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Composition and Properties of Bronze

Organization and Properties of Bronze Bronze is probably the most punctual metal known to man. It is characterized as an amalgam made of copper and another metal, typically tin. Pieces fluctuate, however most present day bronze is 88% copper and 12% tin. Bronze may likewise contain manganese, aluminum, nickel, phosphorus, silicon, arsenic,â or zinc. In spite of the fact that, at once, bronze was an amalgam comprising of copper with tin and metal was a combination of copper with zinc, current use has obscured the lines among metal and bronze. Presently, copper combinations for the most part are called metal, with bronze once in a while thought about a sort of metal. To keep away from disarray, galleries and authentic messages commonly utilize the comprehensive term copper compound. In science and building, bronze and metal are characterized by their component piece. Bronze Properties Bronze typically is a brilliant hard, weak metal. The properties rely upon the particular creation of the compound just as how it has been prepared. Here are some ordinary qualities: Profoundly ductile.Bronze shows low erosion against other metals.Many bronze compounds show the unordinary property of growing a modest quantity when hardening from a fluid into a strong. For form throwing, this is attractive, as it assists with filling a mold.Brittle, yet less so than cast iron.Upon presentation to air, bronze oxidizes, however just on its external layer. This patina comprises of copper oxide, which in the end becomes copper carbonate. The oxide layer shields the inside metal from further erosion. In any case, if chlorides are available (as from seawater), copper chlorides structure, which can cause bronze illness a condition where erosion works through the metal and annihilates it.Unlike steel, striking bronze against a hard surface wont produce flashes. This makes bronze valuable for the metal utilized around combustible or hazardous materials. Source of Bronze The Bronze Age is the name given to the timespan when bronze was the hardest metal that was generally utilized. This was the fourth thousand years BC about the hour of the city of Sumer in the Near East. The bronze age in China and India happened at generally a similar time. In any event, during the Bronze Age, there were a couple of things made from meteoritic iron, yet the refining of iron was extraordinary. The Bronze Age was trailed by the Iron Age, beginning around 1300 BC. In any event, during the Iron Age, bronze was generally utilized. Employments of Bronze Bronze is utilized in engineering for basic and structure components, for heading on account of its grinding properties, and as phosphor bronze in instruments, electrical contacts, and boat propellers. Aluminum bronze is utilized to make machine devices and a few orientation. Bronze fleece is utilized rather than steel fleece in carpentry since it doesnt stain oak. Bronze has been utilized to make coins. Most copper coins are really bronze, comprising of copper with 4% tin and 1% zinc. Bronze has been utilized since old occasions to make figures. The Assyrian lord Sennacherib (706-681 BC) professed to be the primary individual to cast gigantic bronze models utilizing two-section molds, in spite of the fact that the lost-wax strategy was utilized to cast designs well before this time.

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How to Conjugate French Regular -IR Verbs

