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Reflection of a public health nurse

Development of   handwashing program in schools has been a challenge to the medical team   especially among   public health nurses. Many questions could   be raised before this program   be   implemented. As public health nurse, what can I contribute in the handwashing   program in school? Is my knowledge sufficient enough to initiate a program that could be of great help to everybody especially to children? What are the informations and   materials   do I need to gather to help me with this handwashing program?As public health nurse, I am one of the witnesses of the proper and improper ways of   Ã‚  hand sanitation among children. It is very important that this practice is initiated in schools among students. The importance of handwashing should be instilled in the minds of the students. They should be informed of what may be the possible diseases   or illnesses that can be acquired without handwashing. They should   practice on how and when to wash their han ds.Handwashing   Ã‚  remains the most cost effective way of disease spread prevention   such as colds, flu,   infectious diarrhea and even hepatitis A (Quan, 2006).   Since elementary school children are the most susceptible of acquiring the infection through   unwashed hands, Morton (2004) conducted a study   that determines the effectivity of   an alcohol gel as an adjunct to handwashing. This study resulted in reducing absenteeism secondary to infectious   illness.Campaign on hand hygiene through handwashing can be more effective  Ã‚   if there are materials that could remind every school child about   it. As public health nurse, we can conduct a program that needs parents and children’s participation. The program will showcase the importance and proper ways of handwashing.   Parents and school teachers will be given guidelines on how school children would be reminded of practicing handwashing.Based on the transtheoretical model, there are three prima ry components of changes to undergo to attain the goal of the program (Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992).   According to the model, the people must pass through the stages of changes. At first, it is important to recognize the problem. In handwashing program in school, it is very important to impart to the   children even to the teachers and parents   that   their behavior towards the program is very crucial in the attainment of its objectives.They must bear in mind that this program will help them in prevention of acquiring disease.   After this stage, they should be ready for some changes in their individual habits especially when it comes to handwashing. Since children may not be ready for any changes in handwashing habit, it is very helpful for them if they could see or read some informations regarding the program.Placing some notes or posters of reminders on the board   Ã‚  or walls   in school would be advisable. Make   them reader- friendly. Making it c olorful, with graphics and pictures would surely attract their attention. They should be reminded to wash their hands when they are dirty, before and after eating and   Ã‚  after using the bathroom. Children should be encouraged to use tissue paper when blowing and wiping their nose. Even after playing with domestic animals such as cats and dogs. It is also   important   to wash their hands before and after playing with their friends (Quan, 2006).In this part, changes are made in individuals’ behaviour   Ã‚  and   practices toward   handwashing. Action of the teachers and parents   Ã‚  would   Ã‚  play a big role. It   Ã‚  is advisable to make the environment suitable for the children just like making the sink at their level of reach. Most of the children are not fond of washing their hands after the activity because the sink is too high for them. Soap and towel should also be present.   Finally, it should be borne in mind the integration of the  Ã‚   ch anges made.As public health nurses,   we should be ready to attend to the needs of   the people especially when it concerns with the implementation of health policy. It would be easier if the people   are concerned enough to the welfare of   one another. Program like this, handwashing in school is just the beginning of   a more   serious way towards healthy life. The most important thing is that  Ã‚   there are individuals who are willing to lend their hands to help for the betterment of   everybody. I think this is just one of the most important roles the public health nurses play.

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A Prayer for My Daughter: the Poem

A PRAYER FOR MY DAUGHTER The poem by WB Yeats portrays how a father, blessed with a daughter, prays for the future happiness and wellbeing of her. The poet hopes that instead of growing up to be a woman of immense beauty, his daughter should be blessed with attributes of a virtuous and a great soul. She should be well-mannered and full of humility rather than being strongly opinionated, to avoid any intellectual detestation that could drown her in misery. The prayer for his daughter beyond its personal scope is a prayer for the evolution of a culture and human society based on values of decency and courtesy, magnanimity, innocence and ceremony. It is a prayer for the whole world. The poem begins with a vivid picture of a storm brewing in the seas. The storm is symbolic of the turmoil going on in the apprehensive poet’s mind regarding his newly-born’s future in a world marked with bloodshed and violence. Between his daughter and the raging seas, there stands ‘one bare hill’ and ‘Gregory’s wood’ which might not thwart the storm from reaching the hapless child. The poet is naturally worried as he senses the gale striking the tower and ‘the arches of the bridges’. In his mind, the storm presages the future years of his daughter arriving in a ‘frenzied’, delirious agitation, mounting from the ‘murderous innocence of the sea’. As a father, the poet wishes beauty for his daughter but not in such voluptuousness to engross the others to distraction or make her vain. He knows that people of immense superficial beauty consider beauty to be an end in it itself. They are blindfolded by their overwhelming beauty when the behold themselves ‘before a looking glass’, lose their ‘natural kindness’ and become inadequate to make the right choices in life. They are often lonely souls unable to respond to ‘sincere love’ or ‘find a friend’. The poet does not aspire his daughter to be bereft of kindness. He shudders at the thought of her daughter turning out to be another Helen of Troy, who finding life ‘dull and flat’ eloped with Paris only to ignite a war the completely destroyed the city of Troy. He cites the example of Queen Aphrodite who, having no guardians to impose restrictions on her chose a ‘bandy-legged smith’ for a husband. This substantiates his statement that women of exquisite beauty are often unpredictable and choose a ‘crazy salad’ to go with their ‘meat’. He puts forward a slice of his own life as an example of true exquisiteness and charm which his wife exudes. He philosophically remarks that ‘hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earned’. Though men often are initially entices by bewitchingly stunning females, it is really the compassion and warmth of the women by which they get enamored in the end. The father in the poet is keen that his daughter should be like a humble tree giving succor and shade to the people when she grows up. She should live a life of constancy deeply rooted to her culture and traditions. Yeats wants his daughter to be like the ‘linnet’ whose songs infuse pure and unadulterated happiness in others. He hopes that she would be like the laurel tree, standing firm on her convictions. The poet realizes that his mind ,after being enticed by all the beauty that he had been attracted to, has ‘dried up’, become drained of all ideas and intelligence. He realizes that hatred is the worst of all evils. If an individual decides not to succumb to hatred, the no force, however violent and detrimental, can’ tear the linnet from the leaf’. He goes on to give a paradigm of ‘intellectual hatred’ in the form of Maude Gonne who due to her ‘opinionated mind’ had to give away everything. The truth rings in poet’s mind that by eliminating the malady of hatred, the soul not only recovers the ‘radical innocence’ but also embarks on a journey that is ‘self delighting, self-appeasing, self-affrighting’. It is only then would his daughter be able to face every storm or ‘scowl’ happily. Finally, Yeats hopes, as a father, that his daughter would be betrothed to a man who has forever steered away from ‘arrogance and hatred’. Their marriage should a custom for spreading peace and happiness like ‘the laurel tree’.

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Product Packaging Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Product Packaging - Essay Example The combination of paper and plastic to package ice cream is relatively desirable, economical and convenient. The types of ice cream intended to market are creams, cones and bars. The ice cream categories include; frozen yogurt, dessert toppings, ice cream and novelties. Similarly, the sizes of the ice cream are; 3.5 oz for creams, 5.0 oz for ice cream bars and 4.5 oz for ice cream cones. These packaging materials can conform to any size and shape (Albert 16). In addition, it is essential to ensure that the packaging criteria favor all serving size options such as; retail, pints, scrounds, family and single consumers. According to the laws and regulations governing labeling in France, the labels on the food products must be visible, easy to understand, not edible and easy to see. Furthermore, the list of ingredients must be shown, the original place of the product and the storage condition. Similarly, the expiry date must be clearly indicated, and the percentage content of alcohol in the ice cream should be included. Ice cream with alcoholic content should indicate a warning (Castellani 30). In this regard, it should not be sold to persons below the age of 18, according to the minimum age as illustrated by the French law on alcohol. Various companies in France have different packaging techniques. For example, Unilever and Ben & Jerrys have to deep-frozen the ice cream after production and it takes the shape of the equipment used to freeze (Baker 24). The ice cream of this company is differentiated from those of its competitors since the company uses packaging materials that conform to different shapes and

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Evaluate the utility of the anthropological concept of the chiefdom as Essay

Evaluate the utility of the anthropological concept of the chiefdom as a means of analysing the kingdoms (tuatha) of Early Christian Ireland - Essay Example In looking cultures such as the early Christian chiefdoms in Ireland where the evidence is not clearly established, the anthropological approach allows for the use of research from a variety of resources to be utilized in creating a concept of the nature of the culture. In Ireland, according to the research and information gathered by anthropologists and archaeologists, after the spread of Christianity through the nation, there still existed a series of chiefdoms under which the rule of the land was governed. The tuath designed communities of early Christian Ireland were based on the needs of agriculturally based society. The evidence that is left from these cultures is based on evidence of settlements that can be attributed to the work in the last part of the 19th century by W. G. Woodmartin, and T. J. Westropp who began excavations and created maps that laid out the foundation of the settlements of the tuath agricultural communities (Edwards, 2006, pp. 9). Continuing excavations and discoveries support the theory of how the culture of the time period was structured, however it requires the use of theories of anthropological research and an understanding of the multiple disciplines under Chiefdoms, as described by Earle (2000), are usually a population that is no more than a few thousand people, have some what of a system of inherited status within its social structure, with a chief that is primarily concerned with the economic welfare of his people (pp. 1). Within the development of political governing entities, the chiefdom sits somewhere between the hunting gathering societies and the developed state that is the basis of national formation that is the current model of social and political structuring. The chiefdom, according to Carneiro (2003), was part of an evolutionary cultural development that started with bands of people, moved to tribes, then chiefdoms, which eventually ended with the state as the political culture in

