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Nebosh Fire & Risk Management Essay

There are a number of standard combustibles around the site all of which are not accessible to the public. There is an ongoing history of vandalism and arson attack on this particular site along with an ongoing major reconstruction and refurbishment of the building and site. However, in areas under NTR management there are good controls and housekeeping practices in place with the majority of fuels being routinely cleared and stored in the correct manner, ignition sources are generally few though some attention is necessary for the venue electrical infrastructure. Therefore an overall risk rating of medium to high is allocated dependant on the intensity of the ongoing capital project works. If the suggested electrical maintenance and upgrade measures are undertaken then this will be reduced to a low/medium risk. Assessment of risk of fire spread – H/M/L with justification In general there is a good level of compartmentation within the front of house areas of the building over the first two floors (public areas), currently due to breaches in external walls to the auditorium there is now a risk to the internal staff working within the two main office spaces over the upper two floors, this new risk requires the installation of two new temporary walls. The high degree of separation in FOH areas balanced by the very large open auditorium space and roof void create a risk rating of medium/high due to the ever changing risk from site works. Upon completion of the recommendation of compartmentalisation of the roof void and along with making good all minor/medium breaches in fire doors and compartmentation this risk rating will fall to medium until completion of capital rebuild operations. With the balance in maintaining modern fire safety standards in a historic heritage buildings with alternate restrictions this may be a continual problem in bringing the fire safety standards up to levels expected under Approved Document B. Assessment of risk to persons from fire – H/M/L with justification Due to there being a well tested fire detection system in place throughout all areas of the venue and with 24 hour monitoring of detection systems, then in general the risk to occupants is low. However as there is ongoing refurbishment of internal and external areas which implies new fire hazards this risk should be assessed as being medium overall. Though there is a higher level of risk to lesser abled occupants of the cafe spaces there is in place suitable controls to safeguard visitors, staff working in office spaces are no at increased risk with there now only being a single route of escape for each office though this is soon to be remedied and as such the risk is maintained at medium rather than high. Management systems are due to be heavily changed with the ever changing natures of the building and its reconstruction, regular amendments to the Fire Safety Policy & Arrangements will be necessary in order to uphold fire safety. This is the best time to spot personal/public (fire) safety failings in elements of the building and put right as a whole. Fire risk assessment review date – with justification (based on the findings of the fire risk assessment) With the ever changing nature of the venue during the major reconstruction and restoration process it is best that review takes place within 3 months or with any notable change in operations or introduction of new fire hazards. Further I would suggest a meeting between the NTR H&S Working Party monthly with the Project Management team in order to address highlighted concerns and to plan for upcoming hazards likely to take place on site during the course of its workings. All in house requirements under this assessments should be reviewed for adequate completion in 3 months also to assess sufficiency.