The most effective method to Conjugate French Regular '- IR' Verbs There are five primary sorts of action words in French: customary - er, - ir, - re, stem-changing, and sporadic. Once youve took in the principles of conjugation for every one of the initial three sorts of action words, you ought to have no issue conjugating standard action words in every one of those classifications. Ordinary - ir action words are the second-biggest classification of French action words. To be sure, these action words are frequently alluded to as second conjugation action words. The action word structure that closes in - ir is known as the infinitive, and - ir is the infinitive completion. (In English, on the other hand, the infinitive is the action word went before by the word to.) The French action word with the infinitive completion expelled is known as the stem or radical.â Conjugating Regular French - ir Verbs To conjugate regularâ -ir French action words, its best to go through a model, bit by bit. Conjugate the French wordâ choisirâ (to pick), for instance, by following these means: Evacuate the infinitive consummation (- ir)â to discover the stem (likewise considered the radical).Note that the stem-the action word withoutâ theâ -ir finishing is chois.Add the fitting straightforward conjugation finishing/s appeared in the table in the following area. Note that the conjugation table beneath doesn't includeâ theâ compound tenses, which comprise ofâ a type of the helper verbâ andâ the past participle. Choisir normally requires the assistant verbâ avoirâ (to have) inâ compound tenses and temperaments. For example, Jai choisi would transelate as I have picked. In any case, if you somehow happened to expand the sentence, you would erase theâ present great, as in:â Jaiâ choisiâ deuxâ lã ©gumes verts. I (picked) two green vegetables.â Model Conjugations To conjugate a - ir action word in the current state, expel the infinitive completion and afterward include the fitting endings. For instance, here are the current state conjugations for the normal - ir verbsâ choisir,â finirâ (to finish), andâ rã ©ussirâ (to succeed): Pronoun Completion choisir chois- finir blade russir russ- Je - is choisis finis russis Tu - is choisis finis russis Il - it choisit finit russit Nous - issons choisissons finissons russissons Vous - issez choisissez finissez russissez Ils - issent choisissent finissent russissent Some Common French Regular - ir Verbs French customary - ir action words, the second biggest gathering of French action words, share aâ conjugation design. Here are only a couple of the most widely recognized normal - ir action words: Abolirâ â to abolishAgir  to actAvertir  to warnBà ¢tir  to buildChoisir  to chooseã ©tablirâ â to establishã ©tourdirâ â to daze, stun, make dizzyFinir  to finishGrossir  to put on weight, get fatGuà ©rir  to fix, mend, recoverMaigrir  to shed pounds, get thinNourrir  to feed, nourishObà ©ir to obeyPunir  to punishRà ©flà ©chir  to reflect, thinkRemplir  to fillRà ©ussir  to succeedRougir  to become flushed, turn redVieillir   to develop old Special cases: Irregular - ir Verbs The greater part of the French - ir action words are standard action words, which comply with the recently talked about principles for conjugation. Its essential to remember that there are a number ofâ irregular - ir verbsâ in French. These action words can be dubious, however there is some uplifting news: Only around 50 sporadic - ir action words exist in French, and they have just 16 conjugations. To disentangle things further, a large portion of those fall into only three gatherings. The main gathering of irregularâ -irâ verbs is basically conjugated like the verbâ partirâ (to leave). This group incorporates such action words as: Consentirâ to consentDà ©partir  to accordDormir to sleep Endormir  to put/send to rest The subsequent gathering comprises of action words that end inâ s of these action words include: Couvrirâ â to cover Cueillir  to pick  Dà ©couvrir to discoverEntrouvrir  to half-open In the third gathering, action words such asâ tenirâ (to hold) andâ venirâ (to come) and their subordinates follow a mutual conjugation design in the current state. Note, be that as it may, a significant contrast in the compound tenses: Venir and the vast majority of its subordinates useâ ã ªtreâ as theirâ auxiliary action word, whileâ tenirâ and its subsidiaries useâ avoir. Trump cards The remaining irregularâ -irâ verbs dont follow a pattern. You simply need to retain the conjugations for every one of the accompanying action words independently. Fortunately, they are among the most much of the time utilized French action words, so retaining their conjugations is totally worth the difficulty. They include: Acquã ©rirâ to acquire  Asseoir to sitAvoir  to haveConquà ©rir to conquerCourir  to run

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Law and Morality free essay sample