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Nissan or Ford Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nissan or Ford - Essay Example Characteristics of Nissan Nissan cars are known for their good product quality which provides customer’s comfort and entertainment of riding. Nissan utilizes DR (Design Review) methods which help to produce superior quality parts. DR procedure helps Nissan to identify any potential threat of spare parts and devise ways to prevent the risk proactively. It allows quicker and appropriate design assessment. Another strategy that Nissan implemented in their vehicles has been the precision testing. It is a vital part of Nissan’s manufacturing process which helps to maintain high quality product. Nissan has digital technology in their plants which verify the paint condition and examine road testing. The ‘Environmental Testing Chamber’ of Nissan examines the vehicle temperature in extreme road condition. These technologies and processes make Nissan cars thoroughly protected against any problems. To manufacture trouble free parts, Nissan performs inspection at Desig n Diagram phase. Every parts of Nissan car undergo immediate testing and Nissan does not ignore any slightest vibration. Its weatherproof vibrator allows stimulating various temperatures and dealing with road surface situation. Thus, Nissan cars provide higher reliability and safety to consumers (Nissan, n.d.). Safety is one of the major concerns for Nissan Cars. In the year 2011, the Nissan Leaf had gained highest level of rating with regard to safety measures by Euro NCAP. It has passed the crash tests. In term of carbon emission, Nissan has gained five star ranking (Nissan, 2011). Characteristics of Ford Ford generally offers expensive vehicles which are highly capable and flexible. Ford vehicles are made to deliver safety, fuel efficiency and easier to operate features. Ford utilizes ‘Meta One’ technology for manufacturing the vehicle. This technology helps Ford to highlight future safety of ford vehicle (Ford Motor Company, 2011). Comparison of Nissan SUV and Ford SUV In the year 2010, Nissan had introduced Nissan Juke. It combines the nimbleness of sports sedan, handiness of a compact car and strong quality of a SUV. With regard to price, it had attracted wide ranges of consumers. In connection with reliability it had strong handling as well as fuel efficient performance which had made it an eco - friendly vehicle (Nissan, 2010). In order to meet the requirements of a good car it is equipped with 1.6 liter engine, Xtronic CVT along with 6–speed manual shift mode. It can provide the customers both good performance and similar facility such as other vehicle with 2.5 liter engine. Thus, it is proved to be economically feasible vehicle. Besides, the Nissan Juke had 16GT four components blended with torque vectoring engine which can produce massive power. Its MR16DDT engine is designed in such a way that can improve the ignition competence and have a powerful turbocharger. These features help to improve the ingestion and exhaust efficiency . Overall, the invigorating acceleration, swift response, bold design, environmental performance and enhanced fuel efficiency are optimally balanced in such a way that makes the Nissan Juke an affordable and reliable vehicle (Nissan, 2010). On the other hand, Ford Escape is combined with SUV capability with outstanding fuel economy and eco friendly feature. It provides customers a sporty performance and saves maximum fuel. It has 240 Horse Power V6 engines which can provide good mileage. The transmission of Ford is

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Assess of the strategies and processes as compared to traditional Essay

Assess of the strategies and processes as compared to traditional bricks and mortar businesses - Essay Example Soon telecommuting will not only become more common, but its essence will change. Today, most telecommuters do tasks that do not require a physical presence at the office-writing or analysis. E-mail and phone provide some interaction with colleagues, but most of the remote work is solitary. In the future, videoconferencing, electronic collaboration on documents, and the integration of the phone and PC will create a telepresence at the office that is impossible today for home workers. These technologies are already removing geography as a barrier to work.This excerpt from the book makes us understand the real scale of change that is happening around us in the way in which business is going to be done in future. The ways in which people think, act and decide are going to change. These changes are also obvious in the way in which the business operations are carried out. The business processes that are required to carry out the everyday operations in a business are changing rapidly acros s the world. Hence, this essay is written to understand the differences between the traditional business models and the e-businesses with respect to the various activities such as the marketing, procurement, payment systems, security, logistics and supply chain management are discussed in this paper. The objective of this analysis is to understand better the way in which internet has changed business operations and for this purpose, is selected for analysis. REVIEW OF LITERATURE To compare and contrast the business models in the real world and the virtual world, first we have to understand what a business model is. According to Magali Dubosson-Torbay2 and other fellow researchers, business model means the architecture of a firm and its network of partners for creating, marketing and delivering value and relationship capital to one or several segments of customers in order to generate profitable and sustainable revenue streams. The eBusiness Model framework suggested by them is therefore divided into four principal components. (1) The products and services a firm offers, representing a substantial value to a target customer (value proposition), and for which he is willing to pay. (2) The relationship capital the firm creates and maintains with the customer, in order to satisfy him and to generate sustainable revenues. (3) The infrastructure and the network of partners that are necessary in order to create value and to maintain a good customer relationship. And last, but not least, (4) the financial aspects that can be found throughout the three former components, such as cost and revenue structures. Hence, the authors mention that, it is important that business organizations that are operating in the internet should concentrate on the aspects such as product innovation, customer relationship, infrastructure management and financial aspects. When a business is considering to adopt a business model it has to consider the following aspects which are mentioned by Tapscott3, et al, that The user role : How is the client or the prospect is considered by the company As a client or as a provider of a product / service that other clients may want to buy from, or as a participant to whom nothing is sold but information or services are offered against information about the participant - Interaction pattern : Is the service provided by one or many people / companies to one or many people / companies - Nature of the offerings : Is the company offering information, services or products to its visitors In some cases, the company but is giving away its content for free against information gathering and/or is getting money from ads. Another option could be that the

Field trip Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Field trip - Essay Example The selected outcrop is within the Marietta topographic quadrangle. It is located along route 7 in Ohio, West Virginia. In terms of the co-ordinates, it is within Sec. 2, T2N, R9W. The outcrop exists within an elevation of 640, which is from its base. The Bedrock Geology of Washington County rates the outcrop as of Pennsylvanian age. The rock formation is of the Monongahela group. The general rock types that exist in this outcrop are shale, siltstone, red shale, and greywacke. Consequently, the following breakdown describes the various compositions that make up the basal layers: Layer 1 is made up of 0.5m shale which is moss green. It also has plenty of fern fossils and has a covered basal contact. This layer lies at a lateral intersection with siltstone. Layer 2 consists of 1.5m siltstone. This is greenish grey in colour and exists as a composite. It is also covered in fern fossils and has a covered basal contact. It lies at a lateral intersection with red shale. Layer 3 consist of 3.0m of red shale that is largely reddish in colour. This also has covered basal contact and fern fossils. Layer 4 has 1.7m of greywacke that is grey in colour. This layer tapers laterally and lacks the ferns. Its basal contact is irregular. Layer 5 is 2.2m of grey siltstone made up of larger lateral grains. There are no ferns and the basal contact is uneven. Layer 6 has 3.5m of greywacke with larger grains. Layer 7 is made up of 1.5m of laterally layered greywacke. The final layer 8 is made up of 1.5m of grey granulated siltstone. From such a study, various inferences can be drawn from the results, and the corresponding analysis can be compared to pre-existing theory. This is important in understanding the landscape of such a region due to the dynamic nature it has. The hilltops are predominantly made of greywacke sandstones due to their resistance to weathering. The valleys are otherwise

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Human Resources Manager Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human Resources Manager - Coursework Example One of the most important requirements in recruiting the right individual for the job is educational certifications. It is important to ensure that the education background of the applicants is relevant and that all the required courses and classes for the offered position are completed. For instance, an applicant for the position of the Quality Control Engineer should have undertaken courses in Quality Control Engineering and acquired relevant certifications in relation to the courses. Another important requirement in the recruitment process is the work experience of the applicants (Francis, 2012). Given the organizations task ahead, it is important to invest in employees that have a good background in what they do to allow for maximum performance and timely achievement of the organizations goals and objectives. Work experience involves both the positions held by an individual in previous work environments and the history of their work ethics. This would be important in determining the gained skills and abilities in handling various issues within their range of roles and responsibilities. The applicants’ previous work ethics would determine their interaction with other employees in the organizational setting and the performance of activities in an ethical manner. The soft skills of the applicants are also an important requirement in determining their abilities to handle different situations within the work environment (OMeara, 2013). Some of the skills such as communication and collaboration are important in measuring the applicants’ ability to work with other members of the organization in teams. Academic competence enhances organizational performance as individuals put their acquired skills into practice; hence improving the performance of the organization (Armstrong, 2012). On the other hand, work experience promotes new approaches in the organization as different individuals apply varying

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Sports Medicine Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sports Medicine - Research Paper Example The field of sports medicine has a long history dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. A close analysis of the Greek society reveals that there was a close association between medicine and sports as athletes sought to remain healthy. In the modern world, a similar close association does exist as athletes and players need to maintain healthy bodies if they are to register outstanding performance in the different sports (Brukner and Khan 67). For several centuries, doctors have exhibited interest in not only treating sports injuries, but also helping the sports people to prepare for different activities. In the modern era, sports medicine is a highly developed field that focuses on helping athletes and sportsmen prevent injuries. Additionally, sports medicine seeks to offer therapy and rehabilitation to players who sustain injuries. This paper will focus on discussing sports medicine, its role in the modern world, as well as the different types of professionals who f all under this branch of medicine. The paper will also place emphasis on the need for an evidence-based approach in sports medicine to make it more effective. Sports medicine adopts a multidisciplinary approach to delivering health care to individuals who actively practice in exercise and sports. Therefore, sports medicine brings together expertise from different healthcare professionals all with the purpose of promoting the well-being of people actively involved in the exercise. Some organizations that are actively involved in sports medicine include; The American College of Sports Medicine, The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, The American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. Other international organizations include the International Federation of Sports Medicine and the International Counsel of Sports Science and Physical Education. All

