro agreed to buy the car, gave Brilles a baulk for $12,600, and drove away in the car. The next day Nevarro sold the car for $13,000 to Hough, a bona fide purchaser. The $12,600 check was returned to Brilles by the bank in which he had deposited it because of insufficient funds in Nevarros account. Brilles brings an action against Hough to see the automobile. What judgment? Brilles wouldnt be able to get his car or money from Hough because the title was transferred over to him by Nevarro not brilles. Brilles would only be able to get his money back from Nevarro.2. The Talent participation, manufacturer of a widely advertised and expensive perfume, sold a quantity of this product to raw, a retail druggist. Dentley and Bird visited Youngs store and Dent- ley, desiring to irritate a gift to Bird, purchased from Young a bottle of this perfume, asking for it by its trade name. Young wrapped up the bottle and handed it directly to Bird. The perfume contained a foreign chemical that, upon the world-class use of the perfume by Bird, severely burned her face and caused a permanent facial disfigurement. What are the rights of Bird, if any, against Dentley, Young, and the Talent attach to, respectively? Bird has the right to go after both the Talent high society because they are the ones who do the perfume and are reliable for their products and young because they were the ones sell ing a product that they cast off not used and redeemed safe for their coustmers. 4. A route salesperson for saint Milk Company delivered a one- half-gallon glass jug of milk to Allens home.The next day, when Allen grasped the milk container by its neck to take it out of his refrigerator, it shattered in his hand and caused serious injury. Allen paying(a) Ideal on a monthly cornerstone for the regular delivery of milk. Ideals milk bottles each contained the legend Property of Ideal to be returned, and the route salesperson would pick up the empty bottles when he delivered milk. Can Allen recover damage fromIdeal Milk Company? wherefore? No Allen wouldnt be able to recover anything from the milk company because there wouldnt be enough proof that the milk container was faulty, even though it might have been 10. Plaintiff, part dining at defendants restaurant, ordered a chicken potpie. While she was eating, she swallowed a sliver of chicken bone, which became lodged in her throat , causing her serious injury. Plaintiff brings a cause of action. Should she prevail? Why? Yes she would prevail because the food is not suppose to have bones in it, and the restaurant is going to have to be liable for their product and pay for the plaintiffs injurys that she suffered from eating at the restaurant.1. Mae contracted to sell one thousand bushels of wheat to Lloyd at $5.00 per bushel. Just before Mae was to deliver the wheat, Lloyd notified her that he would not birth or accept the wheat. Mae sold the wheat for $4.60 per bushel, the market price, and later sued Lloyd for the balance of $400. Lloyd claims he was not notified by Mae of the resale and, hence, is not liable. Is Lloyd correct? Why? Yes Lloyd is correct because he inform Mae that he didnt want the bushels any more, which terminated the contract. Then when Mae didnt deliver them she accepted that the contract was terminated. 9. Calvin purchased a log home structure kit manufactured by Boone Homes, Inc., fr om an authorized Boone dealer. The sales contract stated that Boone would rep airwave or change defective materials and that this was the exclusive remedy available against Boone.The dealer assembled the house, which was defective in several respects. The knotholes in the logs caused the walls and hood to leak. A support beam was too small and therefore cracked, causing the floor to crack also. These defects could not be completely cured by repair. Should Calvin prevail in a lawsuit against Boone for breach of rip-purchase warrant to recover damages for the loss in harbor? Yes Calvin would prevail in tap because they stated that they would convert or repair defective material, and the material that Calvin fatherd was defective and it cant be repaired so they have to pay for it to get it replaced or replace it them selfs.16. Serve best contracted to sell Emessee two hundred thousand pounds of 50 percent lean beef trimmings for $105,000. Upon a substantial fall in themarket pr ice, Emessee refused to pay the contract price and informed Servebest that the contract was canceled. Servebest sues Emessee for breach of contract, including (a) damages for the difference between the contract price and the resale price of the trimmings, and (b) incidental damages. Decision? Servebest can only recover damages for no acceptance or repudiation because the buyer breached the contract.1. Roy Rand penalize and delivered the following bank stigmatise to Sue Sims Chicago, Illinois, June 1, 2011 I promise to pay to Sue Sims or bearer, on or before July 1, 2011, the sum of $7,000. This note is given in consideration of Simss transferring to the undersigned title to her 2002 Buick automobile. (signed) Roy Rand. Rand and Sims agreed to defer delivery of the car to July 1, 2011. On June 15, Sims sold and delivered the note, without endorsement, to Karl Kaye for $6,200. What rights, if any, has Kaye acquired? Kaye has acquired the entire right of the money remaining on the no te that Roy needs to pay for the 2002 Buick because Kaye became the bearer when he purchased the note from Slims. 