The state has capacity to administer profound quality so as to ensure itself against practices that may break down society and its establishments Society â€Å"means a network of thoughts; without shared thoughts on governmental issues, ethics, and morals no general public can exist† (Devlin, 10). ? Devlin engaged the possibility of societys moral texture. He contended that the criminal law must regard and fortify the ethical standards of society so as to maintain social control from unwinding. Society’s ethical quality is a urgent, if not the essential, component that holds it together Social orders break down from inside more often than they are separated by outside weights. There is deterioration when no basic profound quality is watched and history shows that the extricating of good bonds is regularly the primary phase of breaking down, so society is defended in finding a way to save its ethical code as it does to protect its legislature the concealment of bad habit is as much the laws business as the concealment of incendiary exercises. We will compose a custom exposition test on Law and Morality or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Devlin, The Enforcement of Morals 36 (1959) A general public is qualified for authorize its ethical quality so as to safeguard its unmistakable shared qualities and lifestyle HART: Hart investigates Lord Devlin’s first contention by testing his origination of society â€Å"*He has+ a confounded meaning of what a general public is† (Hart (1962) part 82). ? Assault against the Moderate/Disintegration Thesis ? Hart contends that decriminalizing conduct, which has recently been seen as shameless conduct, isn't really a danger to the society’s long haul union or presence. Aappears to move from the satisfactory suggestion that some mutual profound quality is fundamental to the presence of any general public to the inadmissible recommendation that a general public is indistinguishable with its ethical quality as that is at some random snapshot of its history, so an adjustment in its profound quality is commensurate to the annihilation of a general public. (Hart 51-52. Italics in unique. ) ? The moderate theory infers genuine cases of the crumbling of society for which Devlin didn't give, and (in Harts see) couldn't have given, considerable exact help. I don't attest that any deviation from a general public? s shared profound quality undermines its reality anything else than I state that any rebellious action compromises its reality. I state that they are the two exercises which are skilled in their inclination of compromising the presence of society so neither can be put past the law . I would dare to attest, for instance, that you can't have a game without decides and that if there were no principles there would be no game. On the off chance that I am asked whether that implies that the game is „identical? With the standards, I would be willing for the inquiry to be addressed whichever way in the conviction that the appropriate response would turn into dead end. In the event that I am 1 (Hart’s term H. L. A. Hart, Social Solidarity and the Enforcement of Morality, The University of Chicago Law Review 35 (1976), pp 1-13]. ) asked whether an adjustment in the guidelines implies that one game has vanished and another has had its spot, I would answer most likely not, yet that it would rely upon the degree of the change. (Devlin, Morals 37). ? Master Devlin doesn't then imagine that this force ought to be practiced against each and every sort and demonstration of indecency. Society should practice this force just when the ethical reasonableness of the larger part with respect to a given shameless action ascends to the degree of significant â€Å"intolerance, anger, and disgust† (Devlin, Morals 17) ? DWORKIN: If society ought not administer against all indecency, on the grounds that not every single indecent movement and acts imperil its reality, at that point what guidelines for proof and activity will be utilized to legitimize society’s option to uphold its ethical quality in some random case? The limit basis that Lord Devlin offers is open shock, so it comes out that simply energetic open objection is important all things considered!? Assault against the Extreme/Conservative Thesis Hart dismissed the extraordinary postulation on the ground that it possibly legitimized lawful requirement of virtues, paying little mind to their substance, essentially in light of the fact that they were generally held. Such limitations confine society from advancing normally as far as its citizens’ moral convictions rehearses. ? Devlin? s approach of joining virtues into the law â€Å"regardless of substance, just in light of the fact that they were generally held† places â€Å"an unjustified brake on changes. The substance of good enactment ought to be dictated by what he terms â€Å"public morality†. ? This isn't simply the dominant part position that could be dictated by a general assessment of public sentiment. Open profound quality is the view held by the â€Å"reasonable man†/â€Å"right-disapproved man† ? What is adequate to the common man, the man in the jury box, who may likewise