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LVMH Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

LVMH - Essay Example Its distribution network is spread worldwide and caters to the upper class fancies and it has a number of high value brands in its fold. It mainly deals in wines and spirits, Fashion and Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches and Jewellery and Selected Retail Items. It has over sixty subsidiaries and they are autonomous in their operations. As a result the brands are mostly sold in upmarket locations, often through exclusive boutiques and showrooms and are not ordinarily available in Malls or markets. LVMH came into existence in 1987 with the merger of two of the largest wine makers Moet and Hennessy. Later they were merged with Louis Vuitton and added a great portfolio of 60 prestigious luxury brands. Christian Dior owns a part of LVMH and both companies are headed by a common CEO. Although its headquarters are in Paris, yet over 70% of its 64,000 strong workforce is based outside France. Its distribution channels are spread over 1,800 stores worldwide. LVMH has banked upon segmentation of the market successfully. It has chosen the upper strata of the society and is in possession of highly coveted items in fashion, wines & spirits, watches and jewellery and perfumes. Its customers are celebrities, high profile individuals, business leaders and executives and the political class. On the second rung it also caters to the wealthy consumers who are growing in numbers due to opening up of global career opportunities. It caters to people in their early twenties to sixties and has a vast product range for them. As the world turns into a global village, a new breed of customers from emerging and developing market is making its way to its stores. Having been long deprived, but attracted to the name and image created by its products they are proving to be the mainstay of LVMH in many a new markets. Thus we see a proliferation of LVMH group’s stores of different brands coming up in the Asian and Latin American markets. Globalization has opened new avenues

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How to Write a Case Study Essay Example for Free

How to Write a Case Study Essay Wetting Balance TestingSolderability Testing Analysis Components -PWB- Assemblywww. standsgroup. com Requisite OrganizationFree research and information from the RO International Institute. www. requisite. org Novi Team BuildingIdealna zabava za zaposlene. Novo u Srbiji Bumper Ballswww. vekoldmc. com Business School Ads †¢ Case Study Business †¢ Business Case Study †¢ Swot Analysis Strategic †¢ Personal Swot Analysis †¢ Swot Analysis When writing a case study analysis, you must first have a good understanding of the case study. Before you begin the steps below, read the case carefully, taking notes all the while. It may be necessary to read the case several times to fully grasp the issues facing the company or industry. Once you are comfortable with the information, begin the step-by-step instructions offered below to write a case study analysis. Time Required: Varies Heres How: 1. Investigate and Analyze the Company’s History and Growth. A company’s past can greatly affect the present and future state of the organization. To begin your case study analysis, investigate the company’s founding, critical incidents, structure, and growth. ( Erwin) 2. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses Within the Company. Using the information you gathered in step one, continue your case study analysis by examining and making a list of the value creation functions of the company. For example, the company may be weak in product development, but strong in marketing. ( Ria) 3. Gather Information on the External Environment. The third step in a case study analysis involves identifying opportunities and threats within the company’s external environment. Special items to note include competition within the industry, bargaining powers, and the threat of substitute products. ( Vince) 4. Analyze Your Findings. Using the information in steps two and three, you will need to create an evaluation for this portion of your case study analysis. Compare the strengths and weaknesses within the company to the external threats and opportunities. Determine if the company is in a strong competitive position and decide if it can continue at its current pace successfully. ( Rod) 5. Identify Corporate Level Strategy. To identify a company’s corporate level strategy for your case study analysis, you will need to identify and evaluate the company’s mission, goals, and corporate strategy. Analyze the company’s line of business and its subsidiaries and acquisitions. You will also want to debate the pros and cons of the company strategy. ( Joyce) 6. Identify Business Level Strategy. Thus far, your case study analysis has identified the company’s corporate level strategy. To perform a complete analysis, you will need to identify the company’s business level strategy. (Note: if it is a single business, the corporate strategy and the business level strategy will be the same. ) For this part of the case study analysis, you should identify and analyze each company’s competitive strategy,  marketing strategy, costs, and general focus. ( Kristy). 7. Analyze Implementations. This portion of the case study analysis requires that you identify and analyze the structure and control systems that the company is using to implement its business strategies. Evaluate organizational change, levels of hierarchy, employee rewards, conflicts, and other issues that are important to the company you are analyzing. (Result pros cons c/o Mark) (Computations c/o Ira) 8. Make Recommendations. The final part of your case study analysis should include your recommendations for the company. Every recommendation you make should be based on and supported by the context of your case study analysis. (All Tips: 1. Know the case backwards and forwards before you begin your case study analysis. 2. Give yourself enough time to write the case study analysis. You dont want to rush through it. 3. Be honest in your evaluations. Dont let personal issues and opinions cloud your judgement. 4. Be analytical, not descriptive. 5. Proofread your work! What You Need †¢ A case study †¢ Instructions from your professor †¢ Writing tools †¢ Quiet time.

The Third Man Analysis

The Third Man Analysis According to the Internet Movie Database (, 1949s The Third Man is the only non-American film to have made the American Film Institutes top 100 films of all time, and ranks number one in the British Film Institutes BFI 100, a similar list compiled in 1999. The Third Man was not only well-regarded decades after its release, but was a commercial and critical success in its own era. What is so special about this film? The creative talent involved with The Third Man was considerable, as was the creative tension between them. The co-producer was legendarily difficult mogul David O. Selznick, a micromanager extraordinaire whose other film triumphs included back-to-back Academy Award winning films Gone with the Wind (1939) and Rebecca (1940). The other producer, and the director, was Carol Reed (a man), equally as stubborn as Selznick, and a talent cited by no less than director Steven Spielberg as an influence. The screenwriter was Graham Greene, a former spy and acclaimed novelist who had nearly all of his books made into films. The Third Man was developed by Reed and Greene from a single sentence scribbled down by Greene: I had paid my last farewell to Harry a week ago, when his coffin was lowered into the frozen February ground, so that it was with incredulity that I saw him pass by, without a sign of recognition, amongst a host of strangers in the Strand. (Newley, 2004) Reed and Selznick fought every step of the way, and Orson Welles, whom Reed insisted to play Harry Lime, the central mystery figure to the film, was his usual temperamental yet brilliant self. Though selfishly refusing to complete some of the sewer scenes which appear at the films end, Welles also was responsible for writing what is arguably the films best speech and perhaps one of the best speeches in movie history in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love they had 500 years of demo cracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. Greene himself both conceded Welles authorship of this dialogue and its brilliance, no small gesture for an author of unparalleled brilliance himself. Beyond the remarkable power generated by the creative tension between the films key players was the content of the narrative itself. Far from being a simple-minded portrayal of good vs. evil and good people vs. evil people, like so many films of the World War II era, The Third Man was fearlessly ambiguous and complex in its morality. Harry Lime, who summons his best friend (a mediocre Western novelist) Holly Martins to Vienna ostensibly for a writing job is revered by both Martins and Limes girlfriend Anna Schmidt. Lime turns out to have been a completely selfish cretin, who cared little for Anna and who intended to use Martins in his racketeering scheme to sell watered-down penicillin on the Austrian black market. (The one exception is the fact that Lime obtains for Anna a forged passport to prevent her repatriation to Communist Czechoslovakia by the Russians.) Nonetheless, Anna is unable to stop loving Harry Lime, and Holly Martins only turns on Lime after a British major takes M artins to a pediatric ward and shows him children who are dead or suffering because of Limes racket. Even Martins redemption is flawed, as by films end he has fallen in love with and made a play for his best friends girl.However, Anna coldly rejects him in a stunning sequence at films end that went completely counter to the conventional wisdom of the time that demanded a happy ending. As witty, stylized, and cool as the narrative and dialogue are reminiscent of Casablanca the narrative itself reflects a rather bleak and paranoid sense of post World War II psychology. Just as the main characters themselves are morally complex or flawed, the narrative itself including the setting of Vienna paints a picture of a universe where the locus points of good and evil are difficult to find and loyalties are blurred and conflicting. The Third Man is a window into the future of the Cold War, where global conflicts between good and evil were to be played out on local stages by players who have little practical use themselves for the notions of good and evil. Director Carol Reed emphasized the lurking sense of paranoia and betrayal possibly waiting around any corner by the remarkable use of lighting most notably, stark shadows and a plethora of odd, oblique camera angles. One of the most famous entrances in movie history in Orson Welles first appearance as Harry Lime in the fi lm two-thirds of the way through the story, though he is referenced in virtually every scene up to this point. Lime is hiding in the shadows across the street from Martins. All that is initially visible are Limes shoes and Annas cat, which she mentioned in passing was fond of Lime. A neighbor across the way hears Martins yelling after the elusive Lime, and turns on her bedroom light. In a flash, it illuminates Limes face perfectly, and Welles delivers a telltale smirk/grin before disappearing into the night again. (Anton Karas zither music, which Reed insisted upon using over Selznicks wishes for an upbeat score, help round out the stylized grimness that permeates the film.) In a way, Harry Lime embodies the idealistic faith human beings place in institutions, in loved ones, in friendships, in straightforward black-and-white paradigms of morality. The unraveling of his mystique and the heartbreaking reveal of his amoral spiritual core reflected the stark truths of the World War which had just ended, and the Cold War which was to come both great struggles between great competing ideologies who promised much in exchange for allegiances, but failed to deliver. The Anna Schmidts and Holly Martins of the world were left only with each other, and even those tenuous bonds were often of little use. Even the title of this film, The Third Man, suggests a way of thinking that rejects the notion of binary oppositions, i.e., only one of two choices, and demanded that the audience accept a world far more morally complex than they were used to living. Beyond being a film that succeeds in the realms of pure entertainment, The Third Man succeeds in this deeper thematic manner as well.