Friday, August 16, 2019

How the Internet may impact your career Essay

The evolutions and advances in technology have indeed expanded the frontiers of man. Every facet of man’s life has been changed by the new technological innovations that have been introduced. Life has become so much easier yet at the same time it seems however that life has also been turned into something more complicated. It cannot be denied, however, that the future of humanity lies in being able to embrace and adapt to technology. Technology has done a lot for human beings. Without the development in technology it is possible that the pyramids would never have been built and neither would we be able to communicate with each other from remote places all over the world. Given all of these effects of the internet, it comes as no surprise that fortunes and dreams can be made or undone on the internet. As a young individual who has so much planned in life, I feel that the internet presents a unique challenge and a myriad of opportunities. In the field of business, there have been various innovations that have been introduced with applications to the field of business. One of them is website development that is custom made to the test ad requirements of a certain company. Office animation tools like computers, telephones and fax machines are another set of technologically introduced changes that are very vital in today’s world. As such, the website as a platform that has aided business development into embracing the global markets is something that must not be overlooked. This is an enterprise arm of technology that has a lot of potential. As such this allows companies to advertise their products and also buy things through online links. This internet technology has really opened up the global market so that people can today transact business even without ever getting into physical contact with others. It is this feature of enterprise technology that I find myself intrigued with. As a marketing expert, I find enterprise technology to be very helpful in communication. I know that I will use the internet to carry out advertisement campaigns to various destinations. The internet is also very handy in getting the best ground to market goods and also to find very good suppliers of raw materials. The immense network that is available online can be a headache to those who are not well familiar with it but it can also be a gold mine of opportunities for people such as me who see the future of marketing and supply chain management hinged upon that internet backbone. It is hard to imagine life without email nowadays. The only efficient means of communication, with efficient meaning that the message is delivered within seconds, is either through the cellular phone or through email via the internet. It is even more impossible to imagine how people could work under circumstances that denied them access to the latest communication technologies or even technology at all. As the developments in the electronics and communications technology continues to improve and advance, it will no longer be far off to imagine a world where nobody is walking the streets and everyone is hooked up to their computers interacting with each other in a world where they can be their own gods and dictate their own destinies without even breaking a sweat. Instead of just seeing an image of another person online, it may actually be possible to experience the sensation of feeling and touching that person. Perhaps one of the most influential business innovations over the past years has been the growth of e-commerce transactions. The reason for this is that it has allowed several online business companies to take their businesses to another level. Where the internet was defined by being able to create money through hype and investing on the next big development, the growth of e-commerce transactions has removed all speculation and allowed the market forces to supply and transact in real time involving billions of dollars. One will be hard pressed to find companies that have not taken to the internet to expand their markets and even perhaps smooth out their logistics. It is not only the market access but the ease by which functions of business can be carried out online that makes this such an interesting development. A company that has a website can carry out all the business transactions over the internet. Various activities done over the website include advertising the products of the company, illustrating the various prices that are applicable for each of the items and also illustrating channels of delivery. Companies can develop a communication avenue over the internet so that they can collect views of people and also respond to any questions as they arise. Websites can also be used to advertise vacancies for employment especially when the company is in need of recruiting more people for empty positions. Enterprise technology has also provided an avenue through which companies can make more money to add to the revenue that is received in the company. As such, the growth of e-commerce online has made all of this possible. E-commerce provides a quicker and easier alternative. The enormous variety of items made available online makes cyberspace the largest mall in the entire world. A single search query on any internet browser will yield hundreds if not thousands of results. Combine that with the relative ease by which a person can also research on the pros and cons of items and a wise shopper is created. The variety on ebay, the largest online auction store in the world, is enough to fill the entire state of Texas. All the choices that are available online and the price advantage that is offered and the convenience all make the internet the shopping haven for any shopper. It is clear from this brief discussion that I see my career as being positively impacted by the internet. The boundless possibilities for anyone with the training but more importantly the perseverance that are available on the internet are sure to allow me to fulfill my dreams. I guess in the short term I will need to bide my time and learn more about this industry but in the long run I see myself becoming an innovator in this field. The business aspects such as e-commerce and trade online are but one facet of this internet. There are so many others there for other people. This is why I am confident that the internet will be able to help not only myself but those who are bold enough with their careers.