be known as the sensible man or the privilege disapproved of man Devlin The Enforcement of Morals 38 (1959) Devlin picked the man in the jury box in light of the fact that. The decision of a jury (12 people) must be consistent (at the time he was composing) b) The jury will just arrive at its decision after the issue has been completely analyzed and pondered. c) The jury box is where the normal people origination of ethical quality is authorized. ? Somewhere else his remarks propose that the substance of open ethical quality can be recognized by an ethical instinct ? It is the intensity of a presence of mind and not the intensity of reason that is behind the decisions of society†¦There is, for instance, a general extreme aversion of homosexuality. We ought to ask ourselves in the primary case in the case of, taking a gander at it serenely and impartially, we view it as a bad habit so accursed that its unimportant nearness is an offense. On the off chance that that is the veritable inclination of the general public where we live, I don't perceive how society can be denied the option to kill it (Devlin, Morals 40). ? As DWORKIN phrases the contention: â€Å"In the last examination the choice must lay on some article of sincere trust, and in a majority rules system this kind of issue must be settled as per vote based standards. It is, all things considered, the network which acts when the dangers and approvals of the criminal law are brought to endure. The people group must assume the ethical liability, and it should in this way follow up on its own lights †that is, on the ethical confidence of its members† (Dworkin, 246-247) HART: ? Recognizes Positive and Critical Morality Critical Morality: An announcement of what is ethically evident Positive/traditional profound quality: An announcement of what a great many people accept is ethically obvious. ? Hart contended Devlin consistently slipped into the Positive Morality approach. The issue is that convictions about good issues change. At some random time in a network, there might be an accord on some ethical inquiries, while on different inquiries there will be sharp divisions. After some time, an issue may go from involving accord to involving debate, and given sufficient opportunity, an issue which there was an agreement one way may in the long run involve agreement the other way. How might we realize that our laws are implementing society’s moral agreement as opposed to simply securing the last generation’s preferences against an accord conforming to another position. The Harm Principle Hart’s2 purpose of origin was Mill’s ‘Harm Principle’: If there are any ‘Critically Moral Rights’ or ‘Natural Rights’ there must be a characteristic right of each individual to be similarly free. Along these lines â€Å"The just reason for which force can legitimately be practiced over any individual from an acculturated network without wanting to will be to forestall damage to other people. †3 ? Beginning with the freedom securing Harm Principle empowered Hart to cast onto Devlin the weight of evidence on the issue of the connection among corruption and social damage. Positively, Devlin gave no hard proof to help his statement that society would be more regrettable off without legitimate moralism however neither did Hart give any authentic proof that society would be a superior (or, in any event, no more awful a) place without lawful moralism (Peter Cane 31). ? DEVLIN: the way that assent isn't a barrier for different damage based offenses indicated that the mischief guideline was not the laws standardizing establishment. HART: qualification should have been drawn among moralism and paternalism. Paternalism is avocation of meddling with someone else without wanting to, where that individual will at that point be in an ideal situation or shielded from hurt. The presence of the wrongdoing of polygamy additionally sabotaged the damage rule. HART: qualification should have been drawn among Harm and Offense. What's going on with Bigamy is its unsavoriness to people groups strict sensibilities. ? DEVLIN: We see (moral) illegitimacy considered went condemning, and we don't introduce this on destructiveness in light of the fact that in any case all wrongdoings will be dealt with the same whether it was done perniciously or something else. HART: qualification should have been drawn between standards of Sentencing and criminal obligation. The way that the ethical gravity of a wrongdoers lead its injustice instead of its hurtfulness can be considered in condemning discloses to us nothing about the connection among law and profound quality. [Hart offers no motivation behind why this ought to be so (Peter Cane 32)] ? To summarize Hart’s position: Everyone has from the earlier freedom. Can't practice that freedom when it encroaches (Harm’s) another’s freedom. An adjustment in social organizations isn't the kind of damage from which a general public has an option to secure itself. A society’s option to act ought to be limited to verifiable and approaching instead of theorized and inaccessible damage. The law appears to have pretty much nothing or nothing to do with the quick cons