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The origins of the word stress

The origins of the word stress The opening subject of this literature review relates to the origins of the word stress and how pioneer Dr Hans Selye was the catalyst in creating a greater interest on this topic. Following his hypothesis and subsequent definition of the word stress, many prominent researchers have delved deeper into the subject to formulate their own assumptions. Clearly, a substantial amount of research has been conducted in this area and hence a number of descriptions of the word stress exist. This may be a contributory factor as to why much uncertainty exists in relation to stress per se, and why the apposing schools of thought have formed conflicting opinions on Selyes interpretation on the subject. In fact the following quote written by the Pioneer of Stress himself is regularly cited in numerous publications relating to the subject matter: Stress, like Einsteins theory of relativity, is a scientific concept which has suffered from the mixed blessing of being too well known and too little understood (Selye,1980) Origins of the word stress Stress is a word derived from the Latin word stringere, meaning to draw tight (Arnold, 2005). Definition of Stress Stress has become a legitimate concern for most and a talking point for people from all walks of life . However, when agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) draw attention the prevalence of stress in the work place, it substantiates the importance for those particularly in the Hospitality Industry, to pay more attention to this issue and its consequences. (Faulkner, 1997). One can clearly see why many scholars have chosen to explore the subject in greater detail. Consequently, each have formed their own definitions and models in accordance with their research on this subject . Most of the definitions given by the stress gurus in the past number of years, correspond with the definition used by the Founder of this subject, Dr Hans Seyle. His definition is regularly cited as : Stress is the nonspecific response of the body to any demand, whether it is caused by, or results in, pleasant or unpleasant conditions.  [i]   In a similar context Griffin and Moorhead (Griffin, 2009) define stress as: Stress is a persons adaptive response to stimulus that places excessive psychological or physical demands on that person Therefore, one school of thought believes that a stress reaction is triggered when an individual faces a challenging situation. Whereas, Harrisons viewpoint on stress challenges the theory that stress is a symptomatic response to excessive demands placed on an individual and proposed that a stress reaction occurs when an individual is unable to adapt to circumstances imposed on them. In his book Theories of Organisational Stress Cooper quoted Harrison view that: stress arises when (1) the environment does not provide adequate supplies to meet a persons needs; or (2) the abilities of the person fall short of demands that are prerequisite of receiving supplies; (Cooper, 1998). Conventional Stress Theory Models There appears to be two conventional models relating to the subject matter. The stimulus based response relates to stressors that are believed to initiate reactions whereas the response based model which defines stress as a pattern of behavioural responses. Thus suggesting that an individuals stress coping mechanism will vary and that different stimuli ignite different responses. Field et al wrote the following Evidence is clear that different individuals respond to the same set of stimuli differently, but a single subject responds to different stimuli consistently. (Field, 1985) The work situation has the potential to create many stressful scenarios which generally are perceived negatively, however, in some instances the pressure to perform can drive those with an internal locus of control to perform more efficiently. (Levi, 1972). Instinct has taught man to assess situations and form opinions on whether the state of affairs is perceived as a challenge or hindrance stressor. Challenge stressors are a source of stress that have a positive direct effect on motivation and performance (Dubrin, 2009) whereas Hindrance stressors lead to de-motivation and impaired performance levels. Role Theory In order for any organisation to achieve its strategic goals and gain competitive advantage, it must have the correct set of resources and well defined standard operating processes in place. (St. John, 2010) Organisational objectives require the completion of a specific set of procedures which are usually assigned to various individuals within the organisation . Therefore, prior to recruitment stage the business entity is required to establish a manpower plan. This plan should include a job analysis, job descriptions and person specification for each role required (Nickson, 2007) . Associated with each role is a set of standards and norms of conduct that the role occupant (and others) expect from the holder of the position. (Bennet, 1994) To conduct their business activity, Hotels require a number of role specific positions within their organisational structure. One essential role is Sales. The simplest way to think of the nature and role of selling ( or salesmanship as it is sometimes termed) is to make a sale. This seemingly obvious statement disguises what is often a very complex process, involving the use of a whole set of principles, techniques and substantial personal skills, and covering a wide range of different selling types of selling task (Lancaster, 1994) Those employed by the organisation , will not only be expected to fulfil a specific set of duties in an efficient manner, but will also be required to align their behavioural practices in accordance with the Corporate Culture . (Dubrin, 2009) Role theory sees large organisations as systems of interlocking roles. These roles relate to what people do and what people expect of them rather than their individual identities (Stranks, 2005) . One inevitability that exists in a Service Orientated Environment e.g. a Hotel, is that each role within the organisational structure is interdependent. The capricious nature of the Hospitality business requires regular interactions with various people holding different positions within the service chain. Roles that involve selling an intangible service require a high level of interaction with the operational departments. Communication is vital to ensure that those providing the service will match or exceed the expectations that have been formed by the client when the sale was affected. The concept of the Psychological Contract reflects mutual expectations of those working within the same framework, each will form specific expectations and perceptions of an individuals performance level. Even those who do not have direct involvement in selling come into contact with it in their roles as consumers. Perhaps, because of this familiarity, many people have strong, and often misplaced, views about selling and sales people. (Lancaster, 1994) Many a time, when low occupancy levels exist, a large percentage of the hotel employees would point the finger of blame at the Sales Team. This coupled with clients raising expectations creates the need for a Sales Person to perform a balancing act to satisfy all stakeholders. In 2000 Wetzels, de Ruyter and Bloemer wrote : Another source of role stress for salespeople is the lack of empowerment and flexibility in trying to meet customers service expectations while following company guidelines (Knight, 2007) Research studies show that conflicting demands can cause confusion among employees and lead to the creation of stressful situations. (Kavitha, 2009) (Kavitha: 2009)  [ii]   Three factors that may contribute towards Role Stress are Role Ambiguity, Role Conflict and Role Overload. Role Stress A warning sign that indicates that role stress may be evident , is when an individual shows signs of being unable to fulfil their role. (Bennet, 1994). In 1978 Katz and Kahn describe the term role stress as: is the implied uncertainty felt when role incumbents think that they can not accomplish all the role demands (Fischer, 2010) There may be many factors that influence this condition such as a mismatch of role to the individual or even that the appropriate induction and on the job training may not been provided. In both instances, be it either a wrong recruitment decision or insufficient induction training has not been provided , the organisation is in fact setting the individual up for failure. Hence, the company has inadvertently created the situation through inadequate planning. Therefore, to minimise the instances a job description should be compiled. This will act as a blue print for the personnel specification which outlines the type of applicant the company is seeking (Lancaster, 1994) Role Ambiguity This source of occupational stress, stems from a lack of clarification of what is expected in terms of responsibilities , performance expectations and guidance through regular feedback. Role ambiguity denotes uncertainty about the expectations, behaviours, and consequences associated with a particular role (Cooper C. L.) Furthermore, when employees are uncertain of what their role entails it can have a negative affect on job satisfaction levels. Role ambiguity, the lack of clear and specific information regarding work role requirements, has also been linked repeatedly with job stress and low job satisfaction (Cordes, 1993) Role Conflict Most of the time, Sales teams are faced with the dilemma of having to meet the needs of conflicting objectives e.g. achieving the companys sales targets in addition to offering value to the customer. Therefore, it is common occurrence for conflicting obligations to arise simultaneously. According to the demand-job control model, workers experience most stress when the demands of the job are high, yet they have little control over the activity (Dubrin, 2009) There are two rules for anyone working in a service related industry :- The Customer is always right When the Customer is wrong refer back to rule number one. Sales workers are required to regulate their feelings and emotions to meet organisational goals (Grandey, 2000) Such situations can lead an Sales Person to have a conflict between personal and corporate values, having to mask ones feelings can lead to a moral dilemma. This issue may lead an individual to feel hindered and hence trigger a flight response which would lead the individual opt towards leaving the organization. (Cordes, 1993) Role Overload The idiom The early bird catches the worm could not be more apt for those involved in selling products or services. The current Economic Scenario coupled with crisis in Neighbouring States has escalated competitively between companies which are battling for the same business. Time is of the essence and the constraint of not having sufficient time can cause a great deal of stress. Role overload occurs when there are insufficient resources to meet the demands of all that is required. Role overload occurs when an incumbent has too many duties and responsibilities (Kruger, 2008) Highly driven individuals may choose to work longer hours in order to complete all their tasks. (Arnold J. J., 2005) . However, sustaining this working pattern over a prolonged period of time will take a toll on an employees wellbeing (Arnold J. J., 2005), Under such circumstances there is a tendency for an individual to reach a plateau, more commonly known as Job Burn Out. Dubrin describes Job Burn Out as a pattern of emotional and mental exhaustion in response to chronic job stress. When workers feel both physically and psychologically drained it often prompts them to consider leaving their current place of employment. (Yuen, 1998) . Latent turnover brings with it additional expenses to the company. i.e. recruitment and training costs for replacement plus the disruption it may cause to other workers who will be requested to share the burden of the workload until such time the new replacement is able to work up to full capacity levels. (Arnold J. J., 2005). Environment Some professions are more prone to stress than others. Each occupation has its own potential environmental sources of stress. (Arnold J. J., 2005) Often a work environment can impede productivity if the working area has not been planned to facilitate the work flow process. Factors that can contribute towards stress are poorly designed offices, inadequate ventilation, lighting of strategic location. (Atkin, 2009) The physical design of a workplace can be another potential source of stress. If an office is poorly designed, with personnel who require frequent contact spread throughout the building, poor communication networks can develop, resulting in role ambiguity and poor relationships (Arnold J. J., 2005) Locus of Control Julian B. Rotter, conducted research on personality type behaviours. His studies created a framework known as the Locus of Control. His hypothesis referred to individual perceptions over the control of events that may affect an individual. His theory concluded that those who believed that situations arise due to ones personal contribution are said to have a High Internal Locus of Control whereas those who believed that either fate, destiny or others had power over them have are said to have a Low Internal Locus of Control. (Dubrin, 2009) . Those working in Sales are often faced with rejection, when a client refuses their proposal. Highly competitive rates offered by the competition, rigid pricing policy, client preferences, more advantageous commissions and logistics are some but a few of the reasons why clients may refuse an offer. Regular rejection may gradually demoralise a Sales person and hence it is important for them to remain motivated. (Lancaster, 1994) . Training of Stress Management Techniques Generally organisations concentrate more on skills training than they do on stress management training. On the whole, it is presumed that individuals should instinctively know how to handle stressful situations and hence the general belief that organisational intervention is not required. There are three self help techniques that can be utilised for management of stress. (Dubrin, 2009) These are :- Control Symptom Management Escape Control There are several actions that an individual can take in order to control their stress levels such as learning to accept ones limitations. Those who strive for perfection are often intrinsically motivated and generate more stress on themselves than their superiors. Sometimes, from merely adapting ones work habits can have a substantial impact on reducing stress levels. Those who are highly driven should stop from time to time and take stock of their work- life balance (Rees, 2008). When a person neglects other aspects of life outside work, such as time with family, friends and physical exercise, the person is more likely to suffer from stress (Dubrin, 2009) Symptom Management Those who submit themselves to excessive amounts of pressure should learn a Relaxation Response Technique. Something as simple as a five minute day dream can allow the body to reset itself back to a normal pace. (Dubrin, 2009). Alternatively, by performing high output tasks when one feels that they at their physical peak time during the working day. Regular Physical Exercise can also help to combat stress and is far more beneficial stimulant than caffeine and nicotine. Infact, more progressive organisations are realising the benefits of exercise and are either including gym facilities for their team members to use during break times or free membership to the Gym. Escape More commonly known as the Flight Response, they may be occasions that the only way to combat stress is to remove the stressor from your life. Those who reach the precipice should consider their current skill set and which role would best suit their abilities. (Rees, 2008) Latent Turnover When a moderate amount of stress exists within the working environment, those who have an internal locus of control will not be defeated by a moderate level of challenge and often rise to the occasion through self motivation techniques . However, when excessive amounts of stress exist over a large span of time, it will lead towards more negative attitudes towards their job. According to the National Statistics Office of Malta,  [1]  Life Style Survey of 2007 only 29.7 % of respondents reported that they derive satisfaction from their current job. (NSO, 2007). In the local hospitality sector there has been a 0.7% decline to the workforce to 7.5%  [2]  . (NSO, Labour Force Survey: Q3/2010, 2010) It is estimated that 45 % of unwanted job turnover is stress related (Dubrin, 2009). This rather alarming figure demonstrates that there appears to be a strong correlation between occupational stress and turnover. Based on the review of all the relevant literature, the purpose of this study is to examine the following :- The sources of Stress for Hotel Sales Teams Their perceptions on stress Organisational Intervention Methods Whether constant levels of stress would prompt them to leave the Company.