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History of dance Essay

Extra credits assignment: Dance2Live Crew VS. Crew on Feb. 15th, 2014 It was the first time to watch a live dance battle in the United States. Each crew’s performance impressed me and even shocked me a lot because of their insistence toward dancing and contribution to the crew. Before watching this dance competition, I have watched similar dance battles in movies, which solely give me a sense of aggressiveness or radicalism. However, this dance competition totally alters my previous impression. Every crewmember showcases their love to hip-hop dance. They really enjoy what they are doing. One thing surprised me is that many participants are kids, who are just four or five years old. Although they are very young, they treat the competition seriously and practice over and over again in order to perform optimally. Numerous floor moves look really hard and are easy to get hurt, but those young participants are not afraid of and worried about doing those difficult floor moves. Instead, they try their best to dance precisely even though they are not as fast and expert as some older participants. One four-year-old crewmember called Jim is one of the youngest participants in this competition. Before the competition began, I noticed that he stayed at the corner of the room and practiced his dance movements without having a rest. Though afterward he did not obtain a chance to dance during the battle, he still kept dancing and doing floor moves himself during each intermission. At that moment, I felt that Jim was truly keen on hip-hop dance. He just dances for himself instead of merely showing off the difficult floor moves. On the other hand, I can feel that all crews are not only for the final prize. Rather, they are enjoyable to hip-hop dance. During each dance battle, every crewmember has few minutes to do some freestyle dance moves under DJ’s remixed music. As one of the audience, I did not feel how fierce of each battle. Every dancer always interacted with the audience and treated it as a performance rather than a competition. Some participant dancers missed the rhythm or made mistakes, but they were not flustered or gave up, especially the teen participants. They all performed confidently and proudly. No matter whether they were good at doing difficult floor moves, they enjoyed the stage and danced as best as they can. From my personal perspective, it was an awesome performance. I can feel each dancer’s enthusiasm and love about hip-hop. Personally, people love hip-hop dance because it gives everyone freedom to express themselves no matter where they are from or how old they are, just like Buddha Stretch and Rennie Harris. These two excellent hip-hop dancers’ freestyle dance and persistent promotion of hip-hop culture help young people and teenagers, who probably are suffered from the poverty and discrimination, build up self-confidence and self-esteem. During the process of dancing hip-hop and learning hip-hop, people can demonstrate their personality and even attitude to life. Just like I have watched during this dance competition, hip-hop dance connects people of different ages and different races together. Sometimes they danced similar moves, but they showed in their unique style. Some participants were better at floor moves than others, but they were all highly engaged in the performance and in expressing themselves, which were more important than winning the competition. Basically, this dance competition makes me more passionate about hip-hop dance than before. Not only the dance movements are cool and fun to learn, but also the culture and spirit of hip-hop are needed to understand and acquire.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Analysis of the Images of Mind in Society Essay

In our society, there are different images, icons and symbols of the mind, and one set of this are those that are portrayed by nerds and geeks. These types of symbols are popularly seen in movies and television shows. By definition, a nerd is â€Å"a person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept (Nerd 2009). † According to this article, it bears a derogatory connotation or stereotype. In television shows and movies, the nerds are the ones who are often ostracized by the more popular crowd. In this image (http://www. dougweb. org/images/blog/ Nerd_of_the_Year_2001. jpg), nerds are shown as having big eye glasses and are socially awkward. It can be seen in the picture that they seem to be a laughing stock since they â€Å"do not get laid. † I believe that people of intelligence are portrayed like this because only a small percent of population has only been made intelligent, or only a small percentage of people are willing to sacrifice their social image to pursue an endeavor (most especially academic ones). Because they are small in number, what they are doing is not popular to others. By doing these things, intelligent people do not get asked in proms and other social activities. This can also be seen in the show the Big Bang Theory, where the main characters are intellectuals (theoretical physicists). It is shown in this series that they are socially awkward, and do not know how to deal with girls (Picture: http://editorial. sidereel. com/Images/Pages/big_bang_theory. jpg). Other images/symbols of the mind that is portrayed in society are the Ivy League schools and the professors there. It shows that highly intelligent people need to have an exceptional environment where they could hone their skills. Also, these kinds of schools have high standards because not all students have the intellectual capacity to persevere in these kinds of schools. These schools are needed to produce exceptional work and researches and brilliant minds that could be helpful in improving the society. List of References â€Å"Nerd† The Free Dictionary. com. Available from [22 July 2009]

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Scientific Literature Workshop Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Scientific Literature Workshop - Assignment Example The Merck Manual. Infectious Arthritis. Retrieved October 02, 2014, from This article presents a discussion of the prognosis of infectious arthritis and includes estimation of chances, prospects, diagnosis and treatment of the condition. The article also explains the different types of infectious arthritis that affect individuals. The article discuses different aspects of tuberculous arthritis including the prognosis of the disease. The article describes the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of the disease, which is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis The three articles are related in that they focus on discussion of various infections caused by the bacterial species of mycobacterium. Perusing through these articles will enable individuals to gain significant knowledge of the bacterium. Carrega, G., Bartolacci, V., Burastero, G., Finocchio, G. C., Ronca, A., & Riccio, G. (2013). Prosthetic joint infections due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A report of 5 cases. International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, 4(2), 178–181. Schmitt, S. (2013). The Merck Manual. Infectious arthritis. Retrieved October 02, 2014, from