Student Loan Consolidation - Why You Should Consider Term Papers

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Major Themes of the Quran

Presentation Various individuals have expounded on the Quran looking to discover what it says about God. The Qur’an is a significant book to the Muslim society. It gives direction and headings about God or rather Allah as indicated by Muslims. Muslims accept that the Quran represents itself.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on Major Themes of the Qur’an explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Various translations that have been progressed by various individuals serve to combine the thoughts. Along these lines, the Qur’an is a book that contains God’s message to man. The paper portrays on Rahman’s book ‘Major Themes of the Qur’an looking to clarify the connection among individuals and God, just as the fundamental rules that God anticipates from individuals. Connection among individuals and God as indicated by Rahman’s book â€Å"Major Themes of the Quran† Qur’an is a book that is planned for conveying otherworldly data to man. As indicated by Rahman, the connection among God and man is unique and one that is over whatever other thing that God made. God is the maker of the universe and its piece that incorporates man to whom he gives direction. Actually, Rahman says, â€Å"He is Creator and Sustainer of the universe and of man† (1). In like manner, He will pass judgment on man both on individual and aggregate premise. Everything that goes in the psyche of man is known to God since He is the producer and wellspring of life to man. This is caught in the statement, â€Å"We made man and we know the negative whisperings of his brain are and we are close to him than his jugular vein† (Rahman 2). This shows man is to be sure near God regarding appearance and similarity. He is the one in particular who comprehends what will happen to man. God is a tolerant God. His judgment to man depends on benevolence after man having missed the mark concerning His magnificence. God having made man in His own picture clarifies the explanation for His leniency. The relationship along these lines among God and man is that of an ace and a hireling. Man is required to serve God other than being faithful to Him since He is the person who made him. â€Å"Qur’an is man and his conduct, not God’s’ (Rahman 2). Along these lines, the relationship that exists among God and man is focused on judgment, either as individual, group, or social presence. Qur’an is focused on the conduct of man, as it looks to feature the behaviors of man and the requirement for man to regard and comply with the lessons of God. Man has an obligation to look for God to have the option to discover Him and know him. Man has this obligation and should he be not able to discover or look for God, he can't discover his elegance and love. â€Å"If you can't discover God you will never demonstrate him†, â€Å"the just straight way prompts God† (Rahman 2).Advertising Looking for explore paper on religion philosophy? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore, the connection among God and man depends on looking for and finding. Man has needs/issues. To discover an answer for the difficulties, he is commanded to look for God’s extravagance. Rahman contends that God is endless. He can't be likened to whatever other thing that He made. Everything that is on earth will evaporate with the exception of God. Individuals or rather man is one of God’s manifestations that will be removed when the most recent day comes. â€Å"Everything subsequently is vanishing†¦remaining just the Face of Your Lord† (Rahman 3). Accordingly, man has the obligation to keep serving Him to enter God’s realm. The individuals who recognize Him or flee from Him will confront His anger. â€Å"Do not resemble the individuals who overlooked God and [eventually] God made t hem overlook themselves† (Rahman 3). As indicated by Rahman, the motivation behind man is to â€Å"serve God† (6). God has endowed man with information and possibilities to utilize the defensive layer of God and the nature that God has made him to serve Him. Man has the prudence to utilize the information and everything that God has made known to man to do as indicated by His will. Man has the opportunity of doing either positive or negative. The choice is subject to man’s decision that God has given him. God speaks with man through different messages that He sends to help in his judgment and decision of doing either positive or negative. The connection among God and man depends on confidence in God. Man is required to have confidence in God what's more maintaining His words. In this manner, the individuals who preclude the presence from securing God, for example, the materialistic nonbelievers who don't put stock in God have their places when God returns to pass judgment on their deeds. The relationship of God and man comes into reality since God gives solidarity and incentive to man. God and man are companions. Indeed, Rahman says, â€Å"God, at that point, turns into the companion of and helps out an individual who has ‘discovered Him† (8). This companionship is possibly settled when man looks for or discovers God. At the point when man looks for God and discovers Him, they two structure a positive/common relationship. Man can accordingly discover cover and a home in God. He can consequently look for help from God. As per Rahman, God won't judge individuals dependent on all the breaches that they submitted. Be that as it may, He is gong to pass judgment on them dependent on their general execution. In the event that their presentation is acceptable, different slips that people or man has submitted will not be calculated in during the day of atonement. The Quran, as Rahman uncovers, has different sacred writings that â€Å"i ndicate that God will exculpate or neglect men’s slips gave the general execution is acceptable and beneficial† (21). This shows the relationship of God and man is for sure not terrible but rather one that is framed dependent on compassion and benevolence. This is likewise shown in the statement â€Å"God doesn't require from any individual what is past their power† (Rahman 21). God will just pass judgment on people dependent on their extent of information and power.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on Major Themes of the Qur’an explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Main rules that God is anticipating from individuals as indicated by Rahman’s book According to Rahman book, God anticipates that man should follow and do as indicated by His will. God has given man shrewdness and information. He has given him the order to manage over different manifestations known to mankind. Be that as it may, God anticipates tha t man should serve Him by continually doing great as indicated by His will. Those individuals or people who conflict with the desire of God are relied upon to confront brutal treatment or discipline. This is cited in the book, â€Å"for his genuine nature is to be exalted† (Rahman 15). Man needs to battle through various challenges to discover the way of life. God has done this purposefully and out of His benevolence to guarantee that Man doesn't endure or go into damnation. Besides, God expects individuals to trust and have faith in Him. He is the alpha and omega. Accordingly, individuals ought not go in their own specific manners. Any individual who evacuates God in His/her heart expels the reason and the significance of his/her life. He/she is delegated a corrupt individual. God anticipates that man should follow His own temperament instead of different animals, which must follow their inclination consequently. God has given man the benefit to look over what is acceptable and terrible. There are numerous changes in the life of people. In this manner, man ought to be mindful so as to abstain from falling endlessly from God. God anticipates that individuals should follow His commandants. At the point when God made Adam and took in him life, He anticipated that him should keep the laws and the standards that he was given by God. In any case, he conflicted with the desire of God to submit sin. Rahman says, â€Å"they are mollified to live their lives from everyday, in reality from hour to hour, â€Å"they resemble cows, for sure, worse† (14). God additionally anticipates that individuals should regard and maintain the standard of correspondence. Every single individual are equivalent before God. Along these lines, they should regard each other. Individuals ought not be pleased significantly after God inspires them. Individuals need to regard their kindred people. This is even unsettled by the Quran, â€Å"the reason the Quran underscores fundame ntal human equality†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Rahman 31). Moreover, God anticipates that individuals should regard His orders since He is the maker of all the living things, individuals comprehensive. God has made each living and nonliving thing with measure. In this manner, individuals need to comply with God and regard His rules. â€Å"We have made everything with a measure†¦if things should overstep their laws and damage their measure; there would be not an arranged universe, yet chaos† (Rahman 46). Rahman likewise attests that men are egotistical, pride, and biased, as they revere their divine beings as opposed to venerating God who made them. They flee from reality by selecting to alternate ways where they take part in exercises or activities that are against the desire of God. God anyway anticipates that individuals should draw close to Him to realize Him better other than adoring Him to be liberated. Individuals engage in deception. As per Rahman, men â€Å"†¦worship o f bogus divine beings, the blessed appears to be unholy, and bad habit versa† (Rahman 74).Advertising Searching for inquire about paper on religion philosophy? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More God anticipates that individuals should have dread of His name. The dread of God in exacting sense implies that individuals need to regard and perceive the presence of a heavenly being who is past them and one who requires respect and acclaim. God is the person who framed the universe and made man. Subsequently, He has the order to order everything under the universe since it is through His name and powers that all the things under the universe appeared. Rahman alludes it as the â€Å"fear of God,