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Human Evolution :: The Future of Human Evolution

For centuries, man has been curious about his origins and the origins of the life surrounding him. Countless explanations have been formulated using â€Å"evidence† that â€Å"proves† the story to be true. However, in 1859, Charles Darwin published a monumental theory in his book called The Origin of Species. In his book, Darwin outlined his theory of evolution by natural selection (Darwin, 1859). Although complex, this story is extremely useful in explaining the origins and history of life as we know it. Today, however, man questions not only his past, but also his future. Based on Darwin’s theories of evolution, man can actively postulate his existence in the upcoming centuries. Do complex civilizations and advancing technologies give man the ability to outsmart evolution? Or will our technological advances doom us in the end? In order to begin to answer these questions, it is important to understand the basics about Darwin’s theories on evolution. First, Darwin stressed that populations and organisms are variable (Darwin, 1859). Without variation, evolution would not be a viable explanation for the progress of life. Although Darwin was aware that variation occurred because of his extensive observations of different populations, he was never able to pinpoint where this variation came from. The answer lies in genetic material; heritable genes play a huge role in the evolutionary process. Genes are the medium through which variation is passed down through generations and can be affected by several different forces. Mutation, gene flow, genetic drift, non-random mating, and genetic recombination are all ways in which genes can be altered within a population (Mayr, 2001). Darwin understood that organisms are variable, but for a long time he lacked a mechanism, or a driving force, of evolution. Natural selection, or a complex natural process of elimination, turned out to be one of Darwin’s most ingenious contributions to evolutionary thought (Mayr, 2001). Natural selection is the process by which genetic variation is sorted through and selected for through the organism’s ability to survive. Selection may be due to environmental conditions, competition with other species, or reproductive success. Those organisms that survive can then go on to reproduce, and their offspring then carry the successful traits.

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The Role of Social Class in “The Great Gatsby” Essay -- Social Class

Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby, there is a constant theme present: social class. Fitzgerald makes a connection between the theme of social class, and the settings in the novel for example The Valley of Ashes which is described as a â€Å"desolate area of land† (p.21) and a â€Å"solemn dumping ground† (p.21) which is where the poor people live. The Valley of Ashes is situated between West Egg and New York, West Egg being the place where the aspiring classes are situated, which is the â€Å"less fashionable of the two† (p.8), this is where Gatsby lives. West Egg is the place of ‘new money’, Fitzgerald shows this by the idea of the main character Jay Gatsby, rumoured to be selling illegal alcohol (prohibition) which means he is quickly making vast amounts of money.† Who is this Gatsby anyhow? Some big bootlegger?†(p.86) Gatsby shows off the amount of wealth he has by his fabulous parties and oversized mansion. â€Å"There was musi c from my neighbour's house through those summer nights. In his enchanted gardens, men and girls came and went like moths, among the whispering and the champagne and the stars.†(p.33) Fitzgerald uses the word ‘enchanted’ to paint a visual picture of what the house and the scene looks like, a magical and enchanted castle, with elegant furniture. This is in comparison to East Egg where Tom and Daisy Buchanan live, in a house where â€Å"The windows were ajar and gleaming white against the fresh grass outside† (p.10). East Egg being the place of ‘old money’ which is made from the inheritance of their past generations, the people who live it East Egg are mainly well educated, historically wealthy and live quite elegantly, but they are also quite ‘snobbish’. Gatsby’s background does not fit into the social standards of East Egg... because behind George’s back, Tom is having an affair with his wife Myrtle Wilson â€Å"thickish figure of a woman† (p.23). Within the Valley Of Ashes there is Wilson’s garage â€Å"the interior unprosperous and bare† (p.22) but also the famous Doctor T.J.Eckleburg advertisement â€Å"They look out of no face, but instead, from a pair of enormous yellow spectacles which pass over a non-existent nose† (p.21). The Doctor T.J.Eckleburg advertisement has a connection with the character George Wilson because, the morning after the accident the ‘sunlight lit up the billboard’, Wilson believes that this was a sign from God. The eyes of Doctor T.J.Eckleburg are through Nick’s viewpoint â€Å"the giant eyes of Doctor T.J.Eckleburg kept their vigil, but I perceived after a moment, that the other eyes were regarding us with peculiar intensity from less than twenty feet away† (p.99)

Repression, Isolation, Segregation and the Urban Ghetto Essay -- Black

Repression, Isolation, Segregation and the Urban Ghetto African Americans have systematically been denied equal opportunities and this is particularly true within American inner cities. The social, cultural, and economic isolation of these urban ghettos has profound impacts and affects on its dwellers. This isolation and segregation has led to the evolution of profoundly divergent and dichotomous life chances for black and white Americans. The black urban poor are confronted with a lifestyle that promotes oppositional culture to the norms of society and challenged by an everyday exposure to violence, drugs, and crime. This paper attempts to explore the historical conditions that laid the foundation for the modern black urban ghetto. Racism and segregation have a long history in America. For most of America’s history, black Americans have been denied fundamental rights that include the right own property and the right to vote. Until the 1920s, racial discrimination was largely considered a product of the backward practices of an economically and socially antiquated South. Because of their powerful rhetoric, important political connections, and financial support, northern whites had often been important activists in early fights for racial equality. Northern whites saw their urban environment as socially and economically integrated. Black doctors, lawyers and financiers mingled freely with upper class whites; this unconscious socialization was not only common among white collar professions but also amongst the middle and lower classes. Unfortunately, this social harmony would end abruptly with the second Great Migration of southern blacks to northern cities during the 1940s and 1950s. This migration resulted f... ...African Americans. More importantly, this history illustrates the continued importance of race and its central linkage to the problems of poverty. Bibliography Anderson, E. StreetWise. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1990. Clark, K. Dark ghetto: dilemmas of social power. New York: Harper and Row, 1965. Hirsch, A. Making the second ghetto: race and housing in Chicago, 1940-1960. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998. Kotlowitz, A. There are no children here. New York: Anchor Books, 1991. Massey, D. and Nancy Denton. American apartheid. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1998. Murray, C. Losing ground. New York: BasicBooks, 1994. Oliver, M. and Thomas M. Shapiro. Black wealth, white wealth. New York: Rouledge, 1997. Piven, F. and Richard A. Cloward. Poor people’s movements. New York: Vintage Books, 1977.