7. Simon Sharpe executed and delivered to Ben Bates a negotiable promissory note payable to the order of Ben Bates for $500.Bates indorsed the note, Pay to Carl Cady upon his satisfactorily repairing the roof of my house, (signed) Ben Bates, and delivered it to Cady as a down payment on the contract price of the roofing job. Cady so indorsed the note and sold it to Timothy Tate for $450. What rights, if any, does Tate acquire in the promissory note? Tate would only acquire the promissory note if Cady fulfills his agreement with bates on repairing the roof, because if he does not finish repairing the roof he was never authorise to the check in the first place. 8. Debbie Dean issued a check to Betty Brown payable to the order of Cathy Cain and Betty Brown. Betty indorsed the check payable to Elizabeth East, (signed) Betty Brown. What rights, if any, does Elizabeth acqui re in the check? Elizabeth acquires all rights to the check because Betty indorsed the check to her when she wrote on the check Payable to Elizabeth East, (signed) Betty Brown.4. Adams, who reads with difficulty, arranged to borrow $5,000 from cost. chime prepared a note, which Adams read laboriously. As Adams was about to sign it, Bell diverted Adamss attention and substituted the following paper, which was identical to the note Adams had read except that the amounts were different On June 1, 2011, I promise to pay Ben Bell or order Twelve Thousand Dollars with interest from date at 8 percent. This note is secured by certificate No. 13 for 100 shares of stock of Brookside Mills, Inc. Adams did not detect the substitution, signed as maker, handed the note and stock certificate to Bell, and received from Bell $5,000. Bell indorsed and sold the paper to Fore, a holder in due course, who paid him $10,000. Fore presented the note at maturity to Adams, who refused to pay.What are Fores rights, if any, against Adams? Fores has no right again Adams because the contract he signed was not the one they agreed upon and Bell took advantage of him because Bell knew Adams couldnt see wellhead and switched the contract to make him pay double of the loan with 8% interest. 9. Donna gives Peter a check for $2,500 in return for a laptop computer. The check is dated December 2. Peter transfers the check for value to Howard on December 14, and Howard deposits it in his bank on December 20. In the meantime, Donna has dis- covered that the computer is not what was promised and has stopped payment on the check. If Peter and Howard disappear, may the bank recover from Donna notwithstanding her defense of failure of consideration? What will be the banks cause of action? No the bank may not recover the money because the check has already been cashed in by Howard who has nothing to do with the transaction, if Donna had the check and dint cash it then the bank would be able to stop the check and cancel it.3. A negotiable promissory note executed and delivered by B to C passed in due course and was indorsed in clean-living by C, D, E, and F. G, the present holder, strikes out Ds indorsement. What is the indebtedness of D on her indorsement? D would have no liability on the endorsement on the check given by A because his name was taken off the check, which made him not liable for the endorsement anymore. 6. Alpha orally plant Omega as his agent to find and purchase for him a 1930 Dodge automobile in right condition, and Omega located such a car. Its owner, Roe, agreed to sell and deliver the car on January 10, 2011, for $9,000. To turn out the purchase price, Omegamailed to Roe the following instrument December 1, 2010 $9,000.00We promise to pay to the order of bearer Nine Thousand Dollars with interest from date of this instrument on or before January 10, 2011. This note is given in consideration of John Roes transferring title to and possession of his 1930 Do dge automobile. (Signed) Omega, agent Smith stole the note from Roes mailbox, indorsed Roes name on the note, and like a shot discounted it with Sunset Bank for $8,700. Not having received the note, Roe sold the car to a third party.On January 10, the bank, having discovered all the facts, demanded payment of the note from Alpha and Omega. Both refused payment. (a) What are Sunset Banks rights with regard to Alpha and Omega? (b) What are Sunset Banks rights with regard to Roe and Smith? Sunset bank would have no rights against omega the bank could only reaccredit the money stolen from the stolen check and search to get the money back from Smith if they can find him. 10. R&A Concrete Contractors, Inc., executed a promissory note that identifies both R&A Concrete and Grover Roberts as its makers. On the revolutionize side of the note, the following appears X John ament Sec. & Treas. National Bank of Georgia, the payee, now sues both R&A Concrete and Ament on the note. What rights does National Bank have against R&A and Ament? National Bank has no right against R & A because they are not liable for the payments of the note they also received full rights to the promissory note when they handed it over to National Bank.9. Jason, who has extremely miserable vision, went to an automated teller machine ( automatic teller) to withdraw $200 on February 1. Joshua saw that Jason was having great difficulty interlingual rendition the computer screen and offered to help. Joshua obtained Jasons personal identification number and secretly exchanged one of his old credit cards for Jasons ATM card. Between February 1 and February 15, Joshua withdrew $1,600 from Jasons account. On February 15, Jason discovered that his ATM card was missing and immediately notified his bank. The bank closed Jasons ATM account on February 16, by which time Joshua had withdrawn another $150. What is Jasons liability, if any, for the unauthorized use of his account? Jason would have full liab ility on the unauthorized use of his account, and would be reac assign from the bank on both the charges made by Joshua on February 15 of 1$1,600 and the second ATMwithdrawal made on February 16 of $150. 