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Haydn in Public and Private Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Haydn in Public and Private - Essay Example The audience were quite generous with their praise and always when Haydn performs, they received him with applause. Haydn`s string quartets were composed around 1797 and was dedicated to Hungarian Count Joseph. The six quartets are the final complete set which Haydn composed. These quartets are amongst Haydns highly ambitious chamber works, diverging more than prior quartets from expected sonata form, but emphasizing thematic continuity, seamlessly as well as continually passing motives from a particular instrument to another (Wright, 26-29). During his tour to London, he exulted in his local celebrity, the turnout at his concert, the recurrent dinner invitations, and impressive concert receipts. Among the works he performed at concerts during his visit to London, were 12 new symphonies, this was the last one Haydn wrote. It also included the widely known Symphony NO.94 in G Major. This gained fame when the composer, while conducting, altered the dynamics of the second movement. There were speculations behind the change. This is due to the reality that, Haydn had previously given the downbeat to commence movement when the gentle of his music had a sense of humour. This was tremendous being that his musicians forged with the little theme until reaching his final chord, whereby Haydn produced music with loud tone bringing the drowsy patron to his feet. Following his musical and colourful performance at every concert, the four movement symphony follows a structure that was, at the time, still considering novel: it all began with a lively movement that offers several outstanding and contrasting melodies, the second proceeds at a gentle pace, and the third was dance-flavoured. This resembles the popular minuet. The last movement was fabulous bringing the music to its climax accompanied with energetic conclusion. In essence, every concert was presented and attended with anxious hopes, the first musical genius during that reign was

Economic Growth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Economic Growth - Essay Example Economic growth is widely defined as ‘the sustained increase in real per capita incomes’ (Gould, pp. 1, 1972). The definition can be broken down into small pieces. The growth that occurs should be ‘sustained’ because short-term changes in the economy do not count. There should be an increase in ‘real’ income. This takes into account inflation, which cuts down the monetary value of goods and services. Moreover, the definition includes ‘per capita’ for it has to ensure that the increase in the income is distributed evenly across the population. Economic growth is shown by a shift in the Production Possibility Curve (PPC) of a curve outwards since it indicates that there is an increase in the capacity to produce goods (Mukherjee, pp. 239, 2002). Broadly, economic growth encompasses living standards in various countries as well. Economic growth is a global topic and quite a compelling one (Weil, pp. 19, 2009). It is also a topic, which has been studied since the days of Adam Smith (Helpman, pp. ix, 2005). Economic growth is bound to be desirable when the benefits to the economy and the society are more than the costs. In economic terms, these costs and benefits are termed externalities. In essence, if social welfare has increased, then the economic growth has been desirable. Essentially, economic growth leads to an increase in national income. It achieves that through more investment whether private or government funded, leading to an expansion in consumption. The advocates of economic growth place great emphasis on the increment of material possessions. Economic growth therefore increases living standards.... 32, 2004). This increase in national income can be shown through a diagram: (Intermediate Economics, n.p, n.d) As shown in the diagram, as the aggregate expenditure (AE) which consists of Consumption and Investment among other things increase, the national income increases from A to B. In this sense, an increase in investment might also spur off employment opportunities. Therefore, increases in economic growth may indicate more jobs have been created, thus balancing the economic cycle (Clarke, Islam, pp. 32, 2004). Proponents of growth further argue that an increase in growth leads the society to increase social welfare in the sense that there is redistribution of income from the wealthy to the poor. This has been achieved through increased incomes, which are progressively taxed leading to an increase in social security payments for the poor (Karl E, pp. 676, 2007). There is an accelerator effect of growth on capital investment. Because aggregate demand increases in times of economic growth due to an increase in national income, more output is produced. This encourages investment in capital machinery. In addition, during times of economic growth, there is a boost in business confidence. Investors would want to invest in an economy where the aggregate demand is high for they can pursue better profits (, N.P. n.d). As mentioned above, economic growth leads to an increase in the ‘Aggregate Demand’ (AD) of a country. If the aggregate supply (AS) is not keeping up with the increase in AD, then there might to inflation. Therefore, there is a trade off between inflation and economic growth. Inflation is particularly harmful for a country for it erodes the value of the currency. (Harper College, n.p, n.d). In the diagram above, it can be seen that