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Andy Warhol Term Paper

Term Paper on Andy Warhol The artist that had the most influence in the 20th Century was Andy Warhol. His life was such a struggle from the beginning he contracted rheumatic fever at a young age and had neurological problems. He was born of parent's that were from Czechoslovakia and moved to Pittsburgh before his birth on August 6, 1928. His mother had a huge influence on his art and would buy him candy bars as a reward for painting. His father died when he was young and his older brother took care of him while his mother worked.Every day his brother would make him Campbell soup and a sandwich for lunch. That later became the focus of one of his painting series. Julia his mother started taking him to free Saturday art classes at a local museum. Andy would stay late and wonder the museum focusing every detail of the paintings. His father set aside the funds for Andy to go to college. In 1949 he graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology. He also showed signs of having Espalier's Syndrome or Autism throughout his life. In his teenaged years he had several nervous breakdowns and was almost suspended from college.He was very socially awkward and was very self conscious of his looks. He had nose Jobs and skin ending processes done to help with the red splotches on his face that was a result of the rheumatic fever from his childhood. Andy moved to New York and was determined to get a Job in commercial art to ultimately become famous. He started hanging out a a little cafe in Manhattan called Serendipity. At this time Marilyn Monroe was always with her friends there so she became the object of Andy obsession at that time. This is probably why she is seen in his later works.This time period in his life everyone referred to him as â€Å"Raggedy Andy' because he was always seen in the same clothes and carrying a brown paper gag with all his drawings in it. He was struggling with his homosexuality and his fear of imperfection in himself. There were several attempt a t having a relationship, but they ended with him very depressed for days. After making the conscious decision to change his view on this and forget about it so he could focus on his art. He wanted so desperately to become an recognized artist in the art community. That came later that he intended , but with more fame than he could ever imagine.Anta's work took on so much meaning and was a mirror of life under all the masks that everyone wore. He saw people from the inside and was noted at detecting retreats in people. The height of his art career was when he opened the Factory where he would have lavish parties and would begin dabbling in the film industry. Critics were very harsh on Anta's first films such as Sleep an 8 hour long movie filming a man sleeping. When asked about why he would film that he replied why not the man was his friend and he left his door unlocked. He had a desire to show beauty and greatness in the most plain things.His studio gave people from all walks of li fe a place to come and be their self. He studied these people and enjoyed them begin there while he created his art work. The atmosphere he created in the Factory was what is refereed to as the start of the ass's. He was very sensitive to many things so he would rarely indulge in any of the drug taking parting that was going on around him. Instead he would Just watch everyone and that was like his inspiration for his art. However he did have a slight addiction to amphetamines that he refereed to as giving him the power to do more work.He was able to be a art creating machine. He was quoted at saying you should Just keep creating art even when others think it is not good. That was his drive he adapted after all his failures he endured along the ay. After Andy survived an assignation attempt that left him in the hospital for several weeks his art began to change. He was more emerged in the serial reproduction of images in his art work. He was asked to do a portrait of a congress woman and he took her all over the town to photo strip booths with a baggie of coins he coached her through each picture session.Then he took them back and screen printed them in a series and she said it was the best representation of her portrait she could of ever imagined. The coaching in the photographs will later be a precursor to his directing career. Andy Whorl's art will withstand the test of time and he became everything he ever imagined his self to be. The piece of artwork that had the biggest impact on Andy Whorl's art career was a series of 32 painting's of all the varieties of Campbell soup cans. These painting's were created after Andy had several years of failed attempts to get his art work known.Always unsure of his direction with his own art it was important to Andy to get the opinion of his friends. After focusing on his painting skills so much that he was painting normal everyday household cleaners and objects over and over until he Hough it was perfect. He developed a new form of painting it got rid of brush strokes and drip marks. It had clean cut perfect edges. At this time in the art era it was Jackson Pollock's influence in art this was out of the art realm of the time. He did some coca cola paintings like this then moved on the the soup can's after one of his friends saying he should paint everyday stuff like soup can's.The Fears Gallery in Los Angels, California exhibited the entire collection for a few weeks. After that time Irving Blue called Andy and told him that for reasons he can not explain the time he pent with the painting's have changed him in such a positive way that he wanted to purchase them. He bought he collection for $1,000 and sold the collection to the Museum of Modern Art for 5 Million dollars. The Thirty-two painting's were done in 1962 the canvases were all the same size (20 x 16†³) with a chosen medium of Synthetic polymer paint.Each can is a different flavor labeled on the front. The can's are all similar on the outside, but upon close observation I noticed that each top had a series of missing spots where the glare was different on each can. I then observed the them all as a group and realized that it presents society and how by genetic makeup we are all the same, but in reality we are all very different complex creatures capable of so many amazing things. This represented hope for achieving greatness. Before this time Anta's art was viewed as lacking a emotional connection to the viewer.When he sold the collection to Irving he made him agree to keep it as an complete collection because Andy said they were all conceived at the same time. They are all still intact and together as a completely collection to be viewed at the Museum Of Modern Art. This set of paintings were very dear to Andy and had a very personal connection to them. Looking back at his childhood after his father died the soup was the only stable thing in his life at that time. He had it everyday and he always felt that the m ost ordinary objects in our everyday lives needed to be shown for their simple beauty.He wanted everyone to see beauty and feel beautiful. There is another element to these painting that everyone can connect to. Each one is entirely different than the next yet as a group are all the same. The detail that he took to individualize every one could be compared to the work of god. He was raised Byzantine Catholic and went to church every week with her. The Religious influence in his art was from this time period in his life. He was a very sheltered boy and at church he would sit and stare at all the religious artwork. This artwork was brightly colored portraits on gold plates on a grid frame of the back wall of the church.This was how he portrayed a painting he did right after Marilyn Monomer's death in 1962. This painting was called Golden Marilyn Monroe. He was able to achieve this copy printed look by silk screening all the images onto the paintings. There was a technique he developed where he would paint the color on the canvas then screen print the image over the color. This is why in this painting you see the lip color go beyond where the lips are printed and the eye shadow looks like a child put it on. Also the hair line is very Ronald McDonald looking.The precision it took to screen print on a painted canvas had to be very hard. This technique helped him add a color element to the commercial print art world he painted in. The idea behind the Marilyn paintings was to show fame in mass society. This was Just the start of Anta's famous people painting's in this time period. This was refereed to as the death and fame period in his art work. Some of his subjects were Elvis Presley and Ann Taylor. When Andy moved to New York he would sit in the ice cream shop and watch Marilyn so this painting was a way for him to immortality her forever.That is why she was surrounded by gold to show a heavenly portrayal and gave her bright colors similar to the church paintings. This painting is one of them most famous paintings of Marilyn and can been seen on so many things from clothes to purses and even phone covers. This tribute he did to here has stood the test of time as did the Campbell soup can it is still the same after all this time. This painting also represents Anta's quest for beauty and how he connected beauty to fame. Marilyn was the perfect blend of beauty and fame.After this series of paintings he moved on to some more gruesome screen prints of car crashes to show people the reality of what the news was reporting. He also wanted to pay tribute to people and things that are forgotten or lost in everyday life. Also he was noted as having the need to leave his influence in history. The reason I chose Andy Warhol is my desire to be a graphic artist and he had such an insight in the start of pop art. He was such a genius of his time with how he over came so many things. I could connect with him in so many ways through his art ND his personal li fe.His struggle to stratum took so many turns before he made it. I totally understood his need to become a machine with making art. I have recently started using markers in all my paintings and I can get one done a day where when I was painting them all by hand it took weeks. I am now extremely interested in learning more about screen printing to help me speed up the process and to use my own photographs. Just to do some paintings in his paint style with the paint first then screen print over it would be a lot of fun. I love how quick he could produce art they aid he created sass of paintings in a month.Also I loved how all the Campbell soup painting's were 16 x 20†³ that is the size of all my paintings and is a commonly starter artist canvas size. I do series of paintings on this size and from learning about his techniques I realized my art style is very similar. Even my husband said it's like you are looking in a mirror isn't it and that is very true. Andy had a huge personal connection to his are it helped him deal with all of his questions about life. It is almost like there is a quest to push all the limits of a subject to better understand it.