10.On July 21, Boehmer, a customer of Birmingham Trust, secured a loan from that bank for the principal sum of $5,500 to purchase a boat allegedly being built for him by A.C. Manufacturing Company, Inc. After Boehmer signed a promissory note, Birmingham Trust issued a destroys check to Boehmer and A.C. Manufacturing Company as payees. The check was given to Boehmer, who then forged A.C. Manufacturing Companys indorsement and deposited the check in his own account at Central Bank. Central Bank credited Boehmers account and then placed the legend P.I.G., meaning Prior Indorsements Guaranteed, on the check. The check was presented to and paid by Birmingham Trust on July 22. When the loan became delinquent in March of the following year, Birmingham Trust contacted A.C. Manufacturing Co mpany to learn the location of the boat. They were informed that it had never been purchased, and they soon after learned that Boehmer had died on January 24 of that year. Can Birmingham Trust obtain repayment from Central Bank under Centrals endorsement of prior indorsements? Explain. Birmingham believe wouldnt be able to obtain reimbursement for the indorsement from A.C because the check was forged with their name, the bank could how ever reimburse them if it meets their leadments.11. Lile, an insurance broker who handled all insurance for pacing Co., purchased a fire policy from Insurance Company insuring Tempo Co.s factory against fire in the amount of $1.5 million. Before the policy was delivered to Tempo and while it was still in Liles hands, Tempo advised Lile to cancel the policy. Prior to cancellation, however, Tempo suffered a loss. Tempo now makes a claim against Insurance Company on the policy. The premium had been billed to Lile but was recreational at the time of l oss. In an action by Tempo Co. against Insurance Company, what judgment? The Insurance Company would win because they are not responsible for the loss that Tempo suffered since they canceled the Insurance and did not were not paying for the liability insurance. 1. In January, Roger Burke loaned his favorite nephew, horn in White, his valuable Picasso painting. Knowing that treasure would celebrate his ordinal natal day on May 15, Burke sent a letter to Jimmy on April 14 stating Dear Jimmy,Tomorrow I leave on my annual trip to Europe, and I want to make you a fitting birthday gift, which I do bysending you my enclosed promissory note. similarly I want you to keep the Picasso that I loaned you last January, and you may now consider it yours. Happy birthday Affectionately, /s/ Uncle Roger The negotiable promissory note for $5,000 sent with the letter was signed by Roger Burke, payable to Jimmy White or bearer, and dated May 15. On May 21, Burke was killed in an automobile stroke wh ile motoring in France. First Bank was appointed administrator of Burkes realm. Jimmy presented the note to the administrator and demanded payment, which was refused. Jimmy brought an action against First Bank as administrator, seeking recovery on the note. The administrator in turn brought an action against Jimmy, seeking the return of the Picasso. (a) What termination in the action on the note? (b) What decision in the action to recover the painting? Jimmy would prevail in court because he was entitled both the painting and the money, when his uncle sent him the letter before he passed away stating that the Picasso & $5000 was a gift for his twenty-first birthday.1. Kirk reduce conveyed a farm to Ad tear to have and to hold for and during his life and upon his death to Rubin. Some age thereafter, oil was discovered in the vicinity. Ad domain thereupon made an oil and gas lease, and the oil company set up its machinery to commence drilling operations. Rubin thereupon filed suit to enjoin the operations. Assuming an injunction to be the proper form of remedy, what decision? Rubin wouldnt prevail in court because the oil and gas lease was made when Adland was the owner of the land and had the right to do what ever he pleased with the land until he passed away and had to pass it on to Rubin. 2. Smith owned dispiritedacre in fee simple absolute. In section 3 of a right executed will, Smith devised Blackacre as follows I devise my farm Blackacre to my son Darwin so long as it is used as a farm. Sections 5 and 6 of the will made gifts to persons other than Darwin.The last and residuary clause of Smiths will provided All the residue of my real and personal property not disposed of heretofore in this will, I devise and bequeath to Stanford University. Smith died in 2011, survived by her son Darwin. Smiths estate has been administered. Darwin has been offered $100,000 for Black acre if he can convey title to it in fee simple. No, Darwin wouldnt be able to receiv e the land Black acre from the will because his intention was to sell the land for $100,000 andnot use the land for farming. Which was a requirement under the will that Smith left and if he did not meet those