Compare how the Union and the Confederacy represented their causes Essay

Analyze how the Union and the Confederacy spoke to their causes. What were their individual thoughts of opportunity - Essay Example imary reason for the American common war that saw a monstrous death toll and devastation of property, through endeavors of partition on one hand and solidarity on the other (Foner, pp. 49-61). With an end goal to comprehend the American common war and the issue of subjection, this paper will the association and the alliance through an examination of how the two groups spoke to their course before just as during the common war. Furthermore, the paper will examine the thoughts that both the unionists just as the Confederacy had on opportunity. The southern and the northern areas of the United States were financially evolved along various lines. The southern states were prevalently agrarian states with farming being the fundamental monetary action while the northern states went to industrialization. Because of contrasts in the financial arrangement of the two areas, distinctive political and social structures created which prompted contradiction among the government officials of the southern and the northern segments on a few issues, for example, duties, universal upgrades and tax collection. The distinctions came about to the common war where the Confederates and Unionists decorated over the issue of subjection as one of their fundamental course of the war. As per the Confederates, subjugation was a customary establishment in their social culture and a noteworthy one in the acknowledgment of monetary advantage for the South. Toward the start of the common war, the south had around 4,000,000 slaves along these lines the possibility of opportunity of slaves as proposed by the unionist would meddle with the cultivating exercises of the south. On the side of their course of the requirement for subjugation abrogation, the unionist pointed at the need to enlist slaves and not own them a move that was dismissed by the South bringing about the common war (Foner, pp. 45-53). States’ rights was another are the place the assessments of the unionists and the Confederates varied. States’ right was the battle between the states and the government

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Welcome to the Accepted Team, Madelaine Baker!

We’re happy to welcome Madelaine Baker to the Accepted team! Madelaine has worked on and off in MBA admissions since 2002, working in the admissions offices of MIT Sloan and Yale SOM. While pursuing her own MBA at Columbia Business School, Madelaine was always involved in prospective student interviews and providing feedback to the admissions office. This involvement continued as a CBS (Class of 2006) MBA alumni throughout most of her corporate career. After graduating from Columbia in 2006 Madelaine worked in Corporate Banking in New York City and Hong Kong until her desire to return to MBA admission brought about a change in direction. Most recently Madelaine has worked as an Outside Reader for the Yale School of Management. She combines personal insight from the admissions offices at MIT Sloan, Columbia, and Yale SOM, and brings that seasoned perspective to her work with Accepted’s clients. She knows what it takes to get into a top business school today. She can help you make your application stand out by guiding you in telling your own persuasive and compelling story. Welcome Madelaine!