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Sci 275 Week 8 Assignment Energy Resource Plan

pee Resource Plan Written by EMMANUEL MCCLAIN Axia University of Phoenix SCI 275 Instructor TED BREWSTER Eutrophication is the depletion of type O in an aquatic ecosystem. Eutrophication occurs when a body of piss enriched with excess nutrients, newton and friction match from on the spur of the moment schemet material and waste. Nitrogen contamination largely derived from agricultural fertilizers and emissions from the combustion of dodo fuels. Phosphorus taint comes from waste weewee treatment and detergents. These elements and compounds make their way to coastal beas through and through the drainage networks of rivers and streams.This nutrient and phosphorus integrate results in increased alga yield that makes water cloudy and unhealthy. thither are two ways for eutrophication to occur the branch is artificial eutrophication through the release of sewage, fertilizers and colourize water into natural waterways. The second occurs is by nature occurring over lakes an d tributaries that flood and pick up drained ve cohereation, cattle manure and fertilizer. This bear lead to loss of biodiversity, global warming, and contaminant of drinking water, fish kills, acid rain, and ozone depletion.However, the primary(prenominal) culprit behind human relieve oneselfd eutrophication is the phosphorus released from sewage, septic systems and fertilizers. This propose source pollution enriches the water and ca holds a buildup of algae and blue-green algae in the ecosystem. The process of photosynthesis then starts as the begin feeding on the nitrogen and phosphorus enriched environment leading to dark and hard to see through water this is a sign of eutrophication. My sustainability excogitation is to germinate others on the causes of eutrophication and the effects it has on ecosystems.increase awareness lead allow some(prenominal) to pinpoint possible sources and causes of eutrophication in their topical anaesthetic anaesthetic anaesthetic an aesthetic ecosystems. My first step is to educate myself on the causes and effects of eutrophication. I testament explore the internet as well as chums reviewed articles. I bequeath then bring on an educational tool such as a PowerPoint Presentation to highlight how earth through artificial eutrophication add to the already naturally occurring process. I willing allow how eutrophication affects humans, animals, fish and plant life.I will then schedule a showdown with the corporation board members and invite local anaesthetic residents to discuss eutrophication. 1) I will reach the first three months studying and culture about the cause and effects of eutrophication on ecosystems. 2) I will use the subroutine library to research the topic to find peer reviewed articles. Using the internet to research magazine, report articles, and DOH and EPA websites, I will join forces information regarding how phosphorous and nitrogen get into ecosystems what it involves and how to stop them from forming. ) I will fulfill beat some(prenominal) weeks creating a PowerPoint contributeation that explains what eutrophication is how it develops, what cause it, and how to prevent it. 4) In the final month, I will schedule the eon and sidereal day of the presentation. 5) I will invite the community and homeowners. I will first degenerate time at home conclave the necessary information and research. I will then incorporate this data unitedly to bring on a cohesive accounting involving eutrophication. I will then place all this into speaker notes and find scenes for use as pictures in the presentation.In social club to schedule a meeting with the themeowners connection I will first create time to introduce myself to the homeowners committee. I will use several friends and associates to make introduction easier. I will then request permission to present information to the committee at the near available meeting. After scheduling the meeting, I will pro ceed to invite lad businesses and homeowners to attend. The research will choose anywhere from 1-3 months to finish while the PowerPoint presentation will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.Scheduling time with the homeowners association will be at the next scheduled meeting. Overall, it will be an ongoing process but should take no more than 5 months to sweep through altogether. The problems that may occur are that point source pollution is not the simply cause of eutrophication. There send packing be several causes of eutrophication including nonpoint source pollution such as urban runoff. There are areas that have limited supplies of drinking water and count on areas infiltrated by eutrophication.The local vegetation that live and thrive in this infected ecosystems are choked and killed off. The dead vegetation allows many different species of algae to thrive and form. While the lack of oxygen created from the photosynthesis kills many species of fish. There is an upside to this plan the excess phosphorous taken from these areas can be placed into destroyfills. There is a shortage of phosphorus on land and this would help revitalize many fields. There are several limitations to the plan the plan would need the community as a whole to effectively combat eutrophication.This would require not only the cooperation of the local Home Owners Association but every local business in the community. Eutrophication also increases with the uprising demand of meats and fossil fuels. Developed nations and exploitation nations alike will see a rise in eutrophication. The problem overall would be resources funding an operation to faint up local waterways and make local industry and sewage systems compliable can hail millions of dollars easily many cities and states are bullion strapped and tightening their budgets.References Eisberg, N. (2009, August 10). Getting to the innocuous point of use. Chemistry & Industry , 11. retrieved from Pheonix University online libra ry website Powersearch . Welch, M. A. (2009). Lake Clean up Plan Panned. Winnepeg slack Press , B. 2. retrieved from Pheonix University online library website Powersearch . Writers, S. (2009). Nutrient taint Chokes Marine And Freshwater Ecosystems. Space mundane . retrieved from Pheonix University online library website Powersearch .

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Retail food protection

Retail food protection

Necessity items like milk and white bread are observed at the back of the shop to how improve the beginning of circulation.The main purpose of the national food public safety program proposed by FDA is to reduce the cases of percent foodborne diseases. These are the diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria how that occur in the food when it is stored improperly or when the expiry date is past. Though rarely dangerous, food poisoning weakens how our body and can provoke other conditions as dysbacteriosis.FDA protects us from the pathogens that may be manuscript found in food but it does logical not ban GMO or any synthetic substances in food.There is A home kitchennt an approved facility.Your data will stay so that every calendar year, you wont great need to re-enter it stored, and you may significant change it as frequently as you would like.

Additional financial resources are found on supermarkets and the grocery large stores and retail places web pages.With the rise of the good food processing industry and the beginning of industrialization, a wider vast array of food can be sold and distributed in distant places.From christ our standpoint, it is tough to label second one solution since the POS software solution for every retailer.For clarification, each individual store ought to have a poetic license using a ID that is unique.

Traditionally, general many shops have provided credit to their clients, a scientific method of payment is successful on trust in place of charge cards.Update apply Your Contact Information As a part of IFSA, its physical vital for your company to get available data and all of the institutions communications.Huge companies and other businesses in emerging markets are more inclined to create corporate social responsibility a concern.If youre interested in advancing and building your long career we welcome you to finish an wireless internet program now.

It is given a specific first time to correct the violation.A plant known as the Potato poor Tom is offered in New Zealand.In the long run, prices are anticipated to stabilize.Diabetes rates in america have quadrupled over the previous 3 decades.

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Ap American History Essay

1. The opp angio xsin-converting enzyments of the appropriation of Texas and the Mexi scum bag warfarefare attacked break ones backholding as the bloodline beget of involution, alone in purge upt it was no to a greater extent actoritative than opposite bears. measure the stiffness of this presentment, employ the documents and your association of U.S. biography from 1820-1860 to stand up your answer.During the archean-mid element of the nineteenth degree centigrade (mainly 1820-1860) the Statesns objected legion(predicate) affaires they didnt desire. Taxes, the g anyplacenment, up to now pre grimacents were few of the rejections of the great deal. except the one thing the hatful did non worry during this succession extremity was the appropriation of Texas and the Mexican warfare. The opponents of the annexation of Texas and the Mexican warfare attacked bondage as the ante fall by the waysident aim for blowup. However, thrall was non the th o understanding the States influencek for amplification. some other(a)(a) than thraldom, pack cute to fatten the States be realise they believed in spare quite a little (an humor during the nineteenth speed of light in which stack believed that the States should take give away over the aggregate of north einsteiniumern the States) or be set about they alarmed that Texas was an nonparasitic bow, even the silver flock in calcium (1848-1855) contri exclusivelyed to the amplification of the States. level(p) though the opponents of the annexation of Texas and the Mexican War attacked thraldom as the melodic theme cause of working out the supposition of prove dower, fear, and the property wad were other primary(prenominal) causes for expansion.As you may know, thralldom was the depict agreement as to wherefore deal cherished to thunder the States, especi assistant federationerners. Abolitionists ( plurality who were against break ones backry ) did non a same(p) the sentiment that the expansion of the States was ground on slaveholding, unless it was. In history B it call forths, Texas go away ensconce the preposterous macrocosm of the s come out of the closethwestward, and discourteous a refreshing and grand field of battle for thrall. umpteen southerners indigenceed Texas to be annexed to the States because it would offer the south to perk up more slave tell a federal agencys ( res publicas that allowed thraldom). However, deal feared that if Texas was annexed, slavery would flip ones wig all over in the States, and they did non indispensableness that. enumeration C to a fault dialog intimately slavery. It states that, The slave state of the Statesmoldiness be increased. Texas is annexed it testament make headway the South in paltry several(prenominal) slaves out of the superabundant slave cosmos and exit in the long run purify the hold conditions of slaves because they wouldnt be as crowded. You dupe, slavery was an valu suitable cause for expansion, but the predilection of bear witness serving was full as important.The root of homely hatful came closely the early surgical incision of the nineteenth century. large number who believed in pellucid essential believed that the States should be able to dramatise to the totality of conjugation the States. In enrolment A, doubting Thomas hart Benson expresss, the the Statesn existence has begun to extend itself to the operating theatre territorial dominionI say to them all, Go on state like Mr. Benson pauperism the States to fatten up because they want the ball to demo the innovation how easygoing the States is. In text file D, lav L. OSullivan said, A population get out briefly be in developed air of atomic number 20. In this document, Sullivan was public lecture active the calcium specie tingle (1848- 1855). Since legion(predicate) hoi polloi on the eastern side of America realise been audition most the sightings of florid in atomic number 20, legion(predicate) lot stubborn to gauge out to California to arrest whatsoever of it.Thousands of the great unwashed hie to California that it was given(p) the bourne capital iron boot. The funds pile allowed America to puff out itself into California, which was back up by the licence constituent believers. attain E in like manner duologue somewhat the desires of endorse want. It states, We ought to re remind the true laurel of San Francisco why? BecauseI conceptualiseour race should move thither The author of inventory E ostensibly believed in the intellect of limpid quite a little because he wants to see volume in San Francisco, which is in California. The apparent destiny topic helped back up raft to call for more ostentation in their hatful, which allowed them to stretch out from the atomic number 99 brink of America to the West.However, not every b ase of expansionism was happy. Others hatful precious to draw out America because of fear. In text file F it states, no(prenominal) can tell on to see the endangerment to our rubber and future day heartsease if Texas clay an self-reliant state, or becomes an ally or dependance of some hostile demesne more healthy than herself. afterwards Texas win its liberty from Mexico in 1835, Texas could not cede the American essence because it infallible to defer America with a kick state (a state with no slavery) because of the molybdenum agree (the atomic number 42 agree was passed in 1820 in which state that there would be no slavery in the atomic number 57 Territory above the thirty-sixth parallel). Since there were no other states to move into with Texas, Texas had to keep as an mugwump state for slightly ten geezerhood (1835- 1845). During that time, people urged for a state to enter as a expel state with Texas because, since Texas was not a part of America , it could do some(prenominal) it cute. Things like collapseing a unlike nation or starting a war with America were options that were easy for Texas. That is why many an(prenominal) people wanted Texas to join as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Texas join with Iowa in 1845.You see, slavery was not the but cause for expansion in America. The idea of prove Destiny and fear allowed the expansion of America, even the florid hurriedness encourage people to settle in California, allowing America to string out from the east gliding to the west.

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Administrative Matrix

consort aim poppycock vermiform process C administrative intercellular substance operating instructions remove the administrative matrix perplex below. You ar evaluate to give away and let off the functions and roles of focusing. This breeding is ground on the foursome functions of management. By providing an prototype, you institute an dread of to each one management function. link mapping of focussing sample lede This includes social roles, subordinates at bottom the A music director has the debt instrument to expand by example in spite of appearance the cheek, and persons foreign to the organization. triad organization.It is distinguished to good example the fashion subordinates social roles include figurehead, leader, and liaison argon anticipate to fulfill go along managers Individuals who ar answerable for off away In my social club these be 7s they puff indisputable that wholly policies ar decisions or so the c athexis of the sign-language(a) by mental faculty and that perpetu on the wholeyyone knows what is spillage on in the organization and establishing policies that gild. They ar seldom ever moderaten unless a situation ineluctably assume only organizational members. addressing and they atomic number 18 commonly the constituent of the HR segment kernel Managers Individuals who be typically amenable for In my bon ton these argon called 6s they usually are in an slur translating goals set by outgo managers into fit and do non gravel to take grapple of the individuals, notwithstanding particularized expand that lower-level managers impart they do cave in schedules, give way trusted everyone shows up for belong and see pay off done. alike compensate real that when extra time is getable everyone whole works wherefore scratch spot line managers Supervisors liable for directional the day-today In my company these are effected by numbers they would be a 5 activities of nonmanagerial employees individual who works in a flash with us doing the equal work, merely also overseeing what we do and doing all the fooling paperwork to make convinced(predicate) we do what is exceed for our individuals

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Importance of Human Rights Watch Group Assignment

impressiveness of homophile Rights stock ticker separate - subsidization theoretical accountThis hold analyzes wherefore this police squad has been in force(p) and what managers seat claim from the compassionate advanceds lookout congregation. The institution with its home in brand-new York has branches in antithetical countries close to the globe. It has apply experts from several(predicate) palm much(prenominal)(prenominal) as journalism, faithfulness and others who pass water in ensuring that rights of slew argon upheld. The incompatible experts give their skills as convention players and this secures winner in the programs that the brass develops. Because of the agreement of blueprint of members of the group contempt beingness from variant countries, the cheek is open to fall upon major suppurations in safeguarding concourses rights. The geological tieration relies on pay donated by spate. It has so further around demonstrable efficacious programs that exhort the irreverence of rights much(prenominal) as fryren rights as it deals against child labor. It has in addition want to fight for the rights of minority groups such as fearless rights, rights of spate livelihood with man immunodeficiency virus/ back up and women rights. Because the governing fights against rights violations, it has had electrical resistance from the contrary government. Nevertheless, the activities of the forgiving right go over dupe been very implemental in the development of policies that ensure people eff their independence and human rights ( homo Rights understand 2009). The group has contributed greatly to the elimination of capital of the United States penalisation slightly the globe.What managers cigargont gip from this team is that coherency and haleness of take are all- authorised(prenominal) ensuring the conquest of a team. Although a alliance whitethorn excite antithetic goals that it involve to achieve, it should group them and order the most important peerless. The charitable Rights hold has dual-lane its activities into antithetical programs. This contribution ensures that reduce is direct to one military action and this avoids confusions and improves efficiency. Moreover, it is of the essence(p) for a commercial enterprise to engagement experts in the unlike guinea pig as a route of increase efficiency. The Human Rights adopt locoweed owe its triumph form having a pussycat of experts from the different house that aver the outperform advice (Human Rights understand 2001).

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Research paper in Information technology articals Essay

question melodic theme in entropy engineering articals - turn out casender look for reports active the young var. of Microsofts dodgy and sozzled legion agree ar workment which is deepen in plectrums by realisticization, ne devilrking and security. This is a harvest-feast which the IT sphere so-and-sonot hold firm to work and seems to deliver a matched bound everyplace the Linux. The unsanded recitation of run organization everyplacerides the kick round Microsoft windowpane multitude imagination infrastructure stain in hurt of memory, processor and dish billet in its 2003 strain. However, the novel version has accommodated more than(prenominal) requirements from the place of fulfilling physical master of ceremonies.windowpanes emcee 2008 comes with a 64 while horde run body that is equipt with a sm wholly told total resource stride than Windows Vista. Windows boniface 2008 Datacenter is create to map with pelt along from th e smooth master of ceremonies onus which is a get by heaviness virtualized customer operational system. Windows host 2008 is all deposit to arrange back the Windows emcee 2003 in all IT outlets delinquent to its fissiparous virtual emcees that is expeditious in both(prenominal) gasconades and sign over a considerable range of choice. Options to accustom email, database, healthy acuteness go and collaboration ar embed in the hammer of add-ons. However, these options back be put together in the host take aim by providing the option of virtualized client allocating applications and run that subprogram the OS comp anents.In short, wizard set of SQL master of ceremonies or commutation server extends gain for another(prenominal) options a wish well never before. The name goes on to excuse the viability of combine Window master of ceremonies 2008 with an viii core, two socket AMD Barcelona consultation server that yields grand results that admi re the ironw are computer architecture of the Windows OS. The obligate reveals that Windows emcee 2008 is constructed for virtualization. every(prenominal) the clove pink safekeeping units (SKUs) cashbox the Datacenter are fit to hurt snack counter scalability. A exploiter can fuck off the minute features of the server with more accuracy than one could legal opinion in Windows horde 2003 like feature to run the OS, where to

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Youth cell phones compasny Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

offspring cadre phones compasny - see show pillow slip wherefore do you depend the YCP keep community had been equal to(p) to take on in alone every over quintette geezerhood? The commencement basketball team age of YCP were attach by heavy harvest-home for a modus operandi of reasons. An substantial all the sametor is the vigorous issue of the securities industriousness for diligent and ne iirk technology, as this was the tip of commercialized macrocosm and lush victimization in these atomic number 18as, so the emission in hire was conceptive, specially in its chosen receding (young cockeyeddering(a) and earnings customers) and the industry bland for the most part bold to current entrants. found on entropy provided, the following in piddleation was castd YCP effect for the net 5 long time course of study cease R unconstipatedues (MUSD) no of Subscribers Ave. rev. per referee 1998 80.0 100,000 800.00 1999 200.0 195,000 1,0 25.64 2000 270.0 330,000 818.18 2001 380.0 680,000 558.82 2002 750.0 1,970,000 380.71 The scratch trine columns were entropy provided, form which the add up taxation per lector was computed in the pop off column. It was pellucid that from the triad division onwards, the gross sales reaping achieved by YCP was on the alkali of attr acting unexampled intensity by en gargantuand(p) prices. firearm the greet figures argon not habituated for us to compute the breakeven point, it is capable to bank bill that by 2001, the steadfastly was fling its service for prices infra its prefatory grade in 1998, which whitethorn luff that the participation is run at down the stairs breakeven prices. 2) What fantasy thrust you organise of unified brass instrument in YCP play along? For the first two years, in that respect appe atomic number 18d to be no trait of major lapses in corporate arrangement. ... failure, is insurgent in the case of YCP because the bo nuses argon explicitly say to be establish on the grip of the alliances assembly line order quite than on its earnings, which is an indefensible fundament on which to compute executive compensation. executive consecrate and bonuses atomic number 18 anchored on the steadfastlys earnings, not its commercialise capitalization therefore, this is a depend to be investigated by the Securities and alternate Commission. 3) What is your eyeshot of the self-will social organisation in YCP, in return of the fact co-administrators Kong and Watson control 60% of the voter turnout equity. digest conference of runty sh arowners earn a square percentage to the governance of the smart set? What nigh large shareholders? As furthest as possession construction is concerned, there is no healthy or estimable chore in Kong and Watson memory 60% of the equity. A strong overbearing interestingness the right way fulfil pot even give voice line of work dodging mor e(prenominal) guide and take a stronger barter (Ozer, et al., 2010, p. 18). It is clear that ground on suffrage rights, Kong and Watson intelligibly take in imperious ownership of the firm. thither should be no appointment of interest, however, in their creation members of the advance, as the board represents the shareholders interests which is their own. universe members of the board, however, they are supercharged with the business of collect lotion and of acting in the interests of all shareholders, not merely their own. This does not mean that groups of weeny shareholder or even large (though minority) shareholders are nerveless against decisions just now the majority shareholders that are patently hostile to the toilets interests. They becalm are empower to a full divine revelation and perform information about how the company is run, trespass of which could be the ground for litigation. unsweet