requirements the land would be entitled to someone else stated in section 5 and 6.7. In her will, Teresa granted a life estate to Amos in certain real estate, with remainder to Brenda and Clive in joint tenancy. All the residue of Teresas estate was left to Hillman College. While going to Teresas funeral, the car in which Amos, Brenda, and Clive were driving was wrecked. Brenda was killed instantly, Clive died a few minutes later, and Amos died on his way to the hospital. Who is entitled to the real estate in question? Amos, Brenda, and Clive, heirs would be entitled to their piece of grounds of the estate that they are receiving from the will in Teresa will, and the rest of Teresas will would be given to Hillmans College as stated in the will.3. Robert and Stanley held sub j udice title of record to near tracts of land, each consisting of a number of five acres. Stanley fenced his five acres in 1986, placing his east fence 15 feet onto Roberts property. Thereafter, he was in possession of this fifteen-foot strip of land and kept it fenced and cultivated continuously until he sold his tract of land to Nathan on March 1, 1991. Nathan took possession under deed from Stanley, and continued possession and cultivation of the fifteen-foot strip that was on Roberts land until May 27, 2011, when Robert, having on several occasions strenuously objected to Nathans possession, brought suit against Nathan for trespass. Explain whether Nathan has gained title by adverse possession. Nathan would not prevail in court because the land is owned by Robert and the contract that he had with Stanley was established for them in 1989 and not to Nathan who took over the land on March 1, 1991. 5.On January 1, 2011, Davis and Hershey owned Black acre as tenants in common. On Ju ly 1, 2011, Davis made a written contract to sell Black acre to Gregg for $25,000. Pursuant to this contract, Griggs paid Davis $25,000 on August 1, 2011, and Davis executed and delivered to Gregg a warranty deed to Black acre. On February 1, 2012, Hershey quitclaimed his interest in Black acre to Davis. Gregg brings an action against Davis for breach of warranty of title. What judgment? Davis would prevail because he sold him the entire land and not just his portion of Black acre even though he was not entitled to the landin full. Since Hershey owned a portion of the land the contract needed Hersheys signature for it to be valid.8.The city of Boston sought to chastise land in fee simple for use in constructing an intrigue to an underground terminal for a subway. The owners of the land contend that no more than surface and subsurface easements are necessary for the terminal entrance and seek to retain air rights above thirty-six feet. The city argues that any building utilizing t his airspace would require structural supports that would interfere with the citys plan for the terminal. The city concedes that the properties around the condemned property could be assembled and structures could be designed to span over the condemned property, in which case the air rights would be quite valuable. Can the city condemn the property? No the city can not condemn this property because they only have the right to the land below the surface if they want to build the entrance 36 feet in the air they would need to get the air rights from the owner.3. Collins was trustee for Indolent under the will of Indolents father. Indolent, a middle-age doctor, gave little concern to the management of the trust fund, contenting himself with receiving the income paid him by the trustee. Among the assets of the trust were one thousand shares of ABC Corporation and one thousand shares of XYZ Corporation. About two years before the termination of the trust, Collins, at a fair price and aft er full explanation to Indo- lent, purchased from the trust the ABC stock. At the alike(p) time but without saying anything to Indolent, he purchased the XYZ stock at a price in extravagance of its then market value. At the termination of the trust, both stocks had advanced in market value well beyond the prices paid by Collins, and Indolent demanded that Collins either account for this advance in the value of both stocks or replace the stocks. What are Indolents rights? Indolent would only have rights to the XYZ stock because he purchased those stocks with out the any ones permission. In the case of the ABC stock he would not receive anything back because he sold the stock at a fair price to Collins.Upon George Welchs death, he was survived by his second wife, Dorothy Welch, and his daughter by his first marriage, Patricia Fisher. At the time George and Dorothy were married, George was invery unfortunate health and he relied on Dorothy to care for him. During the eight months Ge orge and Dorothy were married, George became isolated from his family and his health deteriorated. Prior to his death, George transferred the bulk of his assets to Dorothy. Dorothy help in the transfer of Georges assets and often completed checks and other papers for Georges signature. George also made a new will that named Dorothy as his sole beneficiary. Patricia was the sole beneficiary of his prior will. Through the transfers of assets and the new will, Dorothy received $570,000. Does Patricia have any legal recourse? Explain. No Patricia does not have any legal rights because everything transferred to Dorothys name was done with the consent of George, and everything in the will was left to Patricia according